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  1. An afternoon of frustration. Games like that we should be winning comfortably. Lack of making the right decision at critical times as some pretty poor crossing.
  2. Pretty comfortable so far despite a little ropey early on. Decision making is such a big thing (to state the obvious). We get into decent positions but its that final pass letting us down. Hopefully bang at it from the go in the second half.
  3. MrBored


    While I agree he hasn't been as good last season, I don't see him as being a bombscare. Yes there were a few goals last season where he didn't cover himself in glory but then for quite a bit of last season he had a pretty hopeless defence in front of him. That would affect any keepers confidence etc. I have no problem with him being no 1. Does seem nowadays that we are quick to have a go at the players....Conway was shite...had a good couple of games and now he's ok. May was finished at this he's back scoring all is good. Tanser was he's good in a back five type its Clark's turn....just the way it seems to me.
  4. 2-1 makes it sound close and reading a couple of reports this morning would suggest it was close...but I don't think it really was. First half, ok there were very few chances, but I thought we were comfortable and they didn't threaten too much. We created a good few chances in the second half and they only really had one other chance, other than the goal that I can think of. Like I say, I thought it was a pretty comfortable performance against a side that I expected to be much more of a threat.
  5. Much much better in the second half (well in the first part of it anyway). I counted five good chances before Kane put away the second, which was good combination between the front two. The game was much closer than it should have been. Tanser again not tackling properly and Parish not covering himself in glory with the shot. Looked quite tame, but he was wrong footed by it. Still, kind of shot I would expect a keeper to save. Not sure Kelty will prove to be much opposition to United, like us, they should be quite comfortable against them.
  6. The positives....we are winning....they havent really threatened.....Rooney is a willing runner. The negatives....Rooney can't pass, cross or head the ball properly. Other than the goal we haven't threatened that much. Until the goal our headers at corners were laughable. Our 'positive' passing has been woeful. Its ok passing around the back and midfield when they are passing it back to the defenders or Parish, but pretty shocking when trying to make an attacking pass. Kane and Hendry have been very quiet...can't work out if its 'cos the service has been poor, or they simply aren't showing enough to give the other players an option.
  7. Tonight has 'banana skin' written all over it. Easton & Scobbie would have a point to prove you would think. Going to be interesting to see how our front players do with the new guy coming on board in the coming weeks. The likes of May & Hendry have to start scoring...otherwise they could well find themselves benched for a fairly lengthy spell. The Edouard thing is interesting...I assume he was tested Monday, getting the results Tuesday, which you would think makes him a covid risk on the Sunday game just past....Davidson will be praying that our tests don't show anything nasty, our squad is depleted as it is. Wonder if Celtic have any others...would be amusing if they had to forfeit the old firm game...not going to happen obviously, but still.
  8. MrBored


    Was he no banned from football by fifa due to some dodgy contract?
  9. Interesting that we let Duffy go. Partly it must be financial to get the new striker in, but then could leave us short if there is an injury to any of the back three. I suppose the manager feels its worth the gamble and at a push Rooney or Booth could play there (not that you would want them to). Maybe there is a youth defender or two who could step up if really called for. If the Israeli 'guy' comes in, take we won't see him for a couple of weeks due to self isolating etc... unless he's been in Steve Brown's shed for the past couple of weeks already.
  10. I haven't been impressed, but you have to give the man time. I suspect part of the issue is the players having difficultly getting used to the new situation at the club with new manager, new tactics etc. Wright always said we were a 'streaky' side going on poor runs and then turning it around, sometimes when we least expect it. Personally, I don't think we are going to turn the corner any time soon and I doubt we will get anyone else in, unless it is a very cheap loan....but in the circumstances, despite the cash in the bank, I can't blame the club for being cautious (or more cautious).
  11. LINE-UPS from McDiarmid Park St Johnstone v Ross County (15:00) St Johnstone: Parish, McNamara, Kerr, Gordon, McCart, Tanser, McCann, Wotherspoon, Craig, Hendry, May. Substitutes: O'Halloran, Davidson, Kane, Robertson, Rooney, Clark, Olaofe, Conway. Ross County: Laidlaw, Randall, Donaldson, Iavacovitti, Reid, Tillson, Paton, Vigurs, Gardyne, Stewart, Shaw. Substitutes: Tremarco, Morris, Mullin, Watson, Charles-Cook, Kelly, Wright, MacKinnon, Doohan. From the BBC
  12. Part of me sees the logic in this with the covid situation on going, the club won't want to offer out multi year contracts and will want to keep the wages down. So we aren't going to be able to get the players from down South who may be out of contract etc. The other side of me looks at the likes of Conway and this signing and thinks it is very much like the Clark era (Falconer etc) and we know how that ended. Hopefully everyone remains fit and it won't be much of an issue....if we get a few covid cases though...then the squad is going to look pretty horrible.
  13. Can't help but think they will pick and choose which games to postpone. Ridiculous that St Mirren were going to be forced to play regardless and Celtic have their games postponed because of one player breaking restrictions. Like you say, this happens just before an old firm game and all the club's keepers have to isolate...the game will be postponed.
  14. From a Callum Davidson point of view, I would have thought he'd be generally quite happy with the tactics and formation. Plenty possession, not that many goals conceded and chances if his strikers would only take their chances. Personally, not a great fan of the formation so far, but the chances have been there just not taken. You would imagine Hendry's starting place must be under threat, not really looked like scoring so far. If your striker isn't scoring then someone else should get the chance. May on from the start for me, with Hendry coming on as defenders get tired. Just watched the highlights, can't complain too much about their goal...good hit. Not sure we would have scored if we were still playing now.
  15. Maybe that is Craig's way of making sure we change the formation in the next game....