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  1. Eamonn Brophy on that showing is as poor as I believed him to be.
  2. Are you going to congratulate Bryson for that brilliant tackle and pass to May who powder puffed it?
  3. So how much money have you poured into Saints coffers this season to help address if t?
  4. And the reverse is, if our forwards stopped squandering double figure chances every game and our defenders stopped parting like the Dead Sea giving opposition players so many clear chances, how many more points would we have? It is a team game and constantly slaughtering individual players rather than getting behind them does the club no good whatsoever.
  5. Can’t believe people are slagging off Clark and holding up Siegreist as something special when he let a header nutmeg him.
  6. Best comment I heard all night before his fluke was ‘He is that bad at the moment,if his head goes down any lower he will be able to sort out the under soil heating’.
  7. Having a defence in front of you that parts like the Dead Sea every time the opposition come close must be a nightmare for every keeper.
  8. Melamed is blowing out of his arse, as you would expect.
  9. I quite like sitting stirring at a quiet wireless when he’s on, it makes more sense.