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  1. I thought Davidson had his best game in a while and looks like he's benefited from wee spell out of team. Was getting around the pitch really well. Centre backs were fine (although Gordon didn't help Clark when it came the equaliser) and was encouraging to see a bit more from O'Halloran. Hopefully another couple of performances like that, then he can hit the ground running in pre-season. I also thought Chris Kane did well and if he'd managed to score that big chance early in the second half, it would have capped off a good performance.
  2. The Old Firm can afford to go without it. They have the finances to travel south or abroad or host big teams at their training grounds every week or other one. Rangers did it for a year or two before this one. It all comes down to finance, rightly or wrongly. In the case of Saints, I don't think any change in structure would reverse the club's position. Steve Brown simply thinks we have too many full-time professionals. Those are his words. I liked the Challenge Cup as a tournament but it's already been bastardised, so I'd be open to going down the same route as the FL Trophy and creating a group stage with a colt team in each section. Maybe bring more focus back on the regional cups as well, where FT clubs use colt teams. There are enough international breaks that those could be filled with Forfarshire/Stirlingshire/Glasgow etc... cup ties.
  3. Another super decision when they moved to the reserves from the U20s, they moved back to allowing teams to play at training grounds, like the old U19s league. A great environment to develop players and prepare them for the first team.
  4. Liam Craig for me. From early doors he was getting on the ball and was a big part of us having a lot of the ball in the early stages. Great pass for the goal as well. Defence were all fine and I thought the two main subs made a positive impression.
  5. Has ANYONE claimed that loans generally aren't better than reserves? Tommy Wright wanted McCann out on loan in January 2018 and in the summer but couldn't find a taker. Without the reserves, he'd have been playing no football at all for a year. THAT is the issue.
  6. Steven Anderson was young once...
  7. Who are the players getting kept on?
  8. Appreciate the conversation has moved on over the course of the day but just wanted to make another couple of points. Boys are being told they are being let go because we don't have a reserve team. Does that mean they aren't good enough, or are they victims of penny pinching? Our most expensive ever sale was on the verge of moving to Forfar for about £6,000 at a young age but Saints stuck at it in developing him and reaped the rewards. When there is talk about pathways, it is a general idea and not uniform with every individual. Making a judgement on players at 17 or 18 is hasty. Of course there will be ones that you know haven't adapted to full-time professionalism but equally there will be players that need further development at the next stage. That stage is being removed though it appears. Maybe it isn't (and they'll go in heavy on loans) but until communicated to otherwise, it's fair to assume it is. I've no idea if the budget is being cut for next season as there has been no indication either way from the manager but I don't necessarily agree that cuts need to be directed towards the younger players. I could live without us signing the Niall Keown, Tristan Nydam or Sean Goss of next season, for example. I've been prepared to accept signings like Keown in particular because I've believed we are striving long-term towards producing our own young players to compliment the first team squad. That plan now looks to be getting abandoned and it'll be the Stevie May or Jason Kerr type coming through or nothing at all. Finally, I still think you are missing the point about Accies and Falkirk. Accies aren't fighting relegation because they play youngsters and likewise, that isn't the reason that Falkirk have failed to secure promotion. You are still painting them as examples of why academies don't work when it's actually very much the opposite!
  9. Making things up might work for you in some circumstances but Liam Gordon's multiple appearances for Hearts consisted of one Challenge Cup game and a substitute appearance against Stenhousemuir. He played just over 120 minutes of football for them. He went on loan at 19 and had played around 20 games in League Two before Tommy Wright threw him in against Aberdeen for his second Saints appearance. That is a clear development pathway and whilst I completely accept you don't just keep players for the sake of, we should be capable of taking a group as good as our 1999s to 2001s and be able to develop more than just a goalkeeper (coached separately) and Ali McCann. If we can't produce anything from that group, I'd about-face and question the point of the academy at all. I don't want them thrown in the team at 17 or 18 but I expect at least a few of them to at least make the first team squad for assessment and not be released en masse. Playing for Broomhill Sports Club Glasgow doesn't constitute making it and shouldn't be viewed as any sort of success for our academy, unless it's as part of their longer-term development with St Johnstone. Falkirk have dossed around the Championship (or lower) for most seasons (33/44) since reconstruction, that's their level. They weren't being held back by playing young players! I'm repeating that point and the same applies to Hamilton. You are painting these clubs as somehow suffering because they play(ed) youngsters when the truth is very much the opposite! If your dream really is to have youngsters coming through then I'd have thought you'd be far more concerned about the reasons why it isn't happening rather than the resigned defeatism on display and dismissing and mocking constructive posts as bitter or angry parents airing grievances.
  10. Unless people are prepared to speak out about grievances then nothing will change. If the only players with contracts for next year are the ones that signed for two years then it doesn't reflect well on the coach that he can't develop a single one of them enough to get a new deal. Very poor.
  11. I'd like Saints to build a structure where the young players are good enough to step in. Liam Gordon did it in an important cup game at Aberdeen a couple of seasons ago. Is it unreasonable to think we could have a defender or two, a midfielder or two and a forward capable of doing that? I don't think so. Hamilton struggle because they have one of the lowest budgets in the league. The fact they play youths and survive is a positive and not the negative you've just painted it as. And were Falkirk not doing well until they ditched their academy? Filling their squad with shite from England certainly hasn't served them better. I think both those clubs are/were good examples of how to run an academy. I pretty much disagree with you on every aspect of this. To have a group of players that don't lose a game in a year and have no outfield player make the grade is a very poor reflection on the development pathway. Are we really to believe that if they were good enough to beat anyone put in front of them at that level that not a SINGLE one of them is good enough to make it into our first team squad? Trying to paint this as simply frustrated parents letting off steam is unfair. These guys are seeing our youth system and handling of young professionals at first hand and are making good points that deserve more respect.
  12. I think the posts from those with first hand experience of the academy and U18s are a valuable contribution to the forum and certainly deserve more respect than they are often given. I want Saints to produce good young players. Unless the club can paint their vision for the fans then the impression they are giving is that they don't and are instead happy to have have Michael Hart, Michael Doyle, Niall Keown or whoever sitting in the stand most weeks, in case they are needed for the bench one Saturday. Saints are making a big mistake here and it's very sad that it sounds like an U17s group that went a full year unbeaten are pretty much all going to be gone come the summer, bar the goalkeeper. Questions need asked about their development since they've gone full-time IMO. Are any of the 2000/2001 age group getting new deals?
  13. Another bizarre stance above, to pick out Kevin O'Hara from a club that produced Kinglsey, Fulton, McGrandles etc... Three benefits of the academy that come immediately to mind: Best chance of club gaining the services of a top class player that can be sold for significant money. Negates the need to sign players like Hart, Doyle, Krachunov and the likes if you have a good youth system. Boys who take money for nothing. Creates a good community link if you give the best local young players a platform. There will be more. What are the negatives? It costs a bit of money? The sale of Davidson, Griffin, Scott and McAnespie over 20 years ago is probably still covering the cost of running it if need be. Until we know and the club illustrate their vision, this is a very poor move.
  14. Very strange stance from @RandomGuy on this. Unless Saints have some of plan in place, they are potentially creating a big problem in terms of development, as highlighted above. It'd be nice if we got some sort of explanation for this decision and what the vision is but I won't hold my breath. You go to all this effort with kids from pre-teen up until they are 17 or 18 then they have to be good enough for the first team squad? If we are still running a development squad then who are they going to play games against? Disappointing.
  15. Yeah, that's who I was thinking of. Not to dismiss his contribution but would be delighted if it was indeed Robert Campbell.
  16. I voted for him in the HoF nominations as well. I had never put two and two together regarding the Campbell Suite. I possibly thought it was named after one of the directors! That's a nice touch but he should have been the second man into the Hall of Fame and his omission to date reflects badly on Saints.
  17. Shaughnessy was named in the SPFL Team of the Season a couple of years ago but, yeah, he's always been shite. Pure scorned lover behaviour on show here.
  18. Alston gives you a horses for courses option. He would provide discipline on the right if you had Swanson/Kennedy/O'Halloran on the left and didn't want two out-and-out wingers. I think in a formation like we used at Motherwell last week, Alston is the obvious option to provide a bit more support for a striker in the midfield three. Kane was far too isolated last week. But he's only played the equivalent 11 league games so the chairman will no doubt be taking that into account when making any offer. I know he's injured at the moment but the fact he's only started one game since the break doesn't bode well for him.
  19. Hardly surprising but that's a great post. @Broon
  20. We won on Wednesday and the manager criticised the performance. His job though is, whether folk like it or not, to keep the club in the Premiership. We can change the manager but that target won't be altered. Anything on top of that is a bonus. This manager has brought us four top six finishes, three European campaigns and a Scottish Cup. Things aren't going so well now and there will be a point he can't rely on past success but I really don't understand the mindset of those wishing that man away. I'm under no illusion that we don't play great football a lot of time but I'm not prepared to blindly bin a manager that has brought success in the hope of replacing him with someone that will replicate that with flowing football, on a budget bigger than only two or three other clubs in the division. Can anyone come up with even one name of an obvious candidate to replace Tommy Wright? If not an obvious candidate then are we really willing to gamble on replacing a manager that has never come close to getting the club relegated, which to go back the the original point, is what his remit is to avoid every season.
  21. I didn't realise that changing manager was guaranteed to bring exciting football. If I'd known that I'd have signed up to the Tommy Out Club ages ago. Silly me. Maybe we could bring in Neil McCann, he played good football apparently. The idea that fans that can't be bothered supporting the team during the most successful prolonged spell in the club's history will come flocking back if we pass the football a bit better is as hilarious as it is naive.
  22. Those 2-5 points are huge as they'd have us right in the mix for the top six, despite everything. Our season is a bit like getting to the Scottish Cup final then losing it to Albion Rovers. Do you celebrate reaching the final or bemoan throwing away a great chance to win it? I think we probably overachieved in getting ourselves to where we were in January but equally have underachieved since then. It's a hard question to answer if you insist on assessing the season as a whole. The argument that is ridiculous though is the one that tries to remove to good run and say look at how bad it could have been. Pointless.
  23. Largely agree with assessment from @templeofsaints but then actually going to the game is always an advantage when voicing an opinion...
  24. I think the split has been fantastic. It creates a meaningfulness before it then after generates big head-to-head games.