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    It's ok, it's ok. Maxwell says... "We have received categorical assurance that the match goes ahead," (They've been telt) What about the risks, have the SFA not got minds of their own? I'm sure the Scottish players will be deeelightit.
  2. Allow me to fill in. That's us on a run and... Aach!! an International break... already?
  3. ...and just before the pen. Billy Dodds. "I can understand why there has been no goals so far with St Johnstone's back three. They have been absolutely solid"
  4. Now they're getting nearer the mark. Ridiculously underpriced at only 10m. Don't they know Sevco need the money.
  5. 'SKY SPORTS' Sponsors of 'Team SEVCO' Neither of the above do 'respect' when it comes to the other 41 clubs.
  6. ..."Sevco, they really know how to talk up their signings". ..." from reading some of their stuff you'd think they'd just signed a megastar". They can get away with it though, nobody in the media (Scotland) dare ask questions nor carry out forensic analysis on any Ibrox statement. To do so appears to be a quick route to being deemed surplus to requirements. (Jim Spence, Michael Stewart).
  7. Rather surprisingly Stendel accepted the situation quite well. Maybe he was just pleased to extricate himself from the mess that Scottish football currently finds itself in. Stendel tweeted on 23 June as follows:- Due to Covid-19 and the decision of the SPFL to end the league and send Hearts to the Championship my contract at Hearts is not valid anymore. Although my stay at this wonderful club was rather short (and much shorter than expected) I really appreciated working for that club. "I was working trustfully together with the board, enjoyed that city and the enthusiastic supporters and sportive-wise we were on the right track also. Unfortunately we couldn't follow up and continue our path together. "I wish this great club, all their employees and fans all the best for the future, hopefully you can promote shortly again and we will see each other again one day at Tynecastle. Stay safe and healthy everyone, Daniel
  8. Belay my last... It appears the SFA had prior knowledge. European football's governing body is set to relax Financial Fair Play regulations UEFA has extended the deadline for 'undue payables' from March 31 to April 30 Principle of 'force majeure', meaning greater force, will be taken into account.
  9. You would think that, at the very least, someone would raise a question regarding where all this money is coming from. It's all very well an unnamed entity at the club releasing a statement saying that it is being covered by existing investors but... no details. Concerns have also been raised in some quarters that no Ibrox interim financial statement has been released publicly this year. Such a statement needs to meet UEFA FFP criteria in order that a club receives a licence to participate in their competitions. Sadly it appears that UEFA do not actually view these statements. It is left up to the club's home association to assess whether a club meets the required criteria. Does anyone really think that the SFA would have the nerve to deny them participation even if FFP hasn't been met. Just after the 2012 fiasco the SFA stated that lessons had been learned and they would shortly be publishing the accounts of all clubs on their website in order to dispel such suspicion and to provide transparency. Eight years on and the suspicion of sleight of hand concerning one particular club continues.
  10. I think he's thinking.... how can they keep getting away with it. And the SFA will still pass them FFP compliant to play in Europa League.
  11. About the same number as attend now, to be honest.
  12. You could be right, it seems to be 'Statement o'clock' again. Here is the ending of the communique. "...A management culture which not only fears accountability and scrutiny, but which actively campaigns against it, is unhealthy and breeds continued mistrust. This culture, so deeply embedded, must be addressed if Scottish football is to flourish. It is clear that many members have lost confidence in the SPFL leadership and the need for change will not diminish. The status quo cannot hold". They're going down and intend to take Scottish football with them.
  13. Was thinking much the same a few weeks back but didn't post as I was sure somebody would have mentioned it and I'd missed it. Thought we were coming on a game, just before the shut down, after having had a torrid start to the season. Some really positive performances and confidence growing within the squad. Shame if it all now fails to come to fruition but... if the club (and each and everyone of us) survives this, then we will have a lot to be thankful for.
  14. Is that you talking to yourself there Cagey. Is it... that you can withdraw a 'No' vote, and change it or abstain, but if you've submitted a 'Yes' - that's final ? A formula for chaos until the end of the month just when clubs are looking for some clear strategy going forward.
  15. Statement O'clock - Ibrox A bullish statement in which they state that they won't stand for any tampering with rules or governance of the game. Delivered in their usual robust obnoxious fashion, in the interests of all clubs TRFC. In my view they are basically saying that they won't accept anything that doesn't alleviate their own precarious situation.
  16. Oh the Football authorities (the clubs) are aware allright. They just don't care. They don't have to, the only people that can hold them to account are the fans, and, they are not walking away anytime soon.
  17. Sorry... are you referring to Sixties or Dr Coleman?
  18. Outstanding statement from Nairn. I reckon Saints could comment along similar lines given the above figures (if accurate) and, the clubs historic policy of generally following the FFP path over the years. There's one club in particular could be in trouble in the not too distant future.
  19. The statements coming out of Ibrox today are unbelievable, and I am not referring to the ones about them appointing a Belfast (DUP) councillor man high in the Orange Order to replace JT as PR man. Sorry.... I mean communications officer.
  20. Scottish football is facing a call to declare the current campaign null and void due to the coronavirus outbreak. According to the Press Association at least one Scottish Premiership club is ready to demand SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster cancels the season if it cannot be completed, after all football in Scotland was postponed on Friday "until further notice".
  21. Yes, Kudos to BBC for not going down the OF line for once. Only have 'focus' on in the background nowadays, couldn't believe it when they said "and later we're at McDiarmid park for an interview with the St Johnstone manager". Conducted in a relaxed, jovial manner - really good.
  22. Indicator

    Wage Bill

    Sorry - forgot the sarcasm emoji's. Have now read the article, talk about bringing fans back down to earth. The opponents today have run at a loss since their inception in 2012, have never broke even, are bringing in players they cannot afford and are facing litigation that is likely to see them having to find millions in the near future to simply avoid entering administration. Saints by his own admission have never operated outside FFP constraints and indeed still have financial reserves. No need (imo) for that comment today a slap in the face for the manager and players. Surely he wasn't disappointed with the result.
  23. Indicator

    Wage Bill

    Without having read the article, I assume the club he is talking about is Sevco. At least he/they held the announcement until after the match.