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  1. There will only be one winner in this and we all know who it will be. They are the culture, their arrogance is second to none, they run Scotland and Scottish football. They only abide to rules that suit themselves and, are ably supported by a compliant media. Nobody can, nor will, do anything about it. Time to move on.
  2. Not by too much though, the bookies will be well aware that Saints are going for the treble this season.
  3. 1) Here's me thinking they were already partners. 2) Hardly likely, I'm sure Sevco didn't think to inform any higher (ha ha) authority before they announced their intentions. It would have made no difference the SFA/SPFL are toothless as far as being able to restrain the loose cannon at Ibrox.
  4. Aye, the stars seem to be aligned in their favour. Four games at Wembley. Navigate through a fairly mediocre group stage in which they were only required to score two goals in the three matches. Despatch a poor (by their standards) German side in one of the most boring matches of the tournament so far. One of the few teams that have avoided energy sapping extra time. Should be well up for the next match. In the later match last night, of the two teams, the one that would have probably presented them with some problems in their quarter final would, IMHO, have been Sweden. Forsberg was on fire and, apart from his goal, had a further two shots that hit the woodwork. Like most other folk I cannot see Ukraine giving them too much trouble. Now expect Harry Kane to become top scorer in the tournament now that he's hit form!
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    Some decent play there at times but a couple of passengers. A pity about Teirney's injury. A twenty three year wait but clearly the script hasn't changed. The traditional shot-to-the-foot howler emerges in the first match.
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    We've seen it all too many times before. Too many cheap corners given away for their first. Then that incredible mistake just make sure. What worries me is, the Czechs are no great shakes compared with the others in this group.
  7. Is it common practise for the Manager of Year to be announced before the last match of the season has been played. If so, it needs to be changed.
  8. I saw an item on, I think it was BBC's Football Focus, a few months ago but wasn't paying too much attention. It concerned the ownership of the land/estate where the stadium is situated. Also the strange situation whereby the club is owned by Season ticket holders during the season but owned by no one for two months during closed season. All a bit strange but here is a link to an article which may help. You may already have seen it.
  9. Ah, if only the rules had been applied in 2012 eh.
  10. Indicator

    Scottish Cup

    Was probably on the cards until somebody went and knocked the Ibrox club out.
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    But his bestest ever performance just happens to have come against a club that plays out of Ibrox.
  12. Well there ye go, I have to take it back but it was the least he could do. Had it been officiated competantly we would've probably won that.
  13. That would have been the first penalty awarded against them in the league so far this season. It would also have been the first one of their players to be awarded a red card during a live game. Rather than retrospectively. No ref wants to be the one to potentially cost them both those records in one match.
  14. Well it looks like 'thingmybob' might not be fit enough to play this evening. Apparently the SFA couldn't come to any decision on the Ibrox-5 yesterday and discussions are ongoing. "The Ibrox club are being MADE TO WAIT for a ruling"'. Which means yer man Patterson is still available for tonight, how convenient.
  15. There is no way that St Johnstone will be allowed to bring their 'invincibles' league run to an end. Mark my words.
  16. They're only miffed because their club (Sevco - Team Sky) hasn't been asked to participate.