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  1. I reckon we're going to end up with a bunch of loans coming in shortly before the deadline. Whether or not they'll be "high quality loans" is another question, of course.
  2. So why are you posting about it then? Using your logic no one should ever express an opinion. None of our posts change anything, including yours, but we post on here because we want to talk about the football team we support.
  3. If you're saying our defenders don't understand when they're supposed to move forward and help the attack, I'd say that's more of a coaching issue than a confidence issue. I think if the players were better drilled in their roles, better results and higher confidence would stem from that (not the other way around).
  4. With the targeted players whose contracts are expiring I think this is what we would do in a "normal" season where we're sitting comfortably mid-table at this stage. Problems with that approach this season are: - We desperately need the players *now*, and everyone we're trying to negotiate with knows that. - Why would players want to sign a PCA with a club that could be relegated by the time they actually join us? - Why would a club sitting just above us in the table want to help us strengthen? - Why would any club accept the first (or even second or third) bid from us when they know we're desperate and may well keep offering more? Add this all together and you're left with the very real possibility of us hitting the panic button at the end of the window and spending well over the odds on players who are probably no better (and possibly worse) than what we already have.
  5. This isn't a comment on Forrest as a player but bloody hell it really shows the extent of our desperation when we're offering to pay a transfer fee for a Livingston player who struggles to get a game there and is out of contract at the end of the season anyway. Really hope that amongst all this talk of wingers and full-backs and defenders, someone somewhere at the club is concentrating on our gigantic central midfield problem.
  6. I honestly don't think Davidson has much interest in youth development. He's done very little to bring any young players through, even when we've been doing well. He's too terrified of inexperienced players making mistakes to put them into his team.
  7. Think I'd dispute that this is a bigger game than either of the two recent European games that could have got us into a group stage! Agree with you on the team changes. I'd really like to see Eetu involved in this one too. Remember him?
  8. I can sympathise with this view as I can remember thinking a similar thing when I wanted Stark out. However I think we really need Saints to win this game and get a confidence boost from it, and ideally score a decent number of goals, so that we can go into the Dundee game feeling a bit more positive. I do think there's a big, big danger of the Kelty game going badly for us, though. They must be really fancying their chances of an upset.
  9. I felt there were some small-ish signs of improvement in the first half last night, and we at least seemed to be trying to play a bit further up the park to get closer to the opposition goal. I'm not sure if that was a tactical plan or just the effect of having Ciftci on the pitch. MacPherson really stepped up and I honestly think there could be a player there. He has a bit of skill and pace and looked up for it. However, I felt Butterfield had a poor game by his previous standards and some of his dawdling around our own box was almost very costly on a couple of occasions. Ciftci himself caused the opposition defence more issues than most of our other strikers combined have managed for the bulk of the season. He covered a lot more ground than I expected, he showed some really nice touches and he was actually willing to try shooting at goal. Still, he gave away the ball in the lead-up to the opposition scoring, so I assume we'll never see him again.
  10. New signings or no new signings, for me the Dundee game is Davidson's last chance. We must win that game. If we don't, we'll be even deeper in the sh*t than we are now, but there will still be a slim chance of saving ourselves and the only way of doing that will be to hope for the possible bounce that a new manager might give us. Completely understand that sacking a manager after winning two trophies and signing a new contract is a difficult thing to do - both emotionally and financially. Also understand that our situation is not entirely Davidson's fault. But we're running out of time and the club quite simply has to do whatever it takes to at least try to get us out of this mess. If some of that "rainy day fund" has to be spent on paying off Davidson and getting someone else in, then so be it. It's a colossal waste as we should never, ever have been in this position - but it's where we are and we need to deal with it. The sheer speed at which this collapse has happened is absolutely heartbreaking. More than a decade of hard work from McInnes, Lomas and Wright, building us into a club who not only survived in the Premier but punched well above our weight, winning trophies, finishing Top 6 and playing in Europe season after season after season. Players like Anderson, Millar, Davidson and Mackay wanting to spend their careers here because this was the place to be. And just a few months ago we stood on the verge of stepping up to a completely new level of prestige, excitement and financial wealth. Everything is just being pissed down the drain.
  11. Oh absolutely - there's nothing you've said there about Saints' situation that I haven't said on here myself!
  12. Not convinced about that either but really hope you're right.
  13. It's certainly a big statement (and I'm assuming the Finnish keeper they've just signed won't have come cheap either). Not convinced Watt's a particularly great signing, though. Up until this season he'd never managed a double-figure goal season at any point in his career. Whenever I see a club like Dundee United chucking money around, my instinctive gut reaction is that this will probably all end up backfiring on them badly.
  14. I'm pretty confused by CD saying Muller was the one he wanted to keep. If that was the case, why was he regularly not even making the bench? Why was Dendoncker often preferred to him, and yet our preference was apparently to keep Muller and get rid of Dendoncker? I increasingly find CD's comments and actions to be more and more baffling. We certainly look a bit low on numbers at the back now, especially if Ambrose goes.
  15. blueheaven


    Is this him? If it's the same Harry Smith I'm thinking of (and it appears to be from the obituary), he used to email me pretty much every week to discuss Saints when I ran the old Blue Heaven website, before the days of the forum. He seemed like a really lovely guy and his emails always gave me such a laugh. I believe he was @mapleleaf here on the forum? Really sad to hear this news.
  16. Wish it was this easy for everyone. I've been trying to get accurate documents since last April.
  17. For me, he added energy to our attacks, gave us a great option from the bench and defences found him difficult to handle. Completely appreciate that most of his appearances were as a sub, but I think he showed enough for there to be a hope that he could kick on this season and establish himself as a starter. Clearly that hasn't happened but again, I think most people were in agreement that getting him back seemed like a good move at the time. He's far from the only player who hasn't met last season's standards. This actually backs up my point, which is that we do need wingers/wide forwards (whatever you want to call them), if we're going to stick with Davidson's system. To go full circle back to the start of this discussion, my original point was that it makes no sense to say we don't use wingers and that our only wide players are the full-backs.
  18. Not sure what the Saints allocation was but the link didn't work when it was supposed to and it seems all the tickets were sold as soon as it was fixed. Why do Scottish football clubs always seem to have such difficulties with getting online ticket sales to go smoothly? There's still tickets available for the home end. I don't see much of an issue with buying tickets for there as long as people aren't going to wave Saints scarves around and act like d**ks.
  19. We can't sign him on a PCA as he's contracted until summer 2023. If he was available to sign on a PCA I really don't think we'd be tabling six-figure bids for him.
  20. But regardless of whether or not our current players have performed well in the system, the fact surely still remains that Davidson's preferred system has involved two wide forwards on either side of a lone central striker, and no central attacking midfielder. That's why I find it odd to say we don't play with wingers and are more in need of an attacking midfielder. A central attacking midfielder will only fit in if Davidson starts including one in his system, which he's been pretty reluctant to do so far. We've already signed one central attacking midfielder (Crawford) who doesn't fit into our system. I thought Middleton did really well for us last season so wouldn't agree that it was a poor decision to bring him back. I can't remember there being many complaints at the time. His performances since coming back have been poor, however.
  21. I don't get this. We regularly play with two wide forwards on either side of a lone striker. It's probably the formation we've used most often since Davidson's arrival. If anything it's a central attacking midfielder like Crawford who has struggled to fit into the system.
  22. Seems to have gone quiet on the Hasselfront. Wonder what that stuff he put on Instagram was all about in the end.
  23. I'm all for being positive and do feel we can pull ourselves free of the relegation zone, but there's no way we're finishing 6th. To make Top 6 you usually need around 45 points. That means getting 31 points from the next 13 games before the split. To get that we'd need to win either 9 or 10 games out of the 13.