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  1. Hard to describe just how bad we were defensively in that. From the very first moment we looked like we had only met as a team last night. We all know Effie has a mistake in him....but the rest of the defence (other than maybe Dendonker) were poor. Very little offering an option to the man on the ball, hence our defence spent most of the time passing between themselves, when they weren't making some sort of school-boy error. Hopefully we got all our mistakes out of the system in the one game. If you missed it....congrats...don't bother watching it on the box.
  2. Couple of negatives for me. Firstly the last 60mins were a disappointment....really let Dundee into the game and should have come away with a clean sheet if we hadn't come off it. Also, if we don't see Eetu off the bench in a game like that when we are 3-0 up...when are we going to see him. The positives....Ambrose was good at the back. MOH brilliant going forward, particularly in the first half. Good touches from Crawford and Kane took his goals well, particularly the first. More care in that Middleton pass late on and he might have had the hat trick. Dundee were really, really poor.
  3. Thought we were pretty lucky last night, particularly in the first half. A better side would have taken at least one of the chances. Ambrose played well, although I must admit I get a bit of the 'fear' whenever someone gives him the ball and I keep expecting an Efe moment. Suprised we didn't see Eetu, seems Callum is doing the same as he did with Guy. Cracking finish from Crawford to make sure. Once we had the opener, I didn't see Dundee getting back into it.
  4. I see from that that Tristan Nydam was released by Ipswich. He was expected to be one of the great prospects down south at one point. Injuries since he left us have obviously taken their toll on his development. Thought he was a tidy wee player in his short time here. We probably have too many midfielders now, but he would fit our profile you would think.
  5. Can't fault the effort and the cobbled together back three played well in the circumstances. Need to see it again, but thought the gers keeper should have been sent off in the first half and whoever, knocked Craig down after the pen should have as well. Not much you could do with Tavenier's shot...can't blame the keeper imo, it dipped to take it in....that said, he was given an awful lot of space to take the shot on. Rangers were poor, playing far to slowly, picked it up in the second half. Crawford's chance really should have been put away.
  6. Sensible to get someone in with experience, especially if Gordon's out. Having to rely on young lads for two of the back three full time would be too much probably. Also means we don't have to rush Gordon back. Wonder how fit he is?
  7. It's an interesting one. I assumed he was talking about add ons in terms of Mccann plays x amount of games £y. Preston get promoted (yes I know, unlikely!) £y. But re-reading Brown's statement and CD's comments in the paper..."“The offer was a good one, when you take into account the sell-on and everything else..." Guess its what is "everything else". Also, going by CD comments, it suggested that there was a sell on with both, not just AM. “The deals wouldn’t have gone through if it hadn’t been for the sell-ons,” he pointed out." I seem to remember Brown being a little cheesed off when May was sold by Wednesday and we didn't get as much as we might of due to how they structured the deal...hopefully he learned from that.
  8. Interesting we haven't heard anything from CD at all about either move. The reading of the statement suggests AM's agent had discussions with Preston prior to any offer being accepted, otherwise how did he know that there was the opportunity to move on and that there was a financially appealing offer there for him. Sounds like agents doing what agents do. I may be reading too much into this, but I saw quite a few messages from players saying goodbye to Kerr...not so many for McCann...but I may have just missed them. The bit that still 'annoys' me slightly is that from that statement we knew Kerr was going from 4-5 in the a/noon. A little after knew the likelyhood that McCann was going as well, yet we didn't bring in anyone to strength the squad other than on a loan basis. Not sure we can say that we didn't have enough time to do anything else other than the loans that came in.
  9. Can't say I am 'happy' with the upfront fee reported, but glad the club (and Brown himself rather than anyone else) have come out and given some reasoning behind it. A couple of bits you wonder about though. No doubt the Preston package for Ali is a much bigger one than he was on. But a "potentially a once in a lifetime opportunity" ? Not so sure....I suppose that could be true had he stayed and suffered a huge injury while with us. Otherwise, quite sure he would have gone to get the same deal within a year or two anyway. That said, I can understand that the club need to show potential players that we are not going to stand in the way of them moving to bigger and better things. That should make us more appealing to the McCann's of the future. The money being re-invested in the "football dept" doesn't necessarily mean we are going to spend big bucks in January, but I suppose we can't have everything and at least its not going on the car park.
  10. Don't disagree at all, but I think that's how we played the Brown loan last season. At first all that was mentioned was the loan to replace McN...then as time went on it became clear Millwall weren't renewing his contract.
  11. This is going to sound like I am sticking up for Steve...but some of that doesn't look right. May left for £800k because his agent made clear he wouldn't sign the deal on the table at the time. Robertson was brought in as Brown felt he didn't have the time to run the club and the family business. The 'discussions' for May's return were handled by Vine as his agent....that should be enough to explain that situation! Not sure Wallace should have been kept on...first time I've heard that explaination of his leaving (not saying its not true!). Wright wasn't sacked. We were always going to have players leave for nothing at the end of the season whether we kept McCann and Kerr.
  12. How realistic it is, I don't know, but from what I could see on google, Dendoncker is on a contract to 2022 same with McPherson, so perhaps these are more long term than we expect. I assume we can still make free transfers, so there might (only might) be something there. I'd say where's Guy, but by the time we get a work permit for him and get him match fit, we would be into the turn of the year!
  13. Can you just imagine the fall out if we don't get the work permit!
  14. I can understand these loans if the players involved are in effect up for sale and we in effect have them on trial until their contracts end, or we make some sort of nominal offer for them. Not sure that is the case with the likes of Dendonker, Muller and Devine. Having started the season thinking we are one decent striker away from being a very good side, now I'm afraid we are in a difficult position trying to bed in a lot of short term fixes and can only hope they will be well drilled in the break or the Rangers game could be quite painful to watch.
  15. I'm still trying to get my head around the McCann fee. Its almost like we have settled on Kerr's one year left on his contract being worth £600k, therefore, McCann's two years must be worth twice that. I can only imagine that whatever McCann's agent said to the club, the club were left with the impression that over the next couple of years we would get nothing better for him. Those add on's better be good! While I am disappointed with the fee for McCann, its the complete lack of planning replacements that sticks in the throat. Its not as if we needed to wait until the money came in from both in order to do some transfers of our own. So saying that they left the building too late to do anything other than loans doesn't wash with me. It will be interesting to see if the club acknowledge the discontent over this. I am glad there is no game for a wee while and this season looks like a long, long this to a few weeks ago!