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    Transformation in Clark's form since the spring has been remarkable. Everything about his game as well, positioning is great, handling is solid, kicking is better and, the true value of any keeper, he's making big saves that influence games. And obviously he's cut out the mistakes, that were all too frequent. Huge credit to him for turning it around. Short career etc... etc... but he would do very well to remember the loyalty that the last two managers showed him when he wasn't playing well and ask himself if he'd be afforded the same luxury elsewhere. Being a reserve goalkeeper is very different to being a reserve full back or striker, the opportunities to actually play are far more limited. But then a few (or a lot) extra quid week maybe make that palatable. He certainly didn't give off desperate to stay vibes though when we was asked about his situation a few weeks ago. Wants to play at the highest level etc...
  2. Very much so. Other than the Celtic game at the end of last season when we were Covid-ravaged, we have been in every single game under CD. Actually, the worst performance was probably the one game where he started with a back four, away to Livingston, which is what makes me think he's not likely to rush back to that in a hurry. Even the 3-0 defeats to Rangers, we played well but just made bad errors at silly times. As said though, you haven't really come away from a single game under CD thinking we've been massively second best there. The only really disappointing game this season has been United, where he should have made more changes. Other than that, we are playing well and that's what you are looking for at this stage of the season. That points you far more towards where you'll be in May than spawning a few undeserved wins. That's another benefit of being in this league so long, you kind of know how it pans out. First season up we were playing well but not getting results. They came. The first full season under Lonas. Likewise. Then again last season. So much to be pleased with on Saturday but the way the manager got a new defence gelled is really encouraging. The competition between Muller, Dendoncker, Ambrose and now maybe Brown for that spot beside Gordon and McCart is going to be fierce and should really bring something out of hopefully at least a couple of them. Three tough games coming up and results might not fall our way yet but if the performances are there again, there will be no need to become concerned.
  3. Spot on. But then there is definitely a bit of playing the man and not the ball going on.
  4. Folk caring more about some words on a forum than the actual important stuff, i.e. the stuff contained within. Very strange behaviour.
  5. When season ticket holders had to buy tickets for the Morton cup tie in January 2020 (seems about 6 years ago now), you simply logged into system with the barcode and it defaulted to your reserved seat.
  6. The ELO club rankings put Galatasaray at 1548 points and LASK at 1567, so I think we can expect an opponent on a par with Galatasaray, if different in style. For reference, Celtic are ranked at 1544, which I'd say was about right in terms of quality between them and Galatasaray. Need to regroup and give this absolutely everything.
  7. Their coverage of Saints is very good. Some of Eric Nicolson's long read weekend pieces have been brilliant. But I'd have thought most folk would get their fix of news on the day it's relevant, rather than on a weekly basis? Does anyone want to read a match report from the previous weekend on a Thursday? But then that's maybe not the point of this and it could simply be about clicks or advertising revenue, says the cynic.
  8. I'm going to surmise that in order to bring in someone as HoR, they needed to let Peacock go. EP certainly didn't seek publicity, so I could be doing him a disservice, but I'd guess that Stevie Grieve has a much wider range of abilities and knowledge. EP was clearly a good opposition analyst given our success but what SG will bring in terms of player identification and recruitment could be game changing. And hopefully they'll still be able to lean on his analysis and youth coaching attributes as well. By putting structures in place to work on recruitment, football operations etc... hopefully it allows the chairman to reduce his own involvement and work rate if that's what he so desires. The club is under great ownership and hopefully this helps prolong that.
  9. Anyone who has ever read a report on the Aberdeen website will know to take talk of their dominance with a pinch of salt. Pre-season ticking over nicely for Saints after the disrupted nature of last year, when we only got two games. Europe will be hard but we should be much better prepared than ever before.
  10. Especially with Jason Kerr probably, it's not just losing out on the £400k fee.or whatever but the sell-on clause. If he went to, even Wigan or Oxford and did well, you are probably talking ten times that and Saints would presumably like a slice of that pie, although I do think we'd be entitled to something anyway having developed him.
  11. It maybe did have its place once but agree that needing to score 3 goals to avoid losing a tie, when the opposition have only scored 2 goals isn't fair. The situation described above where you lose 1-0 away then the opposition get the first goal in the home leg was just a game killer.
  12. When I saw this photo, I hoped it was some part of the Recreation Grounds but if you follow the thread, you'll see it was actually a shop entrance on the road up to the entrance at the end of South Inch Place. I wonder if we'll ever move ground again? There were rumours that the club were looking at the possibility not that long ago...
  13. I needed to change an age category on a ticket and emailed the club on Monday and they (Laura) got back to me within about 6 hours. Went on to renew and everything was in order and worked fine. But definitely seems to be a good number of folk having problems on certain devices, which is clearly disappointing. It might not be the answer but I think in the past some folk have managed to have success when using 4G rather than WiFi, or vice versa. Why that would be, I don't know but could be worth a try. Another thing is if you have more than one ticket as a family group, I think sometimes only one of the barcodes has worked for stuff like this, or even Saints TV at the start of the season.
  14. This is the correct answer. A special goal.
  15. Credit to Brian Rice for finding a role, either by design or fortune, that suits Ross Callachan. His one strength at Saints (other than apparently running around a lot) was making runs forward. Rice has taken him out of the real engine room, where his lack of technical ability and inability to tackle without ending up on his backside were big issues, and played him in an area where his primary focus is making those sort of runs and he's repaid him with goals.