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  1. Yep, last thing we want in our squad is a young striker with a bit of raw talent who's played for Finland U-21s and looked interested in at least trying to bring some flair and creativity to our painful, predictable, hopeless, goal-less approach. I can understand people thinking Eetu didn't do enough when he was here, but what I can't understand is people not thinking it might have been a good idea to try to develop and encourage and get the best out of this player, instead of chucking him in the bin. It's just absolutely bizarre to me that the club invested so much time, money and resource in getting him here, but don't seem to have been willing to invest anything in him at all once he was actually our player. They practically spent longer trying to get his work permit sorted than they did actually giving him a chance to play. It's an absolute embarrassment the way we've treated this guy.
  2. Any idea how many we had last season?
  3. Website seems to be allowing new purchases when I look.
  4. I think that's reaching a bit. I think it more likely means it was the best video of a goal that the person doing the filming happened to get, so they stuck it up on the club account. Seems to be more of an attacking midfielder from what little I've seen/read.
  5. My worry with Hallberg is that we'll end up playing him further back because we'll be overloaded with forwards/attacking midfielders but have a shortage of options further back in the midfield. I think we saw last season that Hallberg's really at his best when playing just behind or to the right of the strikers and he has the ability to get assists and create chances.
  6. Clearly we need a goalkeeper and a striker but personally I see it as a bit of a red flag that CD has said nothing about being in the market for a central midfielder. We've lost all three of Bryson, Butterfield and Craig since the end of the season and have no real ball-playing central midfielder in the squad. We spent way too much of last season trying to play Murray Davidson in that position and I'm convinced that played a huge part in our problems. We desperately need someone who can collect the ball from the defence and pick out a pass. Unless one of either MacPherson or Gilmour is going to seriously step up this season, I'm struggling to see how that issue is going to be resolved.
  7. I'd be absolutely over the moon with that as a final table, which is in itself a bit of a sad reflection of where we are as up until very recently I'd have described any Bottom 6 prediction as quite pessimistic for Saints.
  8. They could easily be said to have worse players than us on paper, and yet still go on to finish comfortably above us in the league. My feeling is that McInnes is a really strong manager and I think he'll get the best out of his squad by organising and motivating them and making the right changes at the right times. As we all know from the last few years of watching Saints, success on the pitch is about a lot more than just the individuals you have. We've often outperformed teams who have had arguably better players than us over the last decade or so. Definitely seeing some similarities between Davidson's time and Clark's time, although I'd add that Sandy Clark managed to hold things together for quite a bit longer before the wheels came off. Davidson has had one fantastic season followed by one horrendous one. Clark finished 3rd, then 5th, and in his third season we were sitting comfortably mid-table until December when the O'Boyle/Thomas saga happened and our season completely collapsed (and we ended up finishing 10th). We then had a disastrous transfer window leading into an awful season and he was sacked in September (and replaced by someone even worse, which is hopefully also something the club learned from).
  9. Surely it's a pretty sensible move considering both Gallacher and Booth are out injured.
  10. I think at this time last year most of us were predicting another top 6 finish after winning the Double, but got that horribly wrong - not sure how that's a good thing though!
  11. Is he an extraordinary athlete? In the appearances he made for us he didn't look like he had much pace at all. I can only hope he benefits from a proper pre-season, but I'd been hoping for the same for Eetu and it's looking increasingly like he'll be off.
  12. I don't see that at all. I think Killie made a fantastic move in bringing McInnes in as manager (the move Saints should have made), and he'll have them challenging for Top 6.
  13. I think it'll be another very tight one, particularly in the bottom half where I think there'll be very little in it, but at this stage I'm predicting: 1. Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Hearts 4. Hibs 5. Dundee Utd 6. Kilmarnock 8. Aberdeen 8. Ross County 9. Motherwell 10. St Mirren 11. Livingston 12. Us
  14. I'm generally pretty glass-half-full when it comes to Saints, but last season really sucked the positivity right out of me and I haven't seen any changes since then to reverse that feeling. I really hope Callum Davidson proves me wrong but I just think his inflexibility, lack of ideas and transfer market problems will see us really struggle next season and by the time the club does anything about it (if they even do) we'll be playing catch-up and we'll once again set ourselves up for a panicky January transfer window. Looking at our rivals, I normally don't worry too much about other clubs' transfer dealings as it always feels like the other clubs are out-spending us and being more proactive than us at this time of year, and until last season we've generally always been OK. But this summer it does really feel like clubs like Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen are pushing the boat out a bit, and St Mirren signing Declan Gallagher feels like a real eyebrow-raiser. I'm worried we're losing ground on these teams, and last season's performance has really harmed our ability to compete with them when it comes to attracting new faces. I do think we'll still see at least three or four new faces come in before the transfer window closes, but I'm very sceptical about whether they'll be adequate replacements for the ones who've left. And what we need is for our new players to actually be better than the ones who have left. I just don't see that happening.