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    Those stats make no sense to me. Who judges the "quality" of a save? And how can you record "goals saved"? I don't even know what a "goal saved" is. Either it's a save, or it's a goal. You can't save a goal.
  2. I think people have to bear in mind that it's possible for players to catch Covid without necessarily breaking any rules. The rules are never going to be 100% Covid-proof. Unless you put the players in round-the-clock quarantine there's always going to be a chance that they might catch it from family members etc.
  3. In general I think it's really healthy for the Scottish game to have an active pyramid system that allows ambitious small clubs to rise up through the ranks. We've seen with ICT and Ross County just how far some of these clubs can come when given the opportunity. But the nostalgic luddite in me can't help but feel a pang of sadness about the loss from the league of clubs we all grew up with like East Stirling and Berwick. I really hope Brechin manage to avoid that drop.
  4. Not quite (according to Wiki), but they have had quite a lot of ups and downs over the years:
  5. Maybe, but they'd still have had to lose a play-off for that to happen to them. I suspect if Brechin dropped out of the league they might find it pretty difficult to return.
  6. Looks to me like that company is Matchwinner in name only. Doesn't look like they do any actual Matchwinner-branded stuff - everything on the site appears to be from other brands like Joma, Kappa, Mitre etc. Their 'About' page doesn't even mention the brand's history of manufacturing loads of clubs' shirts.
  7. Wonder if Dykes would be a first choice striker for Scotland right now if he'd remained at Livingston. Those few weeks spent at a mid-table lower-league English club must have seriously improved him.
  8. Just had a look - we had a bad run from 83-86 but it wasn't quite as bad as Brechin's as we didn't finish bottom three seasons in a row. According to Wiki we finished 9th in the Prem, then 14th in Division 1, then 6th in Division 2. Just spotted that Luton Town had three consecutive relegations from 2006-2009.
  9. I thought that match could easily have been an embarrassing banana skin for us when you consider our form and our struggle to score goals - so to not only win, but win 7-0, should come as a big boost to everyone I think. That said, I was a bit taken aback by just how bad Brechin were. I reckon they might be candidates for the worst team I've ever seen Saints play against. Shame really, as I've always quite liked them. They've plummeted three divisions in three years and finished bottom of their league three seasons in a row - that's got to be pretty rare. Anyone know what's happened to make them free-fall so badly in such a short space of time?
  10. What we were told we would get is here: "Season ticket holders will be given access to watch all league matches behind closed doors at McDiarmid Park live via Saints TV." You still need to be a Saints TV subscriber to get all the extra interviews etc, the same as in previous seasons.
  11. Not during half-time - end of the first half and still silent now. Take it it's just me then!
  12. Anyone else lost sound?
  13. No one was "100%" to blame for that goal. It's a team game and there were multiple points where it could have been prevented. Parish probably should have done better but also I don't think it's accurate to say it went "straight at him" - it took a swerve and he was wrong-footed (hard to say from the available angle if there was a deflection involved or not). And Tanser might have done better with the tackle but Jason Kerr was surely at fault for the poor cross-field pass, played across the front of his own goal, which wasn't good enough to make it to Tanser and was intercepted by the Kelty player, putting Tanser in the position of having to chase back to try to make the tackle in the first place.
  14. Anyone else think the terracing and stand looked weirdly busy for a closed doors game? I know there'd have been various officials, staff, media and maybe some scouts there, but even then it seemed like a lot.
  15. That was hard to take. I thought that was one of our best performances, but yet again late goals have killed us. Incidentally, Stevie May's fitness levels are absolutely sensational.
  16. Think that changed last season - Steve Brown said in February that we had the 6th highest wage bill in the league and bemoaned the fact that we'd targeted top six and a Cup run (both of which we then went on to achieve, but he didn't say anything about that ). Can't imagine we've budgeted for those things this time round though.
  17. Some cracking forum drama on that thread. Weird to think that less than two years later we were winning the Scottish Cup. Main thing I noticed from looking back on it is how many of the regular posters from back then seem to have disappeared.
  18. Ah OK fair enough - apologies to Saintdunc, I wasn't taking into account the end of the previous season.
  19. I'm not sure this is accurate though? According to this it was only the first four games that we barely took a point from, not the first 14:–13_St_Johnstone_F.C._season If that's accurate we took 20 points from our first 14 games under Lomas, which is pretty impressive (and included a win and a draw against Celtic). I can't really remember Lomas ever being under pressure (not for footballing reasons at least!), as his results were consistently pretty good.