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  1. Totally agree with the club's position on this. Saints need to make sure they're able to look after their existing staff as a priority. Bringing in more people at the moment would be irresponsible. I don't want to see us following the lead of clubs like Dundee and Hibs - pressuring their existing players into taking pay cuts, then bragging about making new signings.
  2. Given the latest Covid developments and the increasing likelihood that we may end up having to go for the entire season without any sort of crowds, is anyone else of the opinion that we shouldn't be signing anyone at all? I just don't see how we can justify it, and I think Davidson should be making do with the squad he has. The players we have are good enough and it's time to start getting the best out of them.
  3. Pretty much agree. I'm not convinced we need another striker. We have loads of strikers. We're just not playing a game that suits them. Plus, he's already signed one striker who barely ever gets a chance. I'd also question ... if our key tactic for scoring goals is to hit crosses into the box, why have we adopted a formation that doesn't use wingers?
  4. Dundee United 11 Saints 9 Peterhead 7 Kelty 2 Brechin 1
  5. I think there are a few big red flags starting to appear and for Davidson to say "we're doing all the right things, and I believe it'll come" is a worry for me. We're not doing the right things. We're pumping cross after cross after cross into the opposition box and when it doesn't work there is no Plan B. I do not understand a game plan that involves hitting high crosses towards big defenders who will always find them very easy to defend against. Is Davidson studying the opposition each week and trying to adapt our play to exploit their weaknesses, or is he just pressing on with doing his own thing out of personal belief that it will work? When you look at some of our previous successful managers (in particular McInnes and Wright) they were very good at finding that switch or change in tactic that was needed to get the better of our opponents, but it worries me that we don't seem to be seeing that at the moment. We're very flat, predictable and one-dimensional. I just watched the YouTube video that shows all 27 Stevie May goals from 2013/14. Not a single one of them came from a high cross, and I think only three of them came from any sort of cross at all (low, direct crosses from inside the box mainly). May is our best and most experienced striker but we are not playing to his strengths at all. He is never, ever going to thrive in this system, and probably wouldn't have even at his 2014 peak. For all that I actually thought we looked OK up until the goal was scored, and May and Hendry showed some flashes of the link-up play they were producing last season. But in the second half we were really, really poor and just didn't seem to have any ideas of how to break them down. To me that stems from the instructions the players are being given and the way they're being asked to play, rather than mistakes being made or players not being good enough. Personally I'd like us to ditch the wing-back system, which would allow us to keep Hendry and May up front and use O'Halloran/Wotherspoon/McNamara as wide midfielders/wingers. I think that would give us better balance and a bit more nous to our attack. P.S. What's going on with Ross County not wearing their away kit against us??
  6. Happier with that line-up today. Hope it makes a difference.
  7. Guys: it's just a number. Like the other numbers. It doesn't have any demonic powers.
  8. That's pretty much how I feel. I'm not delighted with the approach to signings so far, but I do think we have to take the circumstances into account and it's hard to tell how much is Davidson's actual strategy and how much is a result of his hands being tied. I'd probably rather see us bring in a couple of extra players on loan, than guys who are at the very ends of their careers and have had injury problems, but I guess it's all about balance.
  9. I think more than anything it demonstrates just how difficult it is to sign players when you're the Saints manager. So far Davidson has only been able to sign players who are either very young and looking for experience on loan, or guys like Conway and seemingly now Bryson whose best days are well behind them. Tommy found it really difficult to sign players too - I don't think there's much reason to think Davidson will find it any easier, given that he has a lot less experience and what seems to be a vastly reduced budget.
  10. I think that money was only given to SPFL clubs.
  11. I suppose it wouldn't be a gigantic surprise if Saints were to look at Stokes now.
  12. So are you of the opinion that the defence is the biggest issue to address at the moment?
  13. Here you go - last season's away top at half price: Just cut the bottom off and you're flying.