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  1. Has anyone got 2 spare tickets? pretty please?
  2. ive heard perthonian or perthite? anyone know?
  3. Does anyone know the number to book it?
  4. why would anyone be happy to see the end of dundee fc? fair enough it would be a good laugh takin the piss out of them etc, but i know every saints fan would miss playing them. i know i would anyway.
  5. im glad bridge didnt shake his hand. terrys a dirty wee rat!
  6. McEwan1884


    will do looks an impressive stadium on tv anyway
  7. McEwan1884


    mostly possitives, its shapin up to be a decent holiday!
  8. McEwan1884


    How is dublin for a wee holiday? few of the lads were thinkin of goin and i thought id see if anyone on this had been?
  9. jock the janny from the rdm...still see him from time to time
  10. I never got to see muirton but ive always liked the old stadiums, they have more character about them so its muirton for me.
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