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  1. Didn’t want to put the curse on Forfar, but Shankland was awful again to night and the commentators going on about him having a great chance of getting back into the Scotland squad.
  2. Hadn’t realised that Ando has been out since before Xmas with another bad injury.
  3. Hadn’t realised it was Morais that ex-Tranmere player Stefan Payne nutted.
  4. Bloody awful program that makes Tam & Stuart look like top level football analysts.
  5. The media will come to the rescue for them.
  6. Injury prone, very inconsistent and slagged off Saints when he left, simply not of the standard we need or want. The fact that Utd are trying to offload him says it all.
  7. Maybe Callum has noticed what happened to him during TW’s tenure and has got the goalkeeping coach to work on him to go back to his early days of coming off his line. The unfortunate thing being he did tend to give away penalties a bit like yesterday.
  8. You are paying both clubs for it.
  9. Probably end up with egg on my face, but what does Dykes bring to the party? He has been The Faroe Isles best defender so far.
  10. This is a list of fees paid to agents in League 2 down south in the last 12 months.
  11. I asked this question earlier in the season and was told that it was.
  12. Salford sack their manager just after they won last years delayed League cup.
  13. Don’t forget his favourite pastime spelling B I N N. The only reason I kept the volume up on Saturday was all the Tweets and Facebook comments slagging him off, if it hadn’t been for Shelley Kerr I doubt football would ever have been mentioned. Time for him to go.
  14. My letter from them, and talking to an ex-employee, he closed the business and retired. Pretty sure they wouldn’t have contacted customers if they had gone TU.