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  1. Wouldn't be too upset at using Ormond Stand and half the main stand against the Old Firm. Due to the lack of numbers the East Stand atmosphere is getting poorer week by week.
  2. Do you think the club has contacted all Perth and Kinross Primary Schools advertising that u12 have free entry to the game. The schools are all off on Wednesday for an in service day so no problems with school next day. It might be a good idea for a few of the players to visit primary schools during the day on Monday for a press release in the Courier/PA on Tuesday.
  3. I think Encks is a great keeper but Mannus has waited patiently for his chance and think he should start against Hearts on Tuesday. I would also bring back Wright in place of McCracken.
  4. I'm not convinced that will persuade those still to make up their minds that independence is the way forward.
  6. If your skills are required I'm sure they would welcome you back with open arms providing the British Army release you from your contract.
  8. Hey, Hey Sandaza I want to know when you'll score a goal to the tune of Hey Hey Baby.
  9. That's another one converted:!: Maybe we should have this referendum earlier after all.
  10. An independent Scotland would withdraw from NATO due to the SNP's anti-nuclear policy . Personally I would rather have Edinburgh making decisions for me re pensions, benefits etc rather than London. Agree there is a lot to debate over the next 30 months but it could deliver a brighter future for us all.
  11. Agree with your comments but is that not the whole point about independence. We get to decide how our money is allocated and how we spend it rather than being dictated to by westminster. One thing guaranteed is that we will not be spending money on trips around the middle east fighting wars in an independent Scotland. I think the majority would all agree the money could be better spend improving our infrastructure, education system and health. No politician can guarantee whether we would be better off financially or not but I would rather we had control of our destiny rather than trusting another country.
  12. It's unfortunate that Chris Millar is not available as I think it's not appreciated the role that he brings to the team. We've been struggling down the right hand side since he's been missing. However, I predict a comfortable 2-0 home victory.
  13. I think SNP should gamble on a Yes/No vote. Devo Max will be delivered in the future regardless as there is political will across the other parties for it to happen. If there is an additional question on Devo Max on the ballot paper it may sway some voters from voting for independence.
  14. I think you've just convinced yourself that independence is the way forward.
  15. The latest poll suggests a slight rise in favour of independence but still well behind popularity for the status quo. This is why Alex Salmond is so keen to delay the vote until late 2014 allowing him to build on the support and feel good factor gained from hosting the Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup and the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn. Throw in Scotland qualifying for the WC in Brazil in the summer and the result is in the bag.
  16. The latest debate I heard regards currency suggested that if we gained independence we would have the opportunity to remain with sterling and discuss options for joining the euro or having our own currency at a later date. If we invest the profits from oil sensibly we will have no concerns if the oil does indeed ever run out. If we are such a financial burden to the UK I'm surprised that the unionist parties are so keen to keep us onboard.
  17. Interesting to see how the debate has changed Scotland's standing in the UK over the last week in the views of unionist politicians. We have been promoted from subsidy junkies to having an equal partnership in a successful union. On question time last night a member of the audience asked the panel what the benefits of remaining in the union were. Apart from the usual response of being stronger together weaker apart the panel couldn't come up with any real benefit or even decide who would be better off after the split. The unionists have to come up with a better argument or the support for independence will grow in the next 2 years.
  18. No more deaths and injuries in wars that have nothing to do with us recognition of being an independent country rather than 'Britain' accountable for own failures and successes Oil and Whisky revenue Team Scotland at Olympics 2016 I better stop I'm getting excited about getting my 1st Scottish passport:razz:
  19. They stay with what left of the UK. How are they all going to survive without us.
  20. Typical unionist view:roll: Why would Alex Salmond allow the UK government to dictate the date for a referendum:?: Ghostie, by autumn 2014 wee eck will even have you persuaded that independence is the way forward.
  21. That must be some car you're driving:shock:
  22. They don't often get praised on this forum but I would like to pass on my thanks to the Steward who was on duty outside the East Stand today. Two of the kids I took to the game had left their season tickets at home. On explaining the situation to the steward he opened the gate and let them in. Well Done:!:
  23. I think we could have sold another 1,000-1,500 tickets to Celtic fans today due to the game not being shown live on tv. Our home support against the old firm is getting smaller every game so it makes financial sense to move everyone into Main Stand. The other alternative is to use half the Main Stand as today and use the Ormond Stand for Saints fans.