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  1. I’m 100% certain that Saints will have had plans ready to cover all the variations and the correct plan will have been submitted. If I understand it all correctly they need to show they have enough sanitation stations in place along with 1 way systems and stewards.
  2. What an announcement at the end of the game Euro ties go ahead.
  3. Now seeing posts saying they are back on sale Monday at 10am.
  4. Without naming them for legal reasons those of us who are non too well at the moment can get the game via local hospital radio (audio).
  5. I doubt you will get a match ticket now, I believe they sold out very early.
  6. Checked, double checked and searched again, have emailed them.
  7. Has anyone received their email confirmation yet?
  8. Hate to say it, but this is Saints at their worst. As others have said for the last week or so, it only needs a quick announcement from Saints to let the fans know what is happening. Have we lost our new media guy already?
  9. Arbroath are doing it for £8.
  10. One thing I will say after tonight’s excellent pre-season friendly, is to ask Callum to stop playing our defenders together. They were so good tonight I can only see it increasing the chance of decent bids coming in for several of them.
  11. Kane has a slight knock and wasn’t risked, no idea about Gilmour.
  12. PNE have to use IFollow for their games who are useless. Vast majority of Tranmere fans only got to see the second half of the defeat of Rangers and IFollow will not give refunds. PNE should be congratulated on giving refunds as I presume it must be coming from them.
  13. Day late, but the mighty Tranmere Rovers showing how to beat the Scottish Champions.