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  1. After watching Saints yesterday I think the Carse of Gowrie select even with Nipper in goals could give Saints a run for their money.
  2. On the positive side there will be lots of quality players out of contract at other clubs desperate for the security of a contract that Saints will be able to offer.
  3. I hope the young lady in question is on her best behaviour today
  4. We still have seats available on our bus to Motherwell today. £10 per seat. St.Madoes 1030 Perth Prison 1050 Broxden 1100
  5. We've 4 seats left on our bus to Motherwell. Depart St.Madoes 1030 Perth Prison 1050 Broxden 1100 £10 per seat, Pre match at Fir Park Social Club.
  6. Ok, I've changed it to 'probably' 90%
  7. Sheffield United's £3M striker has just been sentenced to 5 years for rape. He'll be out in 2.5 years and still only 26. 90% (probably) of the clubs won't touch him but would you be happy if Saints signed him when he is released. Controversial but he's scored over 30 goals for Sheffield United this season.
  8. We might have to wait a long time until we see a player of Sandaza's quality pull on a Saints shirt. He had a bad day but to claim that he has brought shame on the club and compare him to O'Boyle is nothing short of ridiculous.
  9. His antics after the sending off were embarrassing. Adams did him a favour by pulling him away from the United player and Dave Mackay gave him a good bollocking. However, in line with the thread title Fran is the best player we've had at the club in the last decade so I'll forgive him for his performance today.
  10. 5th place in the SPL comes in at the second qualifying round. Games played on the 19th & 26th July.
  11. Note: Preliminary schedule, to be confirmed by UEFA.[10] All draws held at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland unless stated otherwise. Phase Round Draw date First leg Second leg Qualifying First qualifying round 5 July 2012 12 July 2012 Second qualifying round 19 July 2012 26 July 2012 Third qualifying round 2 August 2012 9 August 2012 Play-off Play-off round 2012 23 August 2012 30 August 2012 Group stage Matchday 1 20 September 2012 Matchday 2 4 October 2012 Matchday 3 25 October 2012 Matchday 4 8 November 2012 Matchday 5 22 November 2012 Matchday 6 6 December 2012 Knockout phase Round of 32 14 February 2013 21 February 2013 Round of 16 7 March 2013 14 March 2013 Quarter-finals 4 April 2013 11 April 2013 Semi-finals 25 April 2013 2 May 2013 Final 15 May 2013 at Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam Matches in the qualifying, play-off, and knockout rounds may also be played on Tuesdays or Wednesdays instead of the regular Thursdays due to scheduling conflicts.
  12. Heard that many more companies will come to Scotland, three main employers heading to Perth. No real source, just word of mouth! With SNP lowering business tax it all makes sense.
  13. We need independence to fix that! Labour/Lib Dems messed up and Scottish government have had to step in to save the day.
  14. If you think Mackie or CMS is as good a player as Steven Fletcher you're having a laugh. The quicker Levein is replaced the better.
  15. I would like a manager to sort the problem out to ensure the best outcome for the national team. I don't expect Levein to go begging him to play but Fletcher has made it clear that he wants to play but will not make the first contact with Levein. Levein needs to make the correct decision and select the best striker available to the national team.
  16. I'm not saying that Fletcher is blameless. My complaint is that as manager of the national team Levein should be trying to resolve the problem. He should state whether he wants Fletcher to apologise or if he has no plans to include him in future squads. It appears that Fletcher wants to play but Levein will not say why he won't select him. If Levein selected Fletcher and he withdrew the pressure would be taken off Levein.
  17. 7th top scorer in the EPL would suggest that it's very much in Levein's interest to sort out their differences. None of the other strikers in the squad are in the same class. Barclays Premier League Top Scorers Van Persie Arsenal 22 Rooney Man Utd 17 Ba Newcastle 16 Aguero Man City 15 Yakubu Blackburn 13 Dzeko Man City 12 Adebayor Tottenham 10 Dempsey Fulham 10 Fletcher Wolverhampton 10 Graham Swansea 10 Bale Tottenham 9 Balotelli Man City 9 Bent Aston Villa 9 Holt Norwich 9 Lampard Chelsea 9
  18. If Fletcher doesn't want to play then Levein should come out and say so. Latest reports suggest that Fletcher is keen to be involved and was expecting to be in the squad. I would back Levein if he clarified why he has not selected Fletcher but he refuses to comment on the situation. Fletcher wasn't happy with being left out in Prague where Levein tried his disastrous 4-6-0 formation. If Scotland are to have any chance of qualifying for Brazil,Levein and Fletcher have to put their differences behind them. On current form Fletcher is the best striker we have.
  19. Steven Fletcher not included in another squad is a disgrace. I can't understand why Levein didn't pick him and the onus would have been placed on Fletcher if he withdrew. I think Levein could lose his job over this issue.
  20. Any word on further fines/points deduction after weekend sectarian sing song?
  21. No problem with Croft trying to win the penalty, it's part of football and hopefully next time the ref will give us the penalty.
  22. I would be happy for us to lose the tv deal if Rangers were forced to rejoin the SFL in the 3rd Div. I appreciate that this would have a huge financial impact on the rest of the clubs in the SPL but in reality with the way the game is going it might be better to take a few steps back to move forward in the long term. Live TV has killed our game and I think Scottish football would benefit from clubs like Saints going part time, charging realistic gate prices and playing young Scottish players. If Rangers go into liquidation and the SPL vote to allow the newly formed Rangers entry to the SPL I think we will have missed an excellent opportunity to change Scottish football for the better.
  23. It just gets better by the day! Rangers going into administration will be the best thing that's happened to Scottish football for years. Celtic are kidding themselves if they think Rangers demise will have no effect on them, with no competition from Rangers their fans will lose interest very quickly. It's only 25 -30 years ago when we had teams that could compete in Europe and win the league from outside of Glasgow. Hopefully, Scottish football will once again be a level playing field.