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  1. John Connolly was the best Saints player I have ever seen in . Agreed he didn't do well as a manager. But not a legend ? Give us a break!
  2. Was thinking back to the 2-1 victory with 10 men against the Arabs earlier this season. That side showed incredible fight and determination to win. Largely the same players last night and all that fight has evaporated ! Tommy needs to sort it out and fast.
  3. Massive summer coming up. It's a season too far for too many players.Tommy has to get his summer signings right !
  4. Radio Scotland have reported that Sevco have made 6 figure offers. Failed to mention it was a low end 6 figure offer. Poor stuff !
  5. Overall thought it was a pretty decent performance.Thought Mclean has a good game but for obvious reasons he doesn't get my vote. Muzz gets it for his usual hard work and commitment to the cause. Hearts have gone backwards since first game of the season. Totally negative!
  6. There is no logic in TW going to Utd. The best he could do at Utd is match what he has achieved with us. He would inherit a poor team with a large risk that his reputation could be destroyed. I for one see no reason to worry!
  7. Great team performance.but Cummins gets the vote for his work rate. When we signed him my first reaction was a stop gap signing who might chip in with the occasional goal. Very glad to say I was so wrong !
  8. Great tactics from Tommy. Great goals and excellent defending. BBC commentary was shocking! So bias!!!!!!!!!
  9. Proper no nonsense centre half. None of that fancy coloured boots nonsense for Fraser.
  10. Told by a Sellick season ticket holder that his biggest attribute is his tackling.
  11. Can't comment on Scott Brown in Armenia but I have been disappointed that he hasn't kicked on from beginning of last season where he looked very promising. As for Liam Caddis I have to agree.
  12. Poor for 70mins. Sutton totally isolated. He won a ton of headers but nobody to support him. He clearly isn't a lone striker as he doesn't look to hold the ball up. In the first half we were dire done the RHS. Spoony kept drifting infield and Shaughnessy looked poor.He needs to show more than a long throw in. The substitutions changed the game. Liam playing wide left with Easton looked a real threat and O'Halloran playing down the right was electric. Maclean and Cummings brought an urgency which had been missing. I'm sure Tommy will have learned from the game. Please don't play Sutton as a lone striker again Tommy !
  13. Agreed. What he said was ill advised but hardly a hanging offence.
  14. Wee feeling Muzz might make it Mannus Shaughnessy, Wright, McKay, Easton Spoony,Muzz, Craig, MOH Sutton, Kane
  15. I thought we were controlling the game until Millar had to go off. Thought Liam was decent and showed loads of determination. Sutton will score given the service but another wide player would be nice. Overall saw enough to suggest we will have a decent season.
  16. Yes he's excellent but difficult for me to say he is the best. Ormond built a team that played exciting attacking football. I reckon the 2 are equally good.
  17. Well done Tommy and the lads.Fourth in the league is a great achievement for our "wee" team !
  18. Agree with your favourite. However I remember Alec Gordon as a pretty classy defender.
  19. With the recent history in the east end of Glasgow would it not be appropriate to remove the Jock Stein statue from it's plinth and replace it with Tommy Wright ? Seems pretty reasonable to me ?
  20. Thought we played pretty well Difference between this and last season is obvious in my opinion. Stevie May.
  21. Really pleased Muzz has 2 years. I trust Tommy will have consulted with the medical staff before making the decision. With the stability this gives Muzz I expect him to get his form of 2 years ago back.
  22. Agreed. He really split opinion. Loads of pace and no little skill but pretty inconsistent. One of my favourites.