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  1. I don't think I've seen this mentioned anywhere else, but Livi will be officially relegated in that first game if County beat them. Maybe clutching at straws here but hopefully that means Livi are going to be really up for it in that game and might be able to spring a surprise result to keep their fight going.
  2. 100% this. It seriously annoyed me the way winning a relegation play-off was suddenly treated as something we should all be celebrating, instead of recognised as the massive failure that it was. We'd gone from winning two cups and matching Galatasaray on their own pitch, to relegation candidates in less than a year. Davidson should have been firmly embarrassed by that, not running around in front of the fans like he thought he was some sort of hero. To me it's one of the cringiest things I've ever witnessed in my years watching Saints. Davidson also should have looked upon that moment as his opportunity to walk away and let someone else have a go at the job, instead of clinging on and actively making us even worse (which we're still trying to recover from two years later).
  3. And I'll give you the same response that I gave you when you said it before. I know it's conjecture. I'm not claiming otherwise. I'm giving my opinion based on what I'm seeing, which is the whole point of the forum. I'm not claiming to be a news source. I literally caveated what I said in my post with "I have no idea what kind of work he's putting in behind the scenes so this may be unfair of me, but my impression of Levein from the outside looking in ..."
  4. I find the reluctance to introduce Kimpioka earlier in games just baffling. He's practically a like-for-like replacement for Sidibeh so even if Levein didn't want to change our system he could make that swap and have another fast striker in the team without us skipping a beat. Surely he must see that Sidibeh is always dead on his feet after an hour? I have no idea what kind of work he's putting in behind the scenes so this may be unfair of me, but my impression of Levein from the outside looking in is that he's a bit lazy. His teams seem unprepared, his tactics poorly thought through with very little adaptation to our opponent, he doesn't want to take training, and his players don't look fit enough which suggests they're not being worked hard enough during the week. At least Macca cared. And his results weren't all that much worse, either.
  5. Is this not a bit of a myth about that group of players? They were absolutely rotten for most of that season, and deservedly in the relegation play-off. They weren't good enough to drag us out of finishing second bottom of the league, or to drag us through a cup tie against Kelty. At the point of the split, they had fewer points, fewer goals and a lower league position than our current team does now. I'm just not sure why people seem to have this view that that team somehow had a better chance of getting through a play-off than the current team would.
  6. I'm assuming it's not going to be behind closed doors, though most of the articles have read about it have been a bit vague. Fascinated to know how they're going to sort out tickets for it, unless they just allocate everyone a stand and let people sit where they want?
  7. I'd say winning by four goals is pretty comfortable. Caley briefly gave us a scare in the first leg but the second leg was very comfortable. I agree those Saints players were better, but let's not forget that we were in that play-off for a reason. That Saints team finished 11th and as things stand the current team still has us 10th. Maybe also worth nothing that after 33 games of that season we'd scored even fewer goals than the current team has, so although we're bad at scoring goals now, the 2021/22 team was even worse. The comment I was replying to said we'd have "no chance" and I just don't think that's right.
  8. 100% this. McInnes has always been a manager who does his homework and puts a lot of thought into everything. That's why his teams tend to do very well. Kilmarnock aren't anything special on paper, but they have a very good manager who recruits well and is thorough in his preparation and gets the very best out of his players. We, on the other hand, don't. If only we'd gone for McInnes when he was still available, that would probably be us in fourth place right now.
  9. People were saying the same thing last time we were in the play-offs and we ended up beating ICT pretty comfortably. Those teams have scored their goals at a significantly lower level than the one we're playing at. Since the play-offs began, they've only been won three times by the Championship club. All the others have been won by the Premiership club. I wouldn't exactly call myself confident about going into a play-off but we'd definitely be favourites and I think our chances would be decent.
  10. To think that just 24 hours ago we were thinking we had a good chance of going seven points clear of County this weekend.
  11. Was just thinking the same. Very hard to have a fair system when some clubs are automatically treated more fairly than others.
  12. I'm just completely baffled as to what Levein is actually doing. Week after week he sends us out with square pegs in round holes all over the pitch. Gallacher is barely good enough for his actual position, let alone being started each week in the wrong position. Matt Smith and Kucheriavyi seem eternally confused about which one of them is playing on the right and which one of them is playing in the middle. Why move Smith out of the middle of the park to accommodate Kucheriavyi anyway, when Max has struggled so much to make an impact? And why do we keep playing Nicky Clark so far back in midfield when it's so obviously nullifying his impact and depriving us of the things he's actually good at? And then there's the substitutions. Week after week we see Sidibeh staggering around absolutely knackered by the hour-mark, and Levein doing nothing about it until it's way too late. He brought May and Kimpioka on in the 88th minute when we'd needed that change almost half an hour earlier. Why not give these guys a chance to settle into the game, get on the end of a few chances and maybe make a difference? That's on top of last week when he bafflingly brought May on in the 93rd minute while we were trying to defend a corner. Absolute madness. I'm so bored of seeing opposition managers encourage their teams and talk to their players and make proactive substitutions and adapt their in-game tactics, while Levein and Kirk stand there chatting to each other and changing nothing. And at the end of it all he does yet another interview where he talks as if he has no idea why his plan hasn't worked, when everyone else in the stadium can see exactly why it hasn't worked. I know the squad is poor at the moment but I'm absolutely certain a good manager would be able to get us doing better than this. We just look so poorly organised, so badly coached, so unmotivated and lacking in fight, and a lot of our players don't even look fit. That's nowhere near good enough. Some of these things are just basic starting points that Levein and Kirk have just completely failed to establish. This guy has been managing football teams at all sorts of levels for over 25 years. He was the f*cking Scotland manager for three years. Is this seriously all he's picked up in that time? He really can't come up with a better plan than this? He seriously can't even just put some footballers into their best positions? It's horrific. Just horrific. Please, please, please get this guy out of our club and give us a manager who is actually hungry for the job and has some ideas and has some ambitions beyond giving management another go in-between media or "upstairs" jobs.
  13. That money's long gone. Frittered away on transfer fees and wages for the many, many players Callum Davidson signed and then decided he didn't actually want. Think it's a serious stretch to try to say he was working on a shoestring. Can't agree with that at all. Dodds was a cracking player for us at the time, and his transfer fee doubled when he left after just a few months. Missing one sitter didn't put us down. If it hadn't been for league reconstruction we'd have comfortably stayed up that season. Just take a look at the league table from that year. We finished 9 points clear of 11th place, and we were on the same points as the team who finished 8th and just two points behind the team that finished sixth. Ever since then it's been unheard of for a club to go down from that sort of position, and it'll probably never happen again. Don't think it was a surprise to anyone that just a few years after that Dodds became a regular for Rangers and Scotland.