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  1. Turning down any bid is always going to be a gamble that Saints will have to weigh up. As you say, they could turn down an offer in the hope that a bigger one will come along, but the bigger bid might never materialise. Any player could suffer an injury or loss of form at any time. I remember when Danny Griffin turned down his Derby move, there was a feeling among fans that it would be good for Saints in the long run because we'd get the benefit of having him in the team for another year or so and then he'd get an even bigger move to someone else further down the line - but the bigger move never happened. He ended up going to Dundee United for less than half of what Derby had offered. The horror.
  2. That's going to be a big blow for Perth - I'd think it must be the largest store on the High Street at the moment, and in such a prominent location too. TBH I think this has been coming for Debenhams for a long time - they sell some nice stuff but a lot of it's crazily over-priced.
  3. This thread's famous:
  4. I thought it was the other way round and we accepted the Wednesday offer because it was less dependent on add-ons? I think Peterborough were the club who wanted to pay in multiple instalments and add-ons and Saints weren't having it, which I seem to remember prompted a minor hissy fit from their chairman. There's a bit about it here:
  5. Just thought I'd re-visit this comment I posted after our 2-0 loss to Livingston (which at the time was our fourth defeat in five matches, and we'd only scored one goal in all five of those matches). I said I felt that after the Celtic game in early October we had a good run of fixtures to look forward to and that we should be aiming to use those games as a big opportunity to turn things round. We're now at the end of that run of fixtures and we've played 10, won 6, drawn 4 and lost none. We've also scored 23 goals in those ten matches. I don't think anyone could have asked for a better return than that and personally I'm really pleased with how things have gradually been improving. Even though I still have some reservations with the system at times, I'm impressed with how CD has quietly halted a slump without any fuss, and has us playing some strong, positive football which, most importantly, is now getting results. And on top of that we've drastically improved upon the previous season's League Cup performance. I've no idea what CD's targets are for the season but I'd say there's no reason at all why we shouldn't be aiming to be firmly into the Top 6 by the turn of the year.
  6. It's fine trying to get it done, but someone has to be willing to pay it. I think most of us thought we'd get a million for May at the very least, but we didn't. We turned down a bid for Kerr because it was too low, but then no subsequent bid came in. I'm sceptical that anyone will come in with an offer of £3m for McCann, and if Saints wait too long holding out for that sort of money then they risk losing him for a lot less as he approaches the end of his contract.
  7. Guys, can you keep this thread to the impact on Saints please. I've moved all the political stuff from yesterday into a new thread in Chit Chat - feel free to chat about politics all you like in there.
  8. Pretty sure Tommy said he was free to take another job from November onwards, and his preference was a job in Scotland - so I imagine we'll soon see him getting linked pretty strongly to these sorts of jobs. If I was in charge at Livingston I'd be straight on the phone to him.
  9. Given that CD has preferred to only play one striker in most matches this season, I think it was always going to be difficult for Hendry to get game time once May regained his form and fitness. It's a pity because I've always felt May and Hendry link up really well together as a partnership, but the manager just doesn't seem to want them on the pitch at the same time. I actually thought Hendry was playing pretty well at the start of the season and was unlucky not to have a few goals (especially as he had a perfectly good goal wrongly chopped off at one point). I'm also a bit surprised he hasn't been used more often as an impact sub, considering quite a few of his goals last season came after he'd been introduced from the bench. I think for Hendry's season a lot now depends on whether or not Kane stays. Under the circumstances I struggle to see Kane being kept on - in my opinion we simply don't need four strikers.
  10. See what you're saying but there's no way they can do that. Season ticket holders have to get first dibs on available seats.
  11. Missed the first half hour or so as I was expecting a 7.45 kick-off. What was with the weird kick-off time? Serves me right for not checking, but fortunately I tuned in just in time for Ali's opening goal. From what I saw I thought Hibs looked a level above most of the teams we've been playing against, and largely dominating, for much of this season. They put our defence under a lot more pressure, and carved out some good chances. If their finishing was better it might have been a sore one for us. At 2-1 up I was thinking it would make a nice change for us to be the team winning against the run of play for a change. Pity we couldn't hold on for the points, but can't be too unhappy with a point from a trip to Easter Road. I think Spoony and MOH will both take big confidence boosts from that game. I'd start them both at the weekend.
  12. Darnell Fisher keeping it classy.
  13. Davidson and Conway both confirmed as missing out, so it'll be interesting to see what the enforced changes are. I'm thinking Craig and MOH to start?
  14. Yeah I read it as 4,000 too, although obviously that's not Scotland, and also I'd assume that to be the maximum and the actual number will depend on other factors like the size of the stadium.