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  1. Don't need the bus for this trip as I'll be in Perth anyway.
  2. I'm in - if there is still room Marc! Anytime is fine with me.
  3. I'd be up for getting a bus up the road for the home game if it can be arranged.....
  4. Great work Saint O Leith. Count me in as a definite please
  5. Just a thought but since everyone is up for the trip to Dumfries and had all put the date aside we could all arrange to get the same train from Edinburgh to Lockerbie and then arrange for a bus to pick us up at that end (McEwans are the local bus folk doon there) to take us into Dumfries and back. At least that way it would still allow us to make the game especially given the interest from folk for the trip. Could be a bit more hassle than it's worth tho, but like I said, just a thought.
  6. Yup I'll be there tomorrow too. Good work tractor boy.
  7. I should be able to make either date. Will try to bring along another couple of lads too.
  8. Hi there, cannot make the get together next week in Mathers but if somebody could note my interest in the project and keep me informed that would be superb. Also know a couple of other saints fans who may be interested so will tell them too. Cheers Paul