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  1. I'm actually happy to see this level of moaning, it shows how much standards have risen. I suspect if we'd had this result at the start of last season, we'd be saying it was ok and a good, solid start. Like I've said before, the last three champions have all lost their opening games so we're one up on them already!
  2. Hope Dev doesn't mind me starting this now! I would start Jacko on Tuesday night, he'll be eager to impress and won't give the East Fife defenders a moment's rest. Also the perfect opportunity to have a look at Derek Young. I'd go... Halliwell Rutkewicz - McManus - James Lawrie - Hardie - Mensing - Young - Stanic Scotland - Jackson Subbies: Cuthbert, Stevo, Peaso, Savo, Sheerin. Will be strange having all the fans in one stand for a competitive game, hopefully it won't become a regular thing, that would be too depressing. Is Craig Johnston still with East Fife?
  3. Difficult situation for him as if he misses then everyone says he should have squared it. We had a very similar chance at Cowdenbeath when we were 2-0 up and Stevo shot and missed and Owen was furious with him as Jacko was looking for him to square it.
  4. It's easy to panic in this situation but then you'd do well not to. I thought we looked poor and could easily have been two down at half-time. Fair enough we took control in the second-half but much like so many home games last season, when we were dominating there was far too much of a gap between the forwards and the midfield. Defence looked shakey too so all-in-all a pretty disappointing start but it is just one game.
  5. Trying a new format for the new season... Two to do ok today for me were Mensing and Stanic with Stanic taking my vote, everything good we did came through him.
  6. After posting that 3-5-2, I wonder if the whole Jim Weir thing is just a ploy and he's never had any intention of playing? I like the look of Dave's line-up and I think it would send a message out to the whole league about the options we have in attack.
  7. Must be the first time ever we go into a match with no apparent injury concerns! Shame about the suspensions as Owen won't be able to play his first-choice team but it gives others a chance to impress, most notably Mensing in midfield. I expect us to line-up: Halliwell Weir - McManus - James Lawrie - Mensing - Sheridan - Sheerin - Stanic Scotland - Milne Subs: Cuthbert, Dyer, Stevenson, MacDonald, Jackson. I think in defence, and midfield especially, Clyde match us but we (now) have a much better 'keeper and much, much better options in attack; Dobbie and Coyle would probably get a game upfront for them at the moment. I'm not convinced we're firing on all cylinders yet but the friendlies were about peaking tomorrow afternoon so it's nothing to be too worried about. Two points I'd like to make are can we please cut out the booing at half-time if we aren't winning, it does no one any good and I wasn't surprised to hear it at Stirling last week, and also, if we lose tomorrow, it isn't the end of the world. Indeed, the last three champions of this division have all lost their opening day match! It would be great if everyone that can gets along to the game tomorrow. I know there are other things on in the town during the day but it could make a big difference if the players see the fans have some faith in them. Common the blues!
  8. Saints 1-0 Clyde Paul Sheerin 2,450
  9. 1. St Johnstone 2. Gretna 3. Livingston 4. Dundee 5. Queen of the South 6. Clyde 7. Ross County 8. Airdrie United 9. Hamilton Academical 10. Partick Thistle
  10. 14/5 is the best available on Brazil and I really can't see past them. I've been convinced they'll win it since their performance in the Confederations Cup last summer. People say they are weak defensively but their back four come from AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Bayern Leverkusen and Real Madrid. The holding man in midfield plays for Juventus! You don't play for those clubs if you are weak... oh, the keeper plays for Milan too! Germany and France both have big-game experience so the best odds of 8/1 and 14/1 are tempting as backup. The usual suspects will flop as usual but I think Portugal could have one final tournament in them. They've a top class coach and aren't under as much pressure as they've been in the last two major tournaments being hosts and on the back of their Euro 2000 performance. Wouldn't be surprised if either Holland or Argentina (or both!) crash out in the group stages as Ivory Coast and Serbia are no mugs. Fancy a bit of Ronaldo (11/1), Adriano (14/1) and Pauleta (33/1) for top scorer too.
  11. I haven't made a prediction for weeks as I missed it one week and we won and we haven't lost since then so the routine stays in place. Superstituous... moi! I'll be back to win the title next season! 8)
  12. Clyde 2-1 St Johnstone First Scorer: Alex Williams Attendance: 1,358
  13. Saints 0-2 Dundee Robertson 5,000
  14. Airdrie United 3-0 St Johnstone Bryan Prunty 1,500
  15. Saints 0-1 County Jason Scotland 2,500
  16. I'm bloody stuck predicting 1-0 defeats since it got us a good result at Brechin! It'll be the same until we lose. Superstituous? Moi?
  17. I'm stuck now as I've predicted 1-0 defeats for the last two weeks and it's done the trick so: St Mirren 1-0 St Johnstone Milne 4,000
  18. Brechin 1-0 Saints Kevin Byers 975
  19. St Johnstone 3-0 Stranraer Scorer: Jason Scotland Attendance: 1,875
  20. I noticed Broggy Man asking about Stanic's contract length and no doubt as the weeks progress more questions of that ilk will get asked. I posted this on the old forum as it's a useful reference point if people want to know when players' contracts expire. St Johnstone squad 2005/06 Goalkeepers Kevin Cuthbert - 2006 Mark Paston - 2006 Defenders Jim Weir - ??? Kevin James - 2007 Mark Campbell - 2006 Kevin Fotheringham - 2006 Kevin Rutkiewicz - 2006 Steven Anderson - 2006 Simon Mensing - 2007 Goran Stanic - 2006 Scott Paterson - Dec 2005 Midfielders Ryan Stevenson - 2006 David Hannah - 2006 Paul Sheerin - 2006 Kieran McAnespie - Dec 2005 Ryan McCann - 2006 Stevie McManus - 2006 Neil Janczyk - 2007 Darren Sheridan - 2006 John Henry - 2006 Forwards Owen Coyle - 2007 Peter MacDonald - 2008 Stephen Dobbie - 2007 Steven Milne - 2008 Jason Scotland - 2007 Full-time YTS Willie Dyer Andy Jackson (has one-year professional contract for 2006/07 already) Paddy Deery Steven Doris Ross Fox Neil McCallum Kevin Moon John Black Loan Out Andy Jackson (Cowdenbeath) - Jan 2006 Edited thanks to Chopper's eagle eye!