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  1. went to see this band (Mister Heavenly) last night - awesome!
  2. there is no doubt that he will start Game 7! He has been the best player when the games have been in Vancouver, just dismal when in Boston!! I see Mason Raymond damaged some vertebrae last night after 20 odd seconds! ouch!
  3. I hope you're wrong! Id rather get drunk for a week than riot! Going to have to get to the pub early for this one now! Im predicting a double over time nervy game!
  4. The Canucks are back!! One more win needed!!
  5. Good to see you boys over the weekend - cheers for making it out!! I will see if i can make it over for at least one game next season, but probably just the cup final!
  6. i can meet you there earlier if you like? just name a time! right, off to the airport now! See you in the pub on Fri!
  7. Whats the Ghillie Dhu like these days? worth a pint in there at say 7ish?
  8. not sure mate...any suggestions on where to meet? grassmarket? rose st? just hoping my flight dosnt get cancelled with the volcano ash cloud!
  9. So Vancouver Whitecaps are new to the MLS this season and have been relatively successful in getting fans to the games. However as the initial hype wears off it is obviously having an effect on attendances. Their latest marketing ploy is to offer a package deal where you get a glamour tie (vs NY or LA), plus 3 regular league games and the friendly vs Man City for $150 (average ticket price for a game is about $40)...i think this is a great idea and think its a great way to get the fans back, especially when they will sell tickets for the friendly and glamour ties no problem and capitilising on getting bums on seats for more average games. Even if people buy the tickets for those higher profile games, the club will still be earning revenue for the smaller teams even if people decide not to go...Do you think this ploy would work with Saints?? I realise that it may be difficult to find a "glamour" game in the SPL these days but do you think a 5 game package for say 80quid would work??
  10. Monday holiday?! wtf?? Is that two short weeks in a row for you then?? Ill be around on Monday afternoon/evening so can get a pint in the Tav or something...I will give you a shout when im back in town.
  11. Are you guys away just for the weekend? Are you going together?!
  12. Hey guys, i know its not quite the end of the season yet, but i will be returning to the Burgh for a weekend at the end of the month (before i head back to Canada) so wanted to see if anyone is keen to get some beers on the go and the end of the season seems as good an excuse as any! I was hoping to go out on Friday 27th May, probably somewhere in town rather than the Tav (any suggestions??). Anyways, hopefully this is enough notice for Chopper to come up with an excuse on why he is only drinking orange juice (), Nelly to get permission from the wife, Craig to start walking and Nold and Dougie to start pre drinking
  13. if i recall correctly, it was regarding nacho novo! Apparently it was fine to call him a pedophile, just not a f***ing pedophile!! Then the copper said that he would stop us going back to perth...he was rather shocked when we replied we werent going to perth!! Good times! :laugh:
  14. I am living in Vancouver at the moment and my Visa expires in August but im looking to extend it and likely make things more permanent. I feel as if the whole quality of life is a lot better compared to Scotland with great opportunities both in terms of work and play, especially with the mountains so close. Will be interesting to see if the interest in football picks up here now that the Whitecaps are entering the MLS and Beckham/ Henry mania will come to town... There are a few British shops here where you can buy the overpriced real bacon and sausage etc but i have usually just make do without! i mean, when you can buy a bottle of wine for less than a bottle of Ribena, whats the point!?
  15. Is it not standing anyway? If so, then obviously you dont need to worry about getting all in the same block and they just need to hold 40 tickets for you which they should do if you explain you are a supporters bus.
  16. it worked when we did the bus to Dundee...just didnt work when we went to Hampden. You can always ask the question but they might want all the tickets to be bought at once
  17. I thought you pretty much lived in the Polwarth Tavern these days.....
  18. Depends how old the kids are. I think Andy managed to get his youngest in before the Hearts game last year...I was quite drunk tho!
  19. Sorry bear! Will be back for the cup final! both of them!
  20. I've looked into flights and irrespective of the cost, i wouldnt be in Edinburgh until 3.30pm on Saturday assuming i left now and had no delays! so i reckon i will have to give it a miss! maybe next week.....
  21. Emma at the ice hockey in Vancouver yesterday!
  22. and me! im in Vancouver at the moment - keep your eyes out for the saints shirt!!
  23. Bear-You can park in Dorset Pace (opps Polwarth Tavern) on a Sat without any restrictions. Yellow lines and permit holders only spaces are fine to park in all day. Its only during the week that the restrictions kick in. and its next to the pub and a 5min walk to Nellys