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  1. St Johnstone: Zlamal, Kerr, McCart, Booth, Brown, Rooney, Gilmour, Bryson, Conway, Kane, Middleton Substitutes: Wills, Wotherspoon, Melamed, Ferguson, Robertson From the BBC Not exactly many on the bench....injuries, or just making sure we have the proper side out vs Livi?
  2. Tanser is on his way is he not? Would expect Gilmour to be given a short term deal, CD had said he would try to give him game time, but that is going to be difficult since there is something on all our games to the end of the season. Davidson will be offered something...not sure about Conway, read at the w/end that he hadn't begun discussions yet. Brown reminds me of Clive Smith a few years back...was in effect on trial through a period...wouldn't entirely surprise me if he was signed as a cheap back up to Rooney. There will be deals for the others, but its down to how much they are worth...Kane certainly has an arguement for having a wage of a first team starter nowadays...not sure he would of been in that bracket before. MOH almost the opposite. Melamed....yesterday showed both sides of him. Willing to take on the quick shot around the box a few times early on and on another day one of them goes through the ruck of players. Also had the shot over the bar he should have done better with....then largely disappeared and became a little bit of a passenger. I suppose a bit of this will come down to how much of a difference the top five (hopefully) and at least a runners up spot makes in prize money. Winning the cup is a 'game changer' to some extent...but does the top 5 and runner up money just makes up for some of the shortfall of money coming through the door this season.
  3. Well that got a little more nervous than it needed to be..... Great result, great times.
  4. Hmmm....St Mirren haven't been up to much but really should be in the lead. We will need to lift it as I would expect them to be better in the second half. McCann has been most unmcann like with quite a few wayward passes. If only Kane has some composure. All to play for.
  5. Going to be interesting to see how much game time Guy gets in the run in. CD seems to revert back to his one up top in the games that might be more will Guy get enough starts after the split to convince him to stay? Not so sure. The top six should mean we can make reasonable renewal offers to those we want to stay. Though, I wonder how much of the large prize money pot goes on the bonuses for getting there.
  6. Never in any real danger of conceding....but haven't taken the half chances that have been there. Doesn't mean as much given the other score....but it would be a kick in the teeth if Accies come back into their game and we don't take care of this one.
  7. Tanser has improved, but he just can't defend. Would have liked to have kept him in the squad, but there is no way I would be breaking the bank to keep him. So if he's after more money then good luck to him. Might see him in league one in England next year...hope he gets the pay day he's after as he's taking a would imagine his agent has a fair idea of what's on offer in England and I imagine its nearer the family.
  8. Never mind the performance. Result was the vital thing, which we manage to squeeze. Still going to be tough to take that top six place, but given where we were at points of the season can't grumble that much.
  9. Lots of wee niggles. Mainly from Hibs. We score our chance, they put theirs wide....more of the same in the second half please.
  10. Guy is just a 'victim' of the formation. The one up front doesn't suit his style and Kane offers more in holding the ball up etc. When we go to a two, then Guy's in. I'm pretty sure CD confirmed that in the past few days. I would like him to stay, but realistically, I'd be very surprised if we got him longer than this season, maybe next, given he hasn't played all that much for another team in the UK to take that chance on him. Everytime I see May I feel quite sorry for him. The type of player he was the first time he was with us looks like it has been coached out of him. While he was down south, someone thought it was a good idea to make him the link up player and that has taken so much away from what he used to be. Worth having in the team/squad but not where he is the largest wage earner (assuming he is). Going to be interesting when his contract is up for renewal. Still think there is a player there with Hendry as well. His confidence is shot though, so a change of scenery makes sense. When he comes back (if) he will need to tone down the niggles and petulance though.
  11. Not done a lot wrong and find ourselves a goal down. Cracking goal for Accies...keeper a wee bit unsighted and perhaps the injury not helping him....not sure he would have got to it anyway. Cafu quiet....Melamed looks quite dangerous in the box...not so much outside of it.
  12. The people on the social media etc really deserve credit for the amount we are seeing over the past week and a bit. I thought they started it a wee bit early before the Motherwell game, but it really has been of really good content.
  13. Man that was a shit game of hoofball....but who cares! Thought we might have made a sub or two more, but can understand Callum didn't want to take a risk with a player who might not be up to speed with the game.