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  1. Game is in Edinburgh at 1:00pm. @mainstand
  2. Liam Gordon strolled it again but for a bit of variation, going to go with Drey Wright. Not as blown away by him yet as others but should be a decent player for us and on another day would have had a couple of goals. Glad to see Foster back to looking like the player we saw when he first signed too.
  3. Yeah, I worked off the "must record a minimum number of votes" ideal too. You'll find some players have irregular posters voting for them(selves) every week! I just awarded any ties full points but think @montrosesaintee got the calculator out and did half points etc... My advice would be do whatever is easier for you.
  4. Where would you play him? I think we are really well covered in those three attacking midfield positions, so much so that the manager is trying to reinvent guys like Wotherspoon and Alston.
  5. Saints need to avoid defeat tomorrow to top the group. A win offers a good opportunity to be seeded in the last sixteen draw, which takes place on Sunday. An artificial pitch so I'd expect Anderson not to start but would think Alston will come back into the midfield. Fitness permitting, I'd think the manager will want to give Kennedy a good run and there will be no let up in pushing Watt towards full fitness. Likely back to 4-4-2 on what could be a sticky pitch. Clark Foster - Gordon - Kerr - Tanser Wright - Alston - Davidson - Kennedy McMillan - Watt
  6. As always, appreciate the updates from @sevcozombie2 and @HOODLUM65 on youth issues. Does @sevcozombie2 know how many teams are in the new U18 League and will home games be played on main McDiarmid pitch or the artificial pitch? If the kick-offs will regularly be 7:00pm, it could attract fans as the new Reserve League is hardly convenient at 2:00pm on a Monday afternoon. Disappointed the club haven't put anything on official site about the new intake of players.
  7. I also thought Anderson was good. @541ntees Came in with a point to prove last night and very much did so. Looks like there is going to be really strong competition at centre back which should hopefully bring the best out of all of them. Given the fact one has over 400 appearances and the other was only making his tenth start for the club, it's hard not to be impressed again by Liam Gordon though. I gave him my vote against East Fife and Montrose and think he gets it again here. Others again showed up in spells. Wright totally fell out of the game in the second half but did well before half-time and Scougall was much improved on the East Fife game. Could take him time to regain sharpness. Foster had a slow start to last season and arguably never really recovered but it's been much better this time round. Hopefully we see the player we had in 2016/17. That's some look he's got going on as well. Abel Xavier lives on.
  8. Saints' hardest game on paper, albeit Falkirk were apparently less than impressive against both Montrose and Forfar. Paul Hartley was an interested spectator yesterday and I doubt he was blown away by the Saints performance. Would seem unlikely that any of those injured yesterday will be fit enough to start but with three games in a week, you'd guess at some changes. Hopefully Bobby Madden is the referee.
  9. Certainly in parts, I think more players reached a level than last week. Foster, Wright, Craig, Alston and even McMillan were prominent when we were well on top for those 30 minutes in the second half. But as with last week, I thought Liam Gordon, over the full game, was our most impressive performer.
  10. Is the latest pod with the new Ross going up, chaps? @Hospital Radio Perth Interested to hear what his role is and what his plans are.
  11. The decision to release Paton was the right one, especially with the manager seemingly intent on altering the style of play. Paton was one of the most technically limited midfield players I can remember at Saints. Heart of a lion but the footballing ability of one as well. The manager is still talking about strengthening two key areas. We know wide left is one and hopefully central midfield is the other. It does look like Willock is high up the priority list though, with I'm not convinced about in terms of a footballing midfielder.
  12. Well done for taking this on. @garydavidson Vital save by Clark and Wright looked lively at times but Liam Gordon for me. Really hope he gets a chance to start the season with the shirt.
  13. A first competitive visit to Links Park since February 1988 awaits Saints this weekend, which will undoubtedly mean a first visit there for a couple of generations of fans. An exciting prospect, whilst for other fans it will bring back memories of old. The Gable Endies opened their campaign with an impressive win at Falkirk and if they beat East Fife on Tuesday, it'll put real pressure on Saints to get the three points against last season's League Two champions. A plastic pitch so I wouldn't expect Steven Anderson to feature for Saints, maybe Murray Davidson too. Maybe a start for one of the young midfielders?
  14. Before the game, I felt we still needed the two players the manager is talking about signing and the game just reinforced that. I thought, certainly early on, Foster and Wright linked up alright but we struggled down the left and clearly Liam Craig isn't the answer out there any longer. In the centre of the park, we didn't have anyone capable of picking up the ball in good areas and moving it on. I don't expect it of Davidson, we know what he's all about but it's finding someone to compliment him. I think Wotherspoon can be guilty to wanting too long on the ball and his passing is suspect, whilst it was infuriating seeing Craig taking the ball off the toes of two centre backs who were perfectly capable of handling having the ball. We'll need to win next weekend if Montrose pick up maximum points during the week.
  15. He's not advocating bringing him back, he's saying we need a player in the centre of the park and I agree with him. We've spent a decade with the quality of Morris or Millar in front of the defence but I don't see a player in the squad who is capable of stepping into that role. Can Wotherspoon play it? Maybe but would anyone argue that he isn't inconsistent, which isn't ideal for such a key area on the pitch. He has a role to play in the team but I'm far from convinced it's the one the manager maybe has earmarked for him.
  16. 1. Celtic 2. Aberdeen 3. Rangers 4. Hibernian 5. Kilmarnock 6. Hearts 7. Saints 8. Motherwell 9. St Mirren 10. Livingston 11. Dundee 12. Hamilton Accies
  17. Saints - 10 Falkirk - 9 Montrose - 6 Forfar Athletic - 3 East Fife - 2
  18. Radford 72

    Berwick away

    Good exercise in fitness, with the players monitored throughout the game. In terms of style, I think the proof will be in the pudding, I still thought we lacked a control without Millar or even Wotherspoon in the midfield. We raced ahead because we went at Berwick but once we had that lead, I thought we were more direct than I'd have liked and than the manager is suggesting. Wary of taking too much out of it in terms of invididuals but: Liam Gordon impressive again. Talks and organises, strong in the air and good on the ball. Hope he gets a chance early on. Ali McCann isn't of an age where he'll dominate a game but I've liked what I've seen of him so far. Maturing physically as well. Not sure he's quite ready for a loan in an ideal world but you are already worrying about how much he will develop in this new reserve league. I daren't mention the SM word after a friendly against a (poor) League Two team but Tony Watt looks to have that unpredictability about him. You aren't always sure how he emerges with the ball but he does. Linked up pretty well with David McMillan for a first appearance, could have had a hat-trick and played his role in the other two early goals. For his part, McMillan again encouraged you. I think he will be fine with his back to goal and he played as a lone striker for Dundalk (seen some question his ability to do so) so all in, I think even allowing for the departure of MacLean, we look better off in the striking department than a year ago. Callum Hendry is part of that as well and looked lively. Assuming Hurst is up to standard, Hendry needs to get out on loan and play games. Aaron Comrie and Drey Wright showed a willingness to try and former a partnership down the right. Hope there will be an end product with Wright, who will look to get beyond full backs. Comrie wasn't tested defensively, which is where my main concerns with him lie and neither was Mark Russell, who looked prone to maybe taking a touch too many in dangerous areas. Going forward he looked willing but very hard to make any sort of judgement on him or Dean Lyness. Usual spate of subs from both teams in the second half (including a first look at Cammy Ballantyne at this level) but of most interest was maybe Kyle McClean. Came on in his usual role and again, didn't really stand out for me, but when McMillan went off he became more advanced and caused Berwick problems. He scored the fourth and could easily have had a hat-trick. Again, only pre-season, and he missed out on Sunday presumably through injury, but Blair Alston didn't really take an opportunity to show he should be playing centrally. The manager might be thinking along those lines but does he have the composure or defensive tenacity to play a deep central role? We can hopefully progress from our League Cup group whilst still learning a bit more about the squad over the next couple of weeks.
  19. Never fail to be impressed by the way @RandomGuy is so au fait with the inner workings of every club and manager. Who knew about Nigel Pearson's bizarre decision to deliberately fall out with a player. A staggeringly impressive level of knowledge. Certainly looking forward to seeing Watt in action for Saints.
  20. Far from sold on the merits of the reserve league but Saints have made the right choice here as it would surely have harmed the development of the 2000-born players not having a league to play in. A number of clubs have published website articles on their new U18 teams. Would be nice if Saints did likewise to give the new players their moment and let fans know who they are. Future of the club etc... The squad travel to Oban next weekend to take part in the annual tournament there. Four or five shortened round-robin fixtures in one day. It's a decent day out.
  21. One of the tasks assigned to the new Ross is meant to be the website. Everything will be sorted then... In between doing the social media, YouTube, editing the programme, creating a supporter database, marketing...