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  1. You always get the attention seekers that have to be OUTRAGED about absolutely everything but for the sane section of our support that are even countenancing this, give yourselves a shake. The man is 9 games into a managerial career. Unprecedented times with the pandemic, added to working under a structure where money is more of a concern than success. His team have been on the wrong end of some tight swings. Get behind the man and offer him the support that makes his job that bit easier and doesn't pile unnecessary pressure on him and his players. Thankfully, for his faults, Steve Brown won't wet the bed and will give Callum Davidson the time he needs but more importantly, certainly deserves.
  2. That's a bit personal and needless. By all means be constructive but laying into volunteers is pretty poor.
  3. Radford 72

    Gary McGinnis

    He was a record signing at the time, the club's first £100,000 player IIRC. Not sure he ever lived up to that price tag but others will remember better and where he was mainly deployed. He was quite a versatile player from what I recall.
  4. They've already numbered his kit (7) up and he's been here for over a month. The more pertinent question would be why they haven't finalised/announced it. Will also be interesting to see where he fits in. Looking at Transfermarkt over the past few seasons, looks like he'll operate in similar areas to Kennedy as an attacking midfielder, which is reassuring, as to him just being predominantly a left winger.
  5. Completely out of touch I'm afraid. Folk don't work hard all week to then race across to Kilmarnock or Dingwall on a Friday night. A kick in the teeth and a complete lack of appreciation for the loyal fans that follow the team across the country.
  6. Was there a big delay on M8 before the accident? We headed west, over Erskine Bridge, then down Great Western Rd and merged back onto motorway just after Charing Cross tunnel. Only took about 20 mins and, having seen what it's like trying to get away from Ibrox, would maybe just do that again if we were in Paisley when they were at home. Game was rotten and the result a real blow to top six hopes. Healthy away support of 350 on a Wednesday night.
  7. Yeah, this needs addressed. In the statement when they made the decision, they talked about this providing a safer environment but IMO, the opposite is very much true. Folk can take umbrage over giving them three stands but the very real concerns about the safety of the home support are something Kirsten Campbell, Steve Brown and the board NEED to take seriously. Is it not possible to direct all away supporters round the back of the North Stand? Would give the home support time to disperse, plus points many of the them in the direction of the bus park without having the cross the path of the home support. If trouble flares then the club can't say they haven't been warned as I'm sure they'll have had feedback on this.
  8. If we are moving it, why stop at Murrayfield? We played there a couple of years ago. I'd prefer the club showed real ambition that would attract global attention, so maybe Wembley or San Siro? Plenty flights from Edinburgh to London or Milan.
  9. I do often wonder how good the past 7 years could have been for Saints if we'd had a decent manager.
  10. Kennedy's problem is he tries too hard at times. You saw it in injury time when he takes on that shot rather than looking for a pass. He wants to take on responsibility. He can look jaded late in some games as he runs out of steam but that's different from not being interested.
  11. I disagree, although not sure how things would have panned out over the next few years. He steadied the ship at the end of that window by making some proper signings in Irvine, Quinn and Deuchar and by giving Andy Jackson a chance. After failing to win in our first 7 games, we went 7 wins, 3 draws, 1 defeat in the 11 games before he left for Burnley. What you are seeing now with Coyle is he's a yesterday's man, he hasn't moved with the times and 4-4-2 with cakes on a Friday isn't modern management.
  12. A recent midfield pairing of Paul Paton and David Robertson would come into my thoughts. Add in John Henry and it's the stuff of nightmares.
  13. Unnecessarily dismissive and @Linky showed great restraint in his reply BUT have to say, I do totally disagree with the original post, especially about Kane and Ralston. We should be looking to improve on Kane but not simply by replacing a would-be third or fourth choice striker with another player, who my bet wouldn't offer the same value. His performances this year in tough away games where he's tasked with leading the line show what he can bring to the squad. I think Ralston is a liability as well. He should have been red carded in the first 10 minutes on Saturday and it's not the first time he's needlessly tried to smash into an opponent, although it was the worst instance of it. I also think his positioning is suspect and his decision making at both ends of the pitch is poor. Maybe it's a lack of experience.
  14. I thought Liam Craig gave a masterclass in the role at Rugby Park, not sure he made a tackle the whole match but was always in the right position to make an interception or pick up a loose ball. His experience really told and at this stage of his career, it's a job that really suits him. McCann is better than being restricted to that area of the pitch though. I think it'll be disappointing if we see him back there long-term, although not sure how TW fits the three that played on Saturday in otherwise.