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  1. Can't believe football fans are in this country are still being asked to call a phone number or turn up in person to buy a ticket. Do Dundee know what year it is?
  2. Jeez it's only been a couple of weeks - he was never going to go down there and walk straight into the starting line-up. Most of our new signings here are in exactly the same boat.
  3. Not Kane's best performance by any stretch but I can't believe we're still at the stage of people questioning his place in the team after what he's contributed over the last year. No one's under any illusions that he's ever going to be a 20-goal-a-season striker, but surely everyone can appreciate how important he is to the way we play?
  4. Anyone else tried purchasing it yet? I got a message saying I'm restricted from streaming it because I'm in England - even though I'm not in England. Got the same message a second time even when I tried again using a VPN.
  5. John Hartson was around Muller's age when he got his move to Arsenal. Until that point he was playing lower league football for a downwardly-mobile Luton Town. Everyone's got to start somewhere and learn their trade - Hartson should know that.
  6. Callum Davidson obviously disagrees with you on Ambrose. David Hannah was this forum's player of the year in the season he played for us, so a lot disagreed with you on that, too. If Ambrose was as bad as you're making out, he wouldn't have played over 100 times for Celtic (including Champions League games) during one of the most successful periods in their history, and over 50 times for Nigeria. Why not give him a chance? If you're right about him, he probably won't play much anyway.
  7. No one is guaranteed their place and certainly not Middleton (who was often used as an impact sub for us last season). He's got to be in contention though. I think we'll probably see a couple of changes from the line-up we had against Sevco. It's a completely different kind of match so CD will probably want to tweak how we play. At the very least I'd assume Booth will come back in for Devine if he's ready.
  8. Maybe, but why are Ross County and Hibs selling PPV streams their home games on Saturday?
  9. 10 sackings in 10 seasons from them, apparently. Absolutely incredible the way some of these clubs operate, and then seem surprised when they never get any better. Alex Neil appears to be the favourite, so we can look forward to seeing him getting sacked next season.
  10. No idea, to be honest! I watched the Ross County game earlier this season on PPV (but appreciate that had a restricted crowd). The other two Premiership games happening on Saturday (at Ross County and Hibs) are both advertised as being streamed on the home clubs' PPV sites.
  11. Feel like there's a big opportunity here for Saints to finally start turning promising performances into points. Aberdeen have had some poor results of late and I reckon they're there for the taking. I suspect the starting XI will be similar to the Sevco game, but I'd love to see Eetu get some more game time. With Middleton also available again and MOH hitting some good form, we have a lot of options up front. Great to hear that Bryson's close to a come-back too. Assume this will be available for fans to watch on PPV? Nothing on the Aberdeen TV site about buying the stream yet:
  12. Yep, but Jody stayed with us for four years and in that time we went from the First Division to Top 6 of the Prem, so he fits what you asked for. Steven MacLean was also 30 when he signed for us, and went on to be arguably one of the most important Saints signings ever. Callum Davidson was 35 when he rejoined us, and played nearly 50 games - we went on to finish 3rd in the league with him playing at left-back. Even if Ambrose does only play 6 or 7 games for us - it could be that that's him fulfilling the job he was brought in to do anyway. Sometimes players just need to be brought in to plug a short-term gap. Let's not forget that Bobby Zlamal came to us last season at 35 years old and only played twice, but played a pretty big part in us clinching 5th place.
  13. Plamen Krachunov (Bulgarian) was 27 when he signed for us, Madis Vihmann (Estonian) was 23. I honestly don't think we've signed a huge number of over 30s in recent years, but if you want to look at a list of all our signings there's a pretty good record here: