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  1. As you say these are players you thought might do a job for Saints, but Callum & his coaches might well think otherwise.
  2. Is that the incredible no of problems I wonder? Does this mean the general sale is put back a week and potentially lose the feel good factor?
  3. I’ve got to like him again now
  4. McCann added another million to his price tag with his first international goal.
  5. He might well try for some of our coaching staff, like Alec Cleland, who have overseen our glorious years but they would be fools to go there.
  6. Mellon away already, only regret was being unable to give him grief.
  7. You will still be able to see them in the Highland league depending on them accepting it and the league restarting.
  8. Did hear there was going to be a meet the whole team at McD when restrictions are lifted but for season ticket holders only so get buying them!!
  9. According to the BBC we actually have Edouard stating for us rather than Middleton.
  10. Great song and what a supporting cast.
  11. They weren’t being sniffy at all, they have Guinness Pro14 games there on Saturday.
  12. Unfortunately Adam’s 11 man defence bored the arse off us all. Think Scottish refs are bad, this guy missed the Tranmere goalie being held down for their first goal, handball for their second, let a player stay on for the last 8 mins or so with blood all over his face from a gushing nose bleed etc, etc
  13. After that lack of attacking from Livi I can only assume Martindale was told not to win as they didn’t want the accounts to be looked at too closely.
  14. But I think S I thinks the club should ignore the fact that we have a game on and made an announcement instead of concentrating on getting this match out of the way first.
  15. And you think it is wise to follow Boris who is only driven be greed and what his financial backers tell him to do?
  16. Limped them into the play offs, his after match interviews have been embarrassing, his team selections have been baffling and since the Sunderland game we have averaged about 3 shots a game.
  17. There were problems for a while on Friday when you couldn’t buy raffle tickets.
  18. Was talking to a friend who has done a volunteer stint at Dewars and he was saying that only just over 100 turned up out of the 400 due whilst he was there!! From what he was hearing a lot of the under 50’s just don’t seem to think they need to bother to get the jag or have the decency to cancel their appointments.
  19. Not stopped other clubs already putting theirs out for sale. Tranmere already have theirs on sale even though they don’t know what division they will be in and at last years prices. I’ll be happy to buy them with the prospect of maybe missing a couple of games.
  20. From the initial report there was also a member of the back room staff involved, not a coach but somebody close to the players. Could this be the reason just 4 players have been in close contact.?
  21. I will go with Rooney, Melamed, Kane and Brown
  22. Could have something to do with only 3 of their starting 11 today played on Thursday.