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  1. All but two of their players have agreed to the cuts apparently. The thing I can't get my head around is that they continue to pay money to Gordon Strachan.
  2. Quite like the new Macron kit that Hibs have got themselves. I'd be pretty happy with a blue version of this (with blue sleeves and a darker blue collar and cuffs) for Saints.
  3. I thought Paton was an OK player for us. Can't really understand why anyone would take a dig at him.
  4. Can't find a link to it but I'm sure I've read in the past that November and December is the time of year when managers are most likely to be sacked. Clubs are terrified of being in the relegation zone at Christmas so they pull the trigger before then. So in terms of available jobs it's probably as good a time as any. And presumably there's nothing to stop clubs talking to him earlier than that and just keeping a caretaker in charge until November, if they really want him. I think on balance the agreement is probably a fair one for both parties. Saints would rightly be very annoyed if they'd allowed him to walk away from a signed contract, only to immediately take up a job at one of our rivals and deny us a sizeable compensation.
  5. I thought that too - or maybe some sort of role in the backroom staff, or helping out with watching players. Feels like it would make sense for him, especially as he can't do much else until at least November.
  6. Really great interview - quite entertaining to hear his take on his fall-outs with Neil McCann, Jackie McNamara and Richard Foster (McCann was in a strop because our kit man was wearing a t-shirt? Seriously?? What a maniac.) Also interesting to hear that he wanted Macca in as player-coach back in January. In terms of his departure I didn't really think it revealed much more than we already knew. Not sure where all the stuff about his wife came from in the first place, because I don't think any of that was in his original interview and that all just seemed like fan speculation from the beginning. It does feel like a bit of a blow to know that he wants to manage another Scottish club, as it'll be hard to take seeing him pop up at one of our rivals. I'd imagine he'll hope for the Hibs, Hearts or Aberdeen jobs to come up now. Wonder what the overseas offers he had are. I think my overall feeling is still the same: if Davidson does well, we'll move on without much of an issue. But if Davidson struggles, a lot of people will be left questioning why the chairman didn't do more to stop our greatest ever manager from leaving. By the way, am I right in thinking that Steve Brown still hasn't said a single thing publicly about Tommy leaving?
  7. I think that's a totally unacceptable thing to say. I haven't heard a single comment from Tommy to suggest that gender had anything to do with it. Very, very unfair thing to post on a public forum.
  8. Presumably there's going to be some sort of attempt made to play some friendlies before the season starts? I haven't heard anything mentioned about that from Saints so far.
  9. I actually quite like that idea. Bet Hearts would be on board too.
  10. I hope that's not the plan. From what I saw of us last season we were at our best when May and Hendry were played together in a front two. It took Tommy a while to go with it but when he did it really worked. O'Halloran I hope will be much more than an impact sub. He had a bit of a stop-start season last time but I think with Wright, Kennedy and Swanson now all gone there's a big opportunity for him to return to his best and be a key player for us again.
  11. This was such a great listen, thanks for posting - I'd highly recommend it to anyone who watched Saints during that time. Really fascinating insight into Sturrock's thoughts on the Saints players of what turned into a really enjoyable era for us. And I hadn't realised he'd often gone to Muirton Park in his younger days and had been at the Hamburg game. Also interesting to hear him comment that leaving Saints to go back to Dundee United was the biggest mistake of his career.
  12. Gary Farquhar has taken a coaching role at Clach:
  13. Don't think I've seen it mentioned on here yet, but Hearts/Partick are justifying their decision to go to court on the precedent that Saints took the SFA to court in 1965. From the Edinburgh Evening News: One area of Hearts and Partick’s case points to the 1965 dispute between St Johnstone and the SFA, when the Perth club went to court and won. They had been fined £25 and mounted a successful legal challenge without being their membership being revoked.
  14. Very true, forgot about those two. Tommy was pretty annoyed by Tade's departure at the time.
  15. Initially it probably seemed like a pretty exciting job for McClaren. An historically successful club that has been through a bad patch but is on its way back up. He'd get them challenging the Old Firm within a couple of years and show us useless Jocks how it's done. Then he'd see the stadium, and the facilities, and the average attendances, and the budget, and the salary. Suddenly it's a bit more obvious why clubs like Dundee United aren't challenging the Old Firm.