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  1. It is Ricky's wife's birthday today - not sure if there is any connection to his absence
  2. Noticed this yesterday claims that Callum Hendry has been transferred out?????
  3. We need to support them no matter what. Take the good as well as the not so good
  4. We look like we have a bit of a defence when he plays
  5. Wotherspoon and the imaginery friend he keeps passing the ball to have to go on gardening leave. We brought in a new defender. Don't know if he is any good but if we signed him why is he not playing? We need Beastie and Midgey back but don't do the usual and bring them back too quick Try to ensure we stay up but bring in the young guys. Get Kane and Thomson playing regularly (for more than 10 minutes) and any other young guys that are just about ready. If the usual team are losing all the time then what does it matter if the young guys lose. Sutton is just taking up space on the bench and does nothing when he comes on. He should help Wotherspoon with the gardening.
  6. Had MOH really recovered from his injury? Chrissy Millar had to go off again was he fully over his injury? I know they are both key players but bringing back players too early has never worked in the past and often players have been out for an extremely long time when rushed back too quick. Will they both be available for the semi final?
  7. Spoony's main problem is his imaginery friend!!!! He keeps passing the ball to someone no-one can see. Perhaps Tommy or Callum should tell him that his imaginery friend has been left on the bench!!!
  8. John Hughes - Hibs Stephen Kenny - Dunfermline Terry Butcher ???? maybe not
  9. As far as the BBC are concerned they have seemed to capture the McFadden Gesture, Crofts dodgy tackle and Graham's dodgy dive all of which were correct and have gone against us. But how come if they are so accurate at picking things up for the tele do they miss much of Saints good play, near misses etc and even when the fans think we have had a good game they seem to suggest that we were rubbish because they have only recorded the other team.
  10. Is Dylan Easton the answer !!!!
  11. A work colleague tells me that his son is working on an oil rig north of Aberdeen alongside Kevin Kyle who told him he had a gambling problem and has lost everything.
  12. He was on the pitch but he has the same hairdresser as Stevue May I think and you probably did not recognise him.
  13. Glenrothes Saintee have tried to pm you but not sure if it went through Can I have 3 tickets for Glenrothes bus? I need price, pick up location and how and when to pay Thanks
  14. Any seats left from Glenrothes - I need 3?