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  1. Certainly. Maybe a mix of football/Saints songs on speakers pre match. To be honest I don't think many were too fussed for the band. Poor guys never seemed to get much reaction.
  2. I barely noticed the 'yes' tent tbh. Personal view is that politics, religion and football should never be mixed. Unfortunately that ain't gonna happen
  3. Well done to all involved the Tulloch, was a briliant atmosphere before the game
  4. Das Rave

    Scott Brown

    The need for signings now seems less of an issue. I can see Brown being player of the year
  5. Saints usually perform better when I am not confident. Rosenborg both legs, the second semi v Aberdeen, and May 17th. So I am quietly unconfident about tonight!!
  6. Is it just me that's very confused right now??
  7. Meant to finish at 4 on my penultimate day with my present employer. Pretty sure I won't be missed if i sneak away half an hour early. Doing absolutely hee haw anyway!
  8. Paul Sturrock was manager from August 1993 and signed Dodds in January 1994 for £400k
  9. I personally don't have a major problem with the way things are being done. The problem is the way the chairman put it. His whole statement re squad/budget/signings was negative. Had he put it in a more positive manner folk wouldn't be so upset. Yes, it would be nice to sign a player or two, but (and this is how SB should have said it) we have some very good young players ready to come in to the first team squad, so we don't really NEED to sign anyone. Everyone knows our youth set up was neglected, and now needs mone spent on it to bring on the Mays, Kanes etc. Every Scottish club is a selling club, and if we don't regularly produce good young players we will have feck all to sell. If we can't bring through young players this year, when the league is possibly at its weakest, when will we be able to.
  10. Totten, I believe, still has the record for money spent by a Saints manager. Something like £1million in 3 years on tranfer fees. It is all relevant though, this was at a time when it was standard for Scottish clubs to pay 6 figure fees for players Anyway, as interesting as this discussion is, it's got hee haw to do with Steve Brown and his running of the club
  11. Saw somewhere that there wasn't a league sponsor last year either. Does the League Cup have a sponsor? (maybe nowt to do with SPFL) Surely the Chief Exec of the league's remit is to generate revenue from TV deals, sponsorship etc. We all know that the SPFL paid TV companies after the Rangers fiasco, so not only is Doncaster not bringing in money, he is also giving some away.Surely it's time for change. The man is useless, yet somehow bombproof!
  12. We never plan anything for before Cup final Saturday. Unfortunately I didn't expect us to win the Scottish Cup so let another guy at work off. Thus leaving me unable to go to Lucerne. I will be there this week though. Being a Saints fan never involved Europa holidays. This supporting a big team is a nightmare for holidays and the bank balance!!
  13. Das Rave

    York City

    Wouldn't say he cost us either game. He was poor for one oof the United goals. He slipped at the goal kick for the first Aberdeen goal. Surely you can't blame a guy for slipping on a soaking wet pitch. Also folk forget how bad a game Cuptie had that day. I would say he was as much to blame as Banks.
  14. Das Rave

    York City

  15. UEFA rankings are a crock of sh1t! FC Minsk are a fair bit above us!