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  1. I’ve got sound but keep losing the picture
  2. If you think we have it bad, today Tranmere have been forced to play minus 8 players who are having to self isolate. If they didn’t play they might have been hit with a 15 point deduction but the EFL would make up their mind until some time later.
  3. Xmas is coming, he might find some goodwill and be positive foe a few minutes
  4. Maybe you could buy a box and help out on the signing fee? I presume the sales can’t be too bad as they have kept them going for all home games so far.
  5. Should ban the pair of you, but great believer In Help the Aged.
  6. How the feck have the BBC got Midden at 47% possession?
  7. Use the Contact Us to ask the club.
  8. Have Aberdeen not made substitutions on 4 different occasions?