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  1. That is the way to go. How many season tickets could we sell to supporters who stay too far away to attend regularly and also those whose mobility is now not so good? Personally I think that would be a terrific idea but probably too sensible.
  2. We need have it confirmed that it will in fact be on Saints tv.
  3. Today again just shows how badly we are needing help in the striking department.
  4. Does Saints TV actually exist anymore? Ridiculous that you had to get the information from Ross County.
  5. You will probably get told 10 minutes before kick off the way communication is at the moment.
  6. Much more professional than Saints tv.
  7. I understand what you are saying and agree Europe is the priority but the club should have had some information out before now about what might happen for Saturday subject to confirmation. There is just nothing as usual and this is Thursday.
  8. Agree it’s brilliant pictures and sound is ok. All round much more professional than Saints tv with instant replays. Up to now not broken up once.
  9. Link now on so bought and looking forward to the match.
  10. Surely Saints should be making us aware of what is available. The Arbroath site is promoting the game and say it will be PPV for £8. Saints tv is badly needing updated to give forward information about what they will be showing. What about Saturday and will I get in, I want to know?
  11. What are the arrangements for Saturday? What will the position for season ticket holders like me who got a ticket for the Preston game but never was sent the ticket e-mail? Is the game going to be on Saints tv? Tomorrow is Monday, get on with it? Also what about Arbroath for Tv stream? Saints we are the fans tell us.
  12. Are away fans now allowed in? Will it be on Arbroath tv? No word of it on their website.
  13. Agree communication is very poor. I got a ticket in the ballot for Preston game but didn’t get it and have still never seen anything from club to me explaining why not. I know that tickets were available in my circumstance at the ticket office but I didn’t see that until near kick off. There is nothing about the game next week, nothing about the game yesterday although Aberdeen have a report and team etc. Why are Saints so poor at the basics. Whoever is in charge of media etc needs to wake up and promote Saints or if not capable then get someone else to do it because at the moment it is just hopeless. I want to be kept up to date.