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  1. Dreadful game. At least it shows we can win ugly.
  2. When playing Celtic you have to take your chances....we didn't. Very good performance though. Credit to Tanser, he can't defend and seemed to have been told not to dive in on Forrest, but coped better than I would have expected. Butcher continues to look good on the ball although not all that mobile....may be as he gets more games that will come.
  3. Thought we really gave them too much 'respect', particularly late in the first half, early second. Feared the worst when Kamberi scored his goal (which was a cracker). Fair play to the team getting back to 2-2. Earlier in the season we would have folded at 1-2. A couple of negatives....Wotherspoon & Wright were poor in the second half and their inability to pass the ball almost cost us. Clark was a bomb scare in the first half when the ball came in from the wings...he is really lacking confidence from crosses. Other than that side of his game he had a couple of really good saves. Hendry and a more confident May look good for the rest of the season.
  4. They cancelled it 'cos of the cancellations. Just the Hearts commentary.
  5. Nothing quite like a last minute winner. Well deserved, Motherwell offered very little. Not going to bash Clark too much....plenty of others have made mistakes this year and his didn't end up costing us (luckily). Butcher looked very good on the ball as well.
  6. Really entertaining game...even with the goal at the end. First half I feared we would really struggle with Naismith running things and Boyce looking dangerous. Second half completely different as we didn't give them time to settle and really took the game by the throat. As much as I am not a Kane fan, he really did a lot of 'donkey' work that allowed others to play. Unlucky not to score in the second half, although he really should have scored in the first. McCann once again was outstanding...pity he didn't score the second chance he had....but he is the first pick in that midfield area. Credit to Craig as well in the second. No passengers and as Random says play like the performance in the second half and we will be well away from the bottom spots.
  7. Well deserved win....dodgy pen. Kane & May don't look like a partnership at all, playing far to far away from each other. McCann once again was very impressive.
  8. Sad to see Kennedy leave but £70k ish for the last six months of his contract seems decent. Yes he was the major attacking threat this season, it just means the likes of MOH has to step up and contribute as he has done in the past. Same with Swanson, assuming he's not out the door....although I would think it would take him a bit of time to get up to 'fitness' (he never was the fittest). On me that reads as a blast at the new CEO (or whatever her title is) basically putting the pressure on to get something over the line. With Callachan's & Kennedy's wages saved and the fee for Kennedy there should be room to bring in someone....unless they are holding back to do business in the summer, which is a dangerous move given the state of our defence. Best we can expect I think is the likes of McCart coming early for a nominal fee from Caley.
  9. Wouldn't say that was a particularly good performance, but they got the job done. Booth's goal was a cracker, but seemed to make us too relaxed in the first half. Second goal killed the game as a contest.
  10. Dont have much of a problem with Kennedy going to Aberdeen and getting more dosh etc. Can't see us letting him go at this time of the season as I very much doubt Aberdeen would offer us much cash/players to get the deal done. As for Hearts, we would be mad to let him go there before the end of the season, regardless of what they may offer. Why would we strengthen a relegation rival by allowing them to take our most in-form player and potentially giving us one their worst performing players. Hearts will probably get themselves out of the hole they are in, but we don't need to be helping them. Not against us going for Berra. Not as a first team player, but perhaps someone who can fill a spot for injury/suspension and potentially some sort of coaching role so that the likes of Duffy and Tanser learn to defend properly. Ralston comes into that bracket as well, but I don't see him being here long-term.
  11. Only positive in a poor game was that the defending was much, much better than we have been used to in the past few months. I was sitting there wondering just what we are trying to do with Drey. Last season he looked like he had the full back on toast almost every game until his injury. This season he seems to be too deep, perhaps protecting Ralston somewhat, or he gets the ball wide and then tries to go inside with it....and invariably then runs into traffic and loses it. We need to get back to playing him high and wide like last season if he is going to have any impact.
  12. Wright deserves the opportunity to sort this out. Whether he can or not is the question. It is plain to see that our back four cannot defend, but we have known that for some time and they don't seem to be getting any better. We have at least two coaches who were defenders (Cleland & Maybury) but nobody seems to be able to get them to do the basics. How many times will the likes of Ralston & Tanser simply allow crosses into the box and when they come in, we are just far to passive, Tanser in particular). We are going to get some amount of 'doings' before the end of the transfer window....we can only hope those around us also lose and we are still within catching distance of them when the window does end.
  13. Thought we were ok up their goal...then utter dog shit until Wright put two up front (some credit for that). After the goal, thought we might go on and create a couple of chances and Aberdeen weren't really that much of a threat. Davidson's looked a red to me when it happened and Hendry's was just stupid...although, I thought there should have been a foul for us just before it. Once we were down to 9 I didn't see us holding out given the defending we have seen this season....but credit to the team. Some good saves from Clark as well. Hopefully, that gives them a little bit of confidence....but Wright, if you are going to play May upfront....please give him a partner...he was completely isolated until the change in the second half.
  14. Pretty poor game, but great win. Ref was shocking. Fair play to the back four, they have taken a lot of flak in the last few weeks, but they dealt with the Hearts 'threat' (I use that word loosely). Particularly Duffy, who coped very well when the big lad tried to over power him.
  15. Really well deserved win. Had we had to settle for a point, you wonder what it would have done for morale. But scoring that goal in the closing minutes and being able to come back from being a goal down should really boost morale. McCann was very good in midfield along with Davidson snapping into tackles. The defence is still a source of worry though....we need a defensively minded coach in the door for a few months to really drill that back four into defending properly. Credit to Wright for the sub at 2-2 as well.