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  1. Fair play to the manager....what the feck do I know. Goals in the second half came at the perfect time. Rooney outstanding. Rode our luck in the first half, but after the first goal Hibs never really rallied that much.
  2. With the best will in the world, there is no way we get that lucky again in the second half. Will we change it ? Doubt it.
  3. Not pretty, but a vital three points with the other results. Thought the second yellow for the St Mirren player was a bit of a few strange decisions from the ref (Davidson's booking?!). We did make heavy weather of their 10 men, although they didn't really have a chance of note.
  4. We are hard to watch. Defence punting the ball up field to where there is no saints player for miles. Kane working hard....front two with very little to work with. Even McCann hasn't been his usual self. Rooney looks like he has that side if he'd get the ball in more forward areas. Hopefully pick up in the second half.
  5. Surely that can't be right what Kris Boyd is saying.....Duffy left the Celtic bubble and up to today Celtic were saying he wouldn't be available as he left the he is in the starting line up? Madness.
  6. A couple of ex players in the Bonnyrigg side against Dundee. George Hunter & Neil Martyniuk. & Scott Gray appartently.
  7. McNamara starts for Millwall away to Boreham Wood.
  8. When I saw the side last night, I thought we were looking towards the more winable games and letting this one go. Rangers didn't look particuarly great, but then they didn't need to be. Two up and they went through the motions with the game pretty much done. Certainly was at three. I get the impression that we no longer go at these games and just try to avoid a doing. Really important run of games to the back of January now. Asides from Aberdeen, all teams around and about us. Got to get points on board in these, particularly if Hughes starts to get County picking up points.
  9. Danny definitely has potential, but is a long way from the finished article, so a little surprised Millwall are wanting him back...thought he would have benefited more from the full season up here. Rooney's position now though, not entirely convinced by his defending out wide, but he is a willing runner and hopefully he plays well so we don't miss Danny that much. You would imagine if the other lad comes in, its to make sure we don't get caught out with a lack of numbers in that position, so Millwall saying Danny's coming back, but we don't want to leave you out to dry.
  10. Kerr's sending off is a stonewaller and he has to take a fair amount of the criticism for defeat. Not sure I see Clark as being the main problem in the goals. Seems more like more really poor decision making from the defence. You could see from McNamara's response to Obika's goal that he knew he had lost his man.
  11. Ok...trying to think of positives....Rooney took his goal well....May, Hendry and to some extent Conway provided a wee spark in the latter part of the second half and the first bit of extra time. Zander saved well in the pens....don't remember him saving many normally. That's it....well other than we are through. I sometimes wonder if I am sitting through a different game to the management many poor passes and poor crosses. Often when there was a decent cross there was no one in the box to take advantage. Rooney took his goal well....but defensively....toasted on quite a few occasions. While the front lads had very little to work with, I take it Guy is just there to make up the numbers and having seen him in the flesh Callum just doesn't rate him.