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  1. It'll be interesting to see if CD goes back to 3-4-3, given how effective it was against Hibs in the semi-final. I reckon Melamed will keep his place and Kane will be brought back in to start alongside him (assuming Kane's fit). I think McCann will come back in too but possibly Craig will be rested this time so we might get a McCann-Bryson midfield? Anyone seen any injury updates on Muzz and Rooney?
  2. What was the problem with doing it online? I just clicked 'cancel subscription' on the Premier website and it cancelled it automatically.
  3. Gilmour? Based on what? May's a tried, trusted and experienced player and when he came on in the final he did exactly what was asked of him and didn't put a foot wrong. And we won! I'm not sure what's brought you to the conclusion that it was the wrong decision.
  4. Don't you think he has been working hard and taking his opportunity? I haven't seen any signs of that not being the case. I don't think it's about workrate, I think it's about the style of player he is. A successful squad needs different types of striker and as far as I can tell Melamed simply isn't the type of striker that CD thinks will work in his preferred formation. I don't think throwing strops comes into it. It just makes sense that if he's not going to get picked in our big games, and another club comes in that is going to offer him more money and a chance to play more regularly, it would probably be the right decision for him to make that move. Anyway, however we choose to view it, a player like Melamed is probably going to attract interest from all over Scotland, England and beyond, and if Saints can't get him tied down quickly it's going to be difficult to hold onto him.
  5. I think that's incredibly unfair and also inaccurate. May puts in a power of work every time he's on the pitch, and I thought he had some really nice touches last night and also showed some signs of linking up well with Melamed. Personally I felt bringing May on in the final was the right decision (although I'd also have liked to see Melamed brought on for Kane later in the game).
  6. I think it's pretty clear why Melamed doesn't start every game: CD doesn't think he can play as the single striker in a 3-4-3, which remains his preferred formation. Why would Melamed sign a new contract with us when he basically knows now that whatever he does, however many goals he scores, when it comes to our very biggest games he's not going to get on the pitch? Right now he could easily move to one of our rivals for nothing and become an absolute star for them.
  7. I get what you're saying but I think if the club restricts its celebrations to a matchday then we'd miss out on something the whole city can be a part of. They'd basically only reach the people who would be going to matches anyway. Hold a party in the town centre on a nice summer's day and you'd reach way more potential new fans. I reckon it should be given the same treatment the Christmas lights get, but do it in summer - call it Saintsfest, have a stage, maybe with some live music (let's book Haddaway), and then have the open top bus arrive in front of everyone followed by speeches/presentation. Find a way of getting free tickets out to the crowd for whatever the next home match is, and aim to fill the ground for that first game back. I know the club's probably desperate to get people paying through the gate again but after all this time would one big free game at the start of the season really do much harm? I also think the club should consider capping entry prices at £20 maximum across all four stands for the season (charge the OF fans £30 though obvs ). I really think this is the time to plan some innovative changes and fresh ideas to not only attract new fans, but keep them coming back. (Of course, I'm aware that all of the above could only happen in a world where crowds are actually possible again!).
  8. I only vaguely remember the show. Did they actually talk about Scottish football much? My memory of it is that it was basically all about English teams. It's a pity there's not a Scottish equivalent of Football Focus. I used to enjoy the old Friday Sportscene programmes back in the day, which did a similar job.
  9. So our Cup heroes don't get long to celebrate/recuperate as in just a couple of days we have an absolutely massive game in the race for Top 6. How do people see us lining up for this one? I suspect we'll see a bit of rotation, with guys like Tanser, Bryson, May and Melamed coming in. Perhaps something along these lines? _____________Clark ______Kerr Gordon McCart Rooney McCann Bryson Tanser __________Wotherspoon _________Melamed May
  10. I'd have favoured two up front too, but as you say we'll never know how that might have turned out and CD is the man who ultimately has to make these calls. I definitely felt for Melamed not even getting on the pitch, and do wonder if it'll effect his decision on whether or not he stays. I think it's basically been proven to him that no matter what he does, he's not going to get picked for our biggest games. Personally I'd have brought him on for Kane in the closing stages as Kane looked exhausted (as demonstrated by his late attempt at a through-ball which he completely over-hit). I think a fresh May-Melamed partnership in those closing 10 minutes could have caused havoc among the Livi defence. But hey: we got the result we needed.
  11. For me the period of results that has put us in the bottom half of the table is those 6 games around August/September where we suffered four 1-0 defeats, plus a 2-0 defeat from Livi. We actually played some OK football throughout that spell, but for the most part we just looked like we were never going to score. I was frustrated with Davidson at the time as I felt he was sticking stubbornly to a system that wasn't working. But gradually things have fallen into place and we look so much more dangerous going forward now. And honestly I can't remember any right-back at any team having as big an impact as Rooney has had since taking over from McNamara. Every time the ball goes near him it feels like something's going to happen and opponents don't know how to handle him. It's perhaps a little ironic that the signing Tommy Wright never got to work with might turn out to be one of his best. I still think we have a chance of Top 6, but even if it doesn't happen I hope we can take the momentum from the Cup win into the remaining games and build towards an exciting season 21/22 - hopefully with some big crowds. If there's a public reception for the team over the summer, similar to what happened the day after the 2014 win, I'd really like to see the club handing out free tickets for the first home game of the season. If they did that we could actually fill McDiarmid for the first game back.
  12. Yes I did thanks to the post further up from @templeofsaints. Thanks!
  13. Suspect Rooney will have put himself on a few managers' radars after yesterday. (Hopefully one of them is Steve Clarke.)