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  1. What about Europa League semi-final or final?
  2. On the off-chance that there's a possibility of getting an away tie we can travel to, people who have been vaccinated might want to look into doing this:
  3. And here they are: Assuming our post-European matches will be moved to Sundays.
  4. blueheaven

    Away shirts

    We didn't wear any Joma kits last year. We've had two seasons of Macron kits and one season of BLK since the glory days of Joma. The old kit we re-used last season was the previous season's Macron away kit:
  5. Don't forget the Main Stand season ticket holders (of which there are apparently around 400, according to an earlier post on this thread - but I'm not sure what the source of that was). If your other numbers are roughly accurate, then 600 hospitality seats plus 400 season ticket holders would bring the available seats in the Main Stand down to 2,300.
  6. blueheaven


    I don't think I'd fancy Scotland's chances against any of the other teams in the tournament. So much sloppy passing, slow movement, poor decision-making. Everything about Scotland's play just felt painfully slow and a massive shift down in gear from the football the other teams have been playing. I think seeing Scotland at a tournament like this has really brought into focus how far behind the top European players the Scottish players actually are. I know I'm looking at this through Saints-tinted spectacles but I 100% feel Scotland would have been improved yesterday by having Rooney instead of O'Donnell and Kerr (or Gordon or McCart, come to think of it) instead of Hendry.
  7. There's been talk of us playing Millwall, but nothing official has been announced yet as far as I can see.
  8. I know it's the lowest in the league but I wouldn't say 27 is a bad number TBH. That's enough to have two players for every position, plus a third goalkeeper, plus a few extra youngsters. I actually think that having a small, tight-knit squad might have been one of the factors behind our success. Interesting that Sevco, who presumably have a far bigger squad than us, only used one more player than we did.
  9. I wonder what number we would need to hit that would stop it being viable to move all of the season ticket holders out of the East Stand for OF games. I guess with social distancing the club might need to put a pause on that policy for this season anyway.
  10. If we sign Brown and a replacement for Tanser, plus one new central defender to cover the back three, the squad will only have one more player than it had last season. I think we used the fewest players of any Premiership club last season, so that would still be a small squad. What would be really handy would be if Brown could cover on either side - he'd double his chances of getting a game and double his value to the squad.
  11. Not sure about individual programme but I used to love reading Steve Bright's Super Saint comic in the programme when I was a kid. In case anyone's interested, I was in the Oxfam book shop on South Street a few weeks back and they have a collection of second-hand Saints programmes for sale in there, mainly from the late 80s and early 90s.
  12. This is something I'd have loved to have heard Geoff Brown's view on during the recent podcast interview. These rumours surface ever so often but it would be really interesting to hear if there's ever been any real truth in them.
  13. Paul Paton's playing there now too. That's some central midfield they'll have.
  14. I'm guessing we don't have any fans left who would have watched Saints at our original Recreation Grounds home (they'd have to be at least 97!), but just wondered if anyone knows what the exact location of the ground was, and whether there are still any existing signs of the fact that there was a football ground there? Best info I can find is that it was roughly opposite where the prison is now?
  15. Is it still the same wall? To me it looks like the area of wall just above the door is a bit smaller than it was in the Muirton Park days, but otherwise it looks very similar. Totally agree it would have been nice to have a little plaque there. Suppose it's never too late. Don't know if @Watty still reads the forum but I'm pretty sure it was him who said on here a while back that he has the old yellow kiosk thing in his back garden.