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  1. Cancel the above, 2 tickets bought over the phone to be be collected from SLO at the ground :)
  2. just had an email reply from Hibs to say there will be no kiosk for away tickets at the ground on Sunday ☹️ Are they QR code tickets for Hibs ? I’m going to be too late now to get 2 posted out to ma hoose
  3. these guys have followed Saints best they can since the mid 90’s and been to Brockville, Easter Rd, Tynecastle, Tannadice and Ibrox among others. they’re genuine. No amount of echo chamber will change that……
  4. How do you get on the supporters database? I’ve got 6 mates coming up for the weekend from England all hoping to go to the game..
  5. rinky dink

    Stuart Beedie

    He scored a last minute winner against Dundee on a really foggy day at Muirton in the 80's I'm sure I remember the celebrations came with bruises...
  6. Fleur Du Lis tattoo studio in Glasgow mate. Guy was excellent, took about an hour - £90
  7. I suspect this has been done, probably more than once but i don't give a rats ass, I'm full of wine and ready to show off my new ink. Who else has a Saints tattoo??
  8. If you are round about 5ft11 to 6ft1 with a 32-36 inch waist then give me a shout and you can borrow mine.
  9. I think I'm Aberdour's resident Saints fan, most likely I'll be on the 11:16, depends what time I get out ma scratcher.......
  10. what time you getting the train? - I'll be getting on at Aberdour to meet a mate and his laddie who are coming up from Sunderland and getting to Waverley at 12:09........ bar lunch and pints thereafter
  11. ......anyone else want a slice of the massive humble pie I had to make for myself after jumping on the Tommy oot bandwagon ?? I'll never doubt him again and gotta agree in hindsight with some of the pundits who are lauding the board for not blinking when we were going through that horror start. 'mon the Saints.
  12. The young team were outstanding at Ayr last Saturday and from what I saw the whole 90 mins was just good natured and constant backing of the team. Brilliant to see them back again midweek and hopefully they're now back for good. Home games been crying out for an atmosphere......
  13. love it, no been to Somerset in years. Hopefully a big turn out. Farmer armeeeeee!