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  1. Are you a season ticket holder? You'll still get an opportunity for a photo with the trophies when they do their trophy day, if so.
  2. We were going to give Papa John's a try a couple of nights ago and were a bit horrified by the prices TBH. Most of the pizzas cost around £19-£20 by the time you've customised them to what you want, and they don't even look particularly nice (I generally think chains like this don't do pizza very well, but we were up for giving them a go). They're also very vague on their menu about what the different pizza sizes are. We ended up ordering from The Italian Corner instead and got really nice proper Italian-style pizzas for half of that price.
  3. Crawford's out for a couple of weeks I believe. It's also been reported this week that MOH and Booth both have "niggles" but will hopefully be OK. Spoony played 64 minutes for Canada last night so guess there's a chance he'll be rested. Sounds like Gordon, Bryson and Davidson are all close to playing but I reckon they'll be on the bench unless injuries mean they have to come in. Personally I think we'll go for a similar line-up as the Dundee game, but with MacPherson in for Crawford and McCart (assuming his suspension's over?) in for Dendoncker. That would be: ___________________Clark _________Rooney Ambrose McCart MOH ____________Craig ___________Booth ______MacPherson ______Wotherspoon ______________Kane___ May
  4. Thanks to various people sending me names I've now updated the list to include: Paul Hegarty, Ray Stewart, Michael McGovern, Graham Barrett, Alan Maybury, Jonathan Tuffey, Cammy Bell, Tony Watt and Scott Dobie. Anyone else I've missed?
  5. I don't really understand why they can't have tickets on sale for the next 3-4 home games at any one time. Guess it's something to do with the ticket system not being able to cope, though.
  6. I think Murray Davidson and Sandy McLaren are the only players to get capped for Scotland while playing for Saints.
  7. Yep, the rule in Italy only affects teams whose shirt is a block of green. So Celtic would be fine, but Hibs possibly not (although I'm not sure if their white sleeves would be enough for them to get around it).
  8. Why does Livi fans getting paper tickets allow Saints to start selling Hearts ticket?
  9. Last time we went in there it was really tired-looking and all felt like it needed a good clean. That was a couple of years ago now, but really doesn't make you desperate to go back. Shame, as it's a great location, especially with the new museum opening opposite.
  10. Think he was saying Lampard's a bigger name than Callum Davidson, not that he's a bigger name than Gerrard. Have to agree that I don't think Davidson would be on Sevco's radar.
  11. blueheaven

    Saints TV

    I'm sure before Saints TV came along we used to get posts on here from people suggesting that the club should set up an online TV channel and charge a subscription for exclusive content to generate a bit of extra revenue.
  12. Feels like the SPFL has really taken its eye off the ball on this subject. I still don't really understand how Saints were allowed to get away with last season's away kit, and now this from Dundee. I saw that World Rugby announced yesterday they're banning teams in red from playing against teams in green, because of the issues it can cause for colour blind fans. We had the same thing near us on Saturday. Don't think I'll ever understand why a lot of people seem to have so much difficulty finding their seat!
  13. There's more info on it here if you're interested:
  14. Not according to Wikipedia (which could always be wrong, of course). Wiki does say Ferguson and Townsend both appeared for 'Scotland XI', which were unofficial internationals not recognised by FIFA. Saints players Jimmy Caskie, Jimmy Munro and Andy Swallow also played for Scotland at this level.
  15. I think this shirt would have been even worse TBH: But yeah, I think it would have helped if Saints had worn blue-white-white and Dundee had worn dark blue-dark blue-dark blue.
  16. For some reason Dundee have been allowed to have a dark blue home kit and light blue away kit this season. Completely misses the point of what an away kit is for as the away kit is useless against the other teams in the league that play in blue (a bit like Saints last season, I suppose). For me, Saints should also have worn our away kit against Hibs at Easter Road the week before. Anyone else remember the game in the 90s where the same thing happened - both of Dundee's two kits clashed with the Saints home kit, so the ref made Dundee wear the Saints away shirt?
  17. Good shout - I've added him on to the list, cheers. Also added in Sanel Jahic who had 23. He was the squad's third choice keeper for a good couple of years but after all that travelling around was never even given 5 minutes in a friendly to give him a cap. I seem to remember in the end he got fed up with it and withdrew himself from contention.
  18. Here are some others outside the top 10: Sergei Baltacha (45) Allan McGregor (42) Jason Scotland (41) Mark Paston (36) Michael McGovern (32) Davide Xausa (32) Danny Griffin (29) Darren Jackson (28) Marcus Haber (27) Billy Dodds (26) Gunni Torfason (26) Paul Hartley (25) Collin Samuel (24) Rory Fallon (24) Sanel Jahic (23) Alan Kernaghan (22) Callum Davidson (19) Madis Vihmann (19) Gerry McMahon (17) Paul Ramsey (14) George O'Boyle (13) Mehdi Abeid (13) Dyron Daal (13) Peter Enckelman (12) Simon Donnelly (10) Alan Maybury (10) Ray Stewart (10) Alan Mannus (9) David Wotherspoon (8) Ali McCann (8) Paul Hegarty (8) Jonathan Tuffey (8)* Craig Beattie (7) Nigel Hasselbaink (7) Craig Conway (7) George Williams (7) Graham Barrett (6) Scot Dobie (6) Sandy McLaren (5) Chris Iwelumo (4) Paul Paton (4) Craig Bryson (3) Rachid Djebaili (3) Derek Riordan (3) Cillian Sheridan (3) Willie Imrie (2) Goran Stanic (2) Paul Bernard (2) Derek McInnes (2) Murray Davidson (1) Cammy Bell (1) Owen Coyle (1) Peter Davenport (1) Stevie May (1) John O'Neil (1) John Connolly (1) Mark Robertson (1) Tony Watt (1) Zdenek Zlamal (1) ... and Momo Sylla, whose cap count is a mystery. Martin Nash (38 caps for Canada) also played for us a trialist. *Tuffey was a signed Saints player but never made a first team appearance for us.
  19. Baltacha had 45 (according to Wikipedia), so doesn't make the top 10.
  20. I was actually looking into this a couple of weeks ago so have some numbers on this. All from Wikipedia so there could be some inaccuracies, but anyway: Top 10 Most Capped Players to Appear for St Johnstone 1. Jonatan Johansson - 105 caps 2. Arvydas Novikovas - 71 3. Mixu Paatelainen - 70 4. Nick Dasovic - 63 5= Ally McCoist - 61 5= Colin Miller - 61 7. Rudi Vata - 58 8. John McClelland - 53 9. Efe Ambrose - 51 10. James McFadden - 48 Wikipedia also claims Momo Sylla has 56, but I'm 99% sure this is incorrect.
  21. Not sure about that. He basically plays the game at walking pace - I can't see him making the charging runs forward that Rooney/Muller/Brown (and previously Kerr) are able to make from that position.
  22. That's a real blow, think he's made a big difference. Creates an opportunity for MacPerson, though.