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  1. Having a defence in front of you that parts like the Dead Sea every time the opposition come close must be a nightmare for every keeper.
  2. Melamed is blowing out of his arse, as you would expect.
  3. I quite like sitting stirring at a quiet wireless when he’s on, it makes more sense.
  4. Very alive but struggles walking nowadays.
  5. MOM for the commentators
  6. Surely United must be penalised for not ensuring the pitch was properly protected?
  7. No Sylla doing well against Liverpool so far, pity it’s not our version of him.
  8. After a bust up with one of the playing staff.
  9. It has to be somebody out injured I would guess, the kids are in most days including those out on loan.
  10. Just confirmed on Twitter that another Saints player has it.
  11. He’s been living in Perth for a good few years now.
  12. That highlights my point, up until 2016 he was scoring for fun and since then he has averaged 3 or 4 goals a season so even if we could afford him would he be even remotely close to what we need?
  13. Jordan Rhodes with a very unimpressive goal scoring record over the last 4 years being linked with QPR. Greg Stewart, yet another with a very poor scoring record. Finally Jason Cummings with an appallingly poor scoring record. Why would we be after any of these overpriced failures in front of goal?
  14. Still goes to gamers when he is able.
  15. The much maligned Zander for .keeping us in the game
  16. According to you the next shot will now be a goal.
  17. The point is you can use stats to prove anything you want and to bore the arse off everybody.
  18. These stats show that football is all about stats now and anybody who doesn’t come up to scratch according to these figures should be dropped, hung & quartered. Oh for the good old days of players either being good or bad!!
  19. Could we not make use of the ban on travel to say sorry he can’t go back to you?