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  1. Josh Falkingham just stopped a certain goal for Tranmere with a brilliant goal line block.
  2. Give me places like that any day over over-priced crap like Papa John’s and all the other chains.
  3. I know that’s what the report says, but I always feel a missed penalty is when the taker actually puts the ball wide of the posts or over the crossbar rather than the keeper making an actual save. Was Dykes penalty missed or saved?
  4. Pretend you are playing England, it’s the only time you turn up.
  5. Another good win for them last night 4-0.
  6. The Craig Thomson that plays at no 7 for Forfar is the ex Saints laddie. The ex Hearts guy is currently with Cowdenbeath.
  7. He certainly was, probably played 20+ games for us.
  8. Off injured after 25 mins or so.
  9. Bruce Band out in Methven has a good reputation.
  10. It will depend on who is the VAR referee, can guarantee they will be heavily weighted towards the ugly sisters.
  11. If you go on the St Johnstone FC Twitter page there is an article with a link to his Just Giving page.
  12. The only surprise is that fans are surprised that Zander has been dropped for a fifth rated keeper at Rangers who would have been sent off in his last 2 games if he was playing for any other club.
  13. After today’s result has Stephen Glass now got the most shooglie peg? I know a few Dons fans and they are very unhappy.
  14. Only just realised why I recognised the victorious Berwick manager who is Stewart Malcolm who managed 1 game for Saints around the turn of the century.
  15. At times last season mediocrity would have been an acceptable improvement.