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  1. This process was moving along nicely at the start of the year but I think it'll be on hold at the moment. Unfortunate for ones that maybe haven't been spoken to but the risk you take for the players that were stalling. The reason I say that is that the manager may now feel we need more players/turnover this summer than he'd anticipated during the winter break and financially, the budget for next year might not be looking as healthy as it was going to be when we were in the box seat for the top six. I still think a number of the guys listed have a bit to prove, with Shaughnessy the obvious exception. We could do with his future being resolved though, both so he can concentrate on his football and so Tommy Wright can plan for the future if need be. I actually think Alston has had a decent season but seems to have been frozen out since the winter break. Maybe that is a contractual issue? Does Watt offer value for money but equally, strikers maybe aren't easy to find with our finances and he's certainly better than plenty we've had. Easton needs to get a run after the split to assess him. Saints won't cut him loose if he's not fit but it doesn't benefit anyone if he's kept on and isn't going to be good enough to get a game. McCann and McClean seem to be doing well on loan but is there a point in just making them the next Thomson, Gilchrist, Rodger, Hurst etc... Surely they should only be getting deals if the manager genuinely believes they can push for a place and not just make up the numbers in training. Cammy Bell has another year at Thistle but imagine they want rid. The fact is whoever we have as the number two goalkeeper is only going to be cover for Clark. It's not one that bothers me too much. Can't really judge Keown and Comrie isn't good enough. Whatever the contract situation with Goss, our record since he signed is hard to ignore and I haven't been impressed with him anyway. And after saying all that, I wouldn't be making too many judgements at the moment. Shaughnessy is the only one I'd still be pushing for right now.
  2. I still read the site on a daily basis but guess I fall into the disinterested category. It's a cycle though, posters don't contribute because there isn't much being discussed but not much is being discussed because people aren't contributing. I can't agree with @Abernethy Saint that it's as it always was. A decade ago there would be 300 posts in match threads and 100 votes on man of the match. We aren't far away from there not being a match thread. Why is it like this and what are the problems? Social media giving folk a platform is maybe one but other club forums still thrive. Do we have it too good and there's nothing to moan about? That's maybe valid. Two problems for me though are the way this board works with threads, or a lack of, and the cliquey nature, which is magnified when there are fewer posters. Every forum ever has been cliquey but the lack of threads on here combined with the same sort of private stuff regularly cropping up, isn't an appealing read. The reluctance to start new threads is also an issue in my opinion. Having one big transfer thread, that often strays off transfers, is the wrong way to work and points that could draw discussion often get missed or overlooked. Equally, searching back to find a years old thread to make a loosely related point doesn't encourage new discussion either. People shouldn't be afraid to start new threads and shouldn't be shot down for it. They can always be merged with an old thread if appropriate.
  3. Thankfully nobody was killed and there remarkably don't appear to have been any life-threatening injuries following the accident that closed the M90 between Bridge of Earn and the Craigend Interchange yesterday. Dashcam footage has emerged which, given there haven't been any fatalities or serious injuries, I've posted below. The crash, involving a car heading south in the northbound carriageway, plus three or four other vehicles and maybe a couple of HGVs happened not far from where you split to either go to Broxden, over the Friarton Bridge, or into town via the Edinburgh Rd. My question is, how in earth did this car end up on the northbound carriageway? Have they come up the slip road off the A912 before Craigclowan School? How is that even possible? Scary stuff.
  4. The manager has been here long enough now that his budget reflecting his performance is fair enough. This collapse will cost the club around £150,000 to £200,000 in prize money and instead of facing Rangers and Hearts at home, we'll have Hamilton and Livingston. That's 400 fans instead of 6,000 fans (and the appropriate pricing structure). That could be close to another six figures. Saints won't have budgeted for that £300,000 - unless there has been a drastic change in policy - but it's the sort of money that offsets losses and allows the club to make the sort of investment they appeared to last summer. It also makes it harder to reject offers for a player like Jason Kerr, if his sale now balances the books. The manager can talk about points totals or whatever but to miss out from where we were in January is pretty dreadful. Was disappointed to hear Richard Foster still attributing it all to the Celtic games. That's a valid excuse at the time and for the Accies game but we went to Ibrox and drew 0-0. The Aberdeen game wasn't the end of the world but the manner of the defeats to Hibs and Livingston are about as poor as we've had under Tommy Wright. Hopefully we'll actually benefit from a break for a change.
  5. Needs a poll! I vote Motherwell. I don't think they'll end up far off 50 points before the split. If Saints get 4 points, they'll be doing well in current form.
  6. I really like Matty Kennedy but he maybe just needs a new perspective for a game or two. He started very well last weekend but hasn't been at his best since the break. I remember back to the Motherwell game in October when he was introduced from the bench and changed the game for us. I think if you play Swanson or O'Halloran out wide, you need the balance of a guy like Wotherspoon on the other side. More generally, everyone seems to be suggesting different teams and I think that's far from ideal in March. It kind of shows where we are at the moment though.
  7. With everyone fit and on top form, I don't think the team you'd select would bare that much resemblance to that we'll see on Saturday but that's the situation we are in at the moment. My team: Clark Foster - Kerr - Shaughnessy - Tanser Wotherspoon - Callachan - Craig - Swanson Kane - Hendry Other option is Shaughnessy moves to right back with Gordon central. I'd then play O'Halloran ahead of JS, with either Wotherspoon or Swanson on left, probably the former as he's more disciplined. But I don't think Hendry will even make the eighteen.
  8. Kerr was the only one for me that was at anything approaching a respectable level, although Kennedy had a good first 15/20 mins.
  9. I will go for Kane again. Thought he caused McGregor and Hanlon problems for most of the match with his willingness to use his pace in behind and also his strength. Scored one and got another couple of shots away. Others played well at times too before they all seemed to lose all composure in the final 30 minutes.
  10. As Gary says, Saints were the last team to commit to the Reserve League this season, so that wouldn't come as a huge shock. It presents the same issues as last summer and as touched on above, where do those too old for the U18s play? I'm not sure BSC Glasgow need a full team of players on loan. Producing young players is vital to Saints.
  11. People connected to both clubs seems very confident they'll be signing him. Someone is going to end up disappointed.
  12. Huge fan of Kerr and maybe it's just because Shaughnessy was so good but he would be one of only a couple I wouldn't consider from yesterday, the other being Goss. Everyone else can be really happy with how they played but would narrow it down to Wotherspoon, Craig, Davidson, Kane and the aforementioned Shaughnessy. Think I'll go for Kane though as his hard work gave us the outball that allowed us to get up the pitch. Any of the other four would have deserved it too though.
  13. I think we have to accept that at Ibrox, Tavernier is going to spend a lot of time high up the pitch. If you go with Swanson, you just end up with an attacking player doing a lot of defending. Craig maybe isn't ideal but he scored off the left at Accies and does have decent delivery. Importantly, he'll do a job on Tavernier, help Tanser and also has the discipline to fill in if Tanser has an opportunity on the overlap. Wotherspoon is the other option but I'd go with Craig. Alston has the legs to get about the pitch which is why I'd go for him over Wotherspoon on right.
  14. On the radio on Sunday, they apparently said that Alston was a late addition to the Saints bench because of injury/illness. I know Gordon played on Monday but if it wasn't him that Alston replaced on the bench then who was it. The manager clearly rates LG and I think folk are overreacting to Keown's involvement against Celtic. I also think he (Keown) should be judged on what he does in a Saints shirt and not what has gone before at Thistle.
  15. Don't think a back three is the way to go against this Rangers team at all. They play with one striker and their threat comes from wide, with both the wingers and full backs. Good players that Arfield, Jack, McCrorie etc... are, if you force them through the middle, they don't really have the inventiveness of what we've faced from Celtic. I'd go 4-4-1-1 and as tempting as it is after the way he played against them at Perth, I'd have Kennedy in the ten role rather than leading the line. Tony Watt needs to have a big game though, he's been very disappointing against the top sides. Clark Foster - Kerr - Shaughnessy - Tanser Alston - Davidson - Goss - Craig Kennedy Watt Subs: Bell, Gordon, Keown, Callachan, Wotherspoon, Swanson, Kane.
  16. Folk were moaning about the performances against Accies and Livingston after the break, so he can't really win. If he hadn't changed shape, he'd have been criticised too. Hearts played a back four, with Smith taking long throws, against Dundee a few days before they played us. The system we used was wrong on the day but, again, if he doesn't try to combat what he expects from them and we lose goals to them from set pieces or crosses again, he's criticised. Folk moan about not having a go at Celtic; you saw in the first 10 minutes of the second half yesterday what happens when you go 4-4-2 and press them. I was glad TW had a dig in his post-match interview about that. No manager gets it right all the time but thankfully we have one that does far more often than not. Also thankfully, most fans appreciate that I think and those that don't frankly wouldn't be happy with any manager we had, it's simply their (footballing perspective) nature.
  17. Yeah, can't vote for anyone this week either. Nobody came close to getting the better of their opposite man and even Clark can't be the go-to-guy after that first goal.
  18. There must be a way to counter Celtic which doesn't involve either ten men behind the ball or getting mullered 6-0. But we need to give them more to worry about than a week past Wednesday. They press you early and high but if you can beat that, there is definitely space to exploit. Anyone heading through that usually wouldn't go to Celtic Park? Be nice to have a few more fans than usual there.
  19. Would be much easier to talk about those that don't deserve the vote unfortunately. Not usually one to focus on negatives about hard not to comment on just how bad Richard Foster was. There seemed a spell in the second half when we kept working the ball to him in decent areas and on every occasion he failed to deliver the cross. Kane definitely made an impact off the bench but then he actually tries to play against the centre backs. Clark was pretty solid again. Goss certainly passes the ball better than anyone we currently have, even on the very early evidence. Loathe to give it to a late sub but no one else deserves it.
  20. On Saturday, we played poorly in a shape that wasn't the best. There were things to be critical about. Last night though, we were just up against a very good team that were on it. What impressed me more than anything about them was how relentless they are without the ball. It's obviously easier to work when you aren't doing it for the full 90 minutes but the way they pressed us when we had the ball made it so hard. We need to find a way to combat that and it'll mean being brave and smart on the ball. The manager has admitted he has a part to play in the system but the players need to play to the top of their game to give us any chance. Celtic rope-a-dope you a bit, they are patient and move, move, move the ball but it tires the opposition out then Rodgers makes a small tweak and you see what happened in the opening spell of the second half. Lights show was good but the music a bit loud.
  21. Thought Davidson stuck his to his task manfully but our best two players were the homegrown, saleable assets. Clark made some fine saves but even he was outshone by Jason Kerr, who didn't put a foot wrong and tried his best to get us going forward at times. A big few weeks coming up for JK, where he can really show how good a defender he's not just going to become but already is. He improves with every game he plays, which is the most exciting thing.
  22. The law is that you aren't allowed to stagger the act of striking the ball AFAIK, you can do as you wish on the approach.
  23. The company that do this for the clubs, get their footage from the TV cameras at the game. On Saturday, the BBC just had one camera at the game; it should be better for Livingston match and future home league games.