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  1. First half tonight Kennedy ripped the piss out of Rooney but because he is the new hero nothing is thrown at him.
  2. No, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Have never been Zanders biggest fan but he is another who gets undue slaggings on here. Even when he keeps a clean sheet it is all down to the defence, but when he concedes a goal it is seldom the defences fault for letting the attackers get their shots away.
  3. Was watching the Tranmere game last night against ex-saintee Josh Falkingham’s Harrogate Town, how he got away with a 2 footed tackle with both feet off the ground will remain a mystery other than the ref made our lot look good.
  4. Maybe it’s because not all fans decide they don’t like a player and nothing will change their minds. They will only pick up on mistakes and magnify them and ignore the good bits. Rooney, Kerr, Gordon etc, made mistakes on Saturday and I’ve not seen a single post slagging them off.
  5. It would be quite funny if he completes the deal then comes back to tie things up here and gets stuck in isolation.
  6. That would be 5lb a week over the 13 week course?
  7. This has to be in the running for quote of the year with the amount of judgmental comments against our own players on this forum
  8. I noticed the midden manager was at Hampden watching our game which I found a bit strange under current rules.
  9. As I’ve always said Tom English knows even less about football that our experts on here!! He should stick to rugby, mind he’s not much better at that.
  10. Commentators are bloody awful, so far up Hibs arses it is embarrassing.
  11. Adams is definitely well past his sell by date. He reminded me of Scott Brown with his constant fouling, crying to the ref every time an Arbroath player went near him and 80% of his passes going astray.
  12. I was quoted £9.99 a month for the 6 month deal and £12.99 for a month.
  13. Eamonn Brophy on that showing is as poor as I believed him to be.
  14. Are you going to congratulate Bryson for that brilliant tackle and pass to May who powder puffed it?
  15. Bloody Kane, not worthy of a place in the team.
  16. So how much money have you poured into Saints coffers this season to help address if t?
  17. And the reverse is, if our forwards stopped squandering double figure chances every game and our defenders stopped parting like the Dead Sea giving opposition players so many clear chances, how many more points would we have? It is a team game and constantly slaughtering individual players rather than getting behind them does the club no good whatsoever.
  18. Can’t believe people are slagging off Clark and holding up Siegreist as something special when he let a header nutmeg him.
  19. Best comment I heard all night before his fluke was ‘He is that bad at the moment,if his head goes down any lower he will be able to sort out the under soil heating’.