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  1. I’m a tad confused here, Saints have held fire as long as possible before offering Season tickets when nobody knows when we will be allowed to have fans attend. Yes, family’s will only need 1 ticket to watch the games on tv, how could you have stopped that? Same as, there is nothing to stop me inviting family and friends round to watch games. They have offered people a refund on last season for the 3 games missed and to my mind have been quite clever by not mentioning the £60 or whatever it works out as, as to many that might suddenly appeal. I am sure if they had come out with a figure certain fans would have moaned about that as well. As for the Hibs refund, you only ever had to ACTUALLY contact the club and ask them as you would any other business who owes you money.
  2. It was banned on here to shut Royster up!!
  3. Still got mine if Saints want to showcase them.
  4. And they are already demanding that the OF games should be held back until crowds are let back in. All clubs should demand that their games at home to the old firm should be held back as well to give them a nice fixture headache again.
  5. That’s what I’ve been saying for a long time now. As soon as she started the threats most clubs immediately said stuff you woman. In 1 way I hoped she would succeed as it would have given even more credence to Tranmere’s battle where they are demoted by micro points as the season has been ended yet they are to be replaced by the winners of a play off.
  6. Why would appointing Cleland be the cheap option, would he be paid any less than any other candidate? Why the clamour for the unproven Davidson over the more experienced Cleland, especially from people who say they don’t want Cleland as he is inexperienced at this level?
  7. Clubs need at least 3 hours per game for warm up, play the game, warm down etc and the changing facilities, dug outs etc need cleaning after every match so can’t see that working.
  8. Tranmere put their season tickets on sale a few weeks ago even though they don’t know which league they will be in as no final decision has yet been taken by the clubs. No idea if or when fans will be allowed back in but they have had amazing sales so far. I think a lot of fans are working on the principle that season ticket holders will get preference on entry when it happens.
  9. The few times I’ve seen him he was played up front and I’m pretty sure that’s how Montrose saw him.
  10. I can guarantee the shirt won on Sunday is not up for sale and never will be so an apology to the winner wouldn’t go amiss. If it was the person who won it he must have known in advance he was going to win it as the shirt was up for 10 days and finished on Tuesday.
  11. She normally chats to him up at the RDA at his stables but unless there’s a few sneaky texts I don’t think he’s been in touch
  12. I had my call last week, but he delegated mine to Alec Cleland.
  13. Basically it’s an article all about Inglis and what a great agent he is along with Alan Preston. Don’t see how this ties into yet another attack against Stevie as I’m sure we have used Alan Preston on occasions.