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  1. The media will come to the rescue for them.
  2. Injury prone, very inconsistent and slagged off Saints when he left, simply not of the standard we need or want. The fact that Utd are trying to offload him says it all.
  3. Maybe Callum has noticed what happened to him during TW’s tenure and has got the goalkeeping coach to work on him to go back to his early days of coming off his line. The unfortunate thing being he did tend to give away penalties a bit like yesterday.
  4. You are paying both clubs for it.
  5. Probably end up with egg on my face, but what does Dykes bring to the party? He has been The Faroe Isles best defender so far.
  6. This is a list of fees paid to agents in League 2 down south in the last 12 months.
  7. I asked this question earlier in the season and was told that it was.
  8. Salford sack their manager just after they won last years delayed League cup.
  9. Don’t forget his favourite pastime spelling B I N N. The only reason I kept the volume up on Saturday was all the Tweets and Facebook comments slagging him off, if it hadn’t been for Shelley Kerr I doubt football would ever have been mentioned. Time for him to go.
  10. My letter from them, and talking to an ex-employee, he closed the business and retired. Pretty sure they wouldn’t have contacted customers if they had gone TU.
  11. 1. The discards are likely to be disillusioned after getting constantly kicked all over the park. 2. How? 3. How? 4. Irn Bru cup had most clubs lowest attendance figures against colt teams. On top of it they will take even more kids on depriving other clubs of their share. Hopefully common sense will prevail and it will yet again be kicked out along with the Super League they throw into the mix every couple of years.
  12. 43 minutes into watching the Grimsby v Tranmere game and a first mention of Filipe Morais who I hadn’t even realised was playing. Even the commentators mentioned he had been missing in action.
  13. I notice our resident fan has gone very quiet again.
  14. As usual the annual ‘Let’s increase the size of the second division to allow the Glasgow bum cheeks to field ‘b’ teams has raised it head again. I have yet to meets a fan of any other team who thinks this is a good idea and yet Callum has come out in support of it why I find frightening. You will get all the tosh about the money it will bring in for the smaller teams which has been shown to be utter nonsense with their B teams in the cup ties resulting in some clubs lowest gates of the year.
  15. Photos of Gerrard and Morelos hanging out of windows celebrating with them. According to Gerrard we have to understand these fans are passionate about the club, buy season tickets and pay for watching their games on Rangers tv - I’m pretty sure they are unique!!
  16. So good natured that a policeman and a steward both suffered injuries.
  17. That would be a hell of a step up from a very average manager in Lennon who has only ever looked good when he hasn’t had any real opposition.
  18. Or start another thread in Fitba Chat
  19. Because muppets like you keep on posting to it!!
  20. Pedant alert, he isn’t an ex-Saintee - yet.
  21. If you have Twitter it’s on there a few times already along with Jason’s goal
  22. Looking more like their pitch of old has returned.