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    so there's no problem then i guess
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    kinda tough when you say you don't believe they are genuine, but then say you would take them in if you thought they were, perhaps the folk who are dealing with them have checked and know what they are.i don't think anybody is trying to push their beliefs on us, it's their right to follow their own beliefs
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    I think most of us have been immigrants at some time
  4. Zebra finance sent out some paperwork in an envelope marked 'A message from your dentist' Just thought i'd post this in case anybody is waiting for them
  5. To argue a Scottish vote does not count is IMO quite bizarreā€¦.once again if we follow the logic of this position; votes only count if they are the decisive in the election? So unless your vote was part of the decisive swing it is irrelevant? Looked at in the round this is Quite absurd! Good tell that to the labour party
  6. If the guy is that convinced he will win his appeal he should have the sense not to seek a new club until then.
  7. doesn't matter what the site is you just check if she actually said it, that said the fact she asks Nicola the 3 things she simply must do, when we have no contol over them says to me shes just sniping for snipings sake
  8. 4 way split? labour Lib dems Conservative and UKIP even more important to not vote for the branch office
  9. not sure if the handbrake would stop it(you can move off in your car with the handbrake on) depends on the size of the driver if you could get to the controls. if the drivers foots on the pedal and its getting faster i don't know what moving the wheel would have done. could have made it worse or maybe it did
  10. the results of scotland voting will not make much difference to the results of next years election. Here a link, theres lots of tables around on the net to demonstrate it but i can't work out how to put the pic in here. http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2013/11/why-scottish-independence-wouldnt-mean-permanent-majority-tories i think we've only had any effect a couple of times since 1945. i think what you should say vote for Nicola........wake up with whoever wins England and Wales. Nice of you to mention oil prices, really bad that folk are going to lose their jobs. Council tax may well save the rich as well but i don't think i can afford it to rise so its good for me and others who don't get much of a wage rise. Ask you one question you mention the power to vary income tax. if your in charge of Scotland what would you do with it. Leave it as it is or go into an election saying you'd put it up? I don't think i'd vote for you if you said you'd put it up
  11. KD gave a list of things the Scottish Government should deal with, all of which are controlled by Westminster. She's not very good. If you don't have control of how much your budget is you have to spend money on what you think is important
  12. great a manager in the dugout that doesn't want to be there. that's motivation for the players right there
  13. if you are a christian and somebody burns a bible you should really 'turn the other cheek' i don't think that concept is in Islam. probably best to burn neither. with the tension in the air at present burning the Koran is inflmamitory. christians seem to be (in general)a bit more tolerant
  14. i don't think the tax you pay covers the cost of everything you recieve in benefit etc But you pay tax according to your wages its not 'something for nothing' . but we''ll go with your idea and anybody whose job doesn't cover all their housing childminding needs etc should give up working right now
  15. so you'd rather folk like that didn't work at all, if your wages are just going to cover childcare what's the point in working. i think i typed that a while ago. we all get taxed acording to our wages so low wage, low tax and vice versa. If you were taxed to cover costs you wouldn't need a taxsystem cos you pay it out of your wages direct.
  16. here we go again if you can afford it from the wages you'll probably pay for it yourself but if the job you get doesn't cover the cost of childcare you need you won't work
  17. when the child is school age the offer stops, but it should help the parent get a worthwhile job when the kids are young
  18. never the less folk will still have kids, i think free childcare will let both parents have at least some sort of job
  19. no i don't think you are he's saying folk shouldn't have children they can't afford so shouldn't need free childcare to enable them to work, you seem to be saying we shouldn't have children here cos the worlds overpopulated
  20. Most part time jobs wages won't cover the childcare if that's the case whats the point of working if you're just giving it to childminders etc. Children are expensive and i reckon if everybody waited until they could afford it there wouldn't be any
  21. That all very well but i doubt many families can cope if only one is working and the other is looking after the weans all day. with any luck the 30 hours childcare you hate so much will enable a person to work those 30 hours so they can contribute to the country
  22. quick google of panama gdp and it's rising higher than some countries with their own currency suggests to me the problem of no lender of last resort isn't as important as you would like us to believe. fact is an independent scotland would have been fine but even in the UK we'll have to make cuts cos westminster will continue to blame the poor rather than get money form big companies
  23. Lots of countries use other currencies without any problems, Panama for one and several countries use the Euro.
  24. It's up to the westminster parties to provide wining options for their scottish branches. i'm sure because they know what's best for us they will be doozies