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  1. akuram

    Scottish Cup

    Question for our strikers: Do they practice shooting?
  2. All we are missing is a big athletic striker who is good in the air and can shoot somewhere inside the goalposts. Suppose every team is. Our goal scoring at home is very poor. Just think how many more points we could have had if only we took some of the chances we have not taken. Overall we have had a great season so well done.
  3. He has been fantastic and has so much energy and he deserves better terms.
  4. Brilliant Saints. That was a an exiting last was it 8 minutes after we scored. Bit worried at the corner in the 94th minute but we cleared it well. Great performance by all and I don’t think Zander had a save the whole match. We can now play with no worries and get as many points as possible.
  5. Saints tv has been brilliant and will be sorely missed if it has to end.
  6. akuram

    Rangers PPV

    Royal Bank have managed to get my £9.99 back so thank you.
  7. akuram

    League position

    What a recovery from our position at christmas time. Must admit it didn't look good then. Brilliant recovery Saints. Well done.
  8. Thought MOH had a great second half, really payed back CD for his second chances after some stupid red cards earlier in the season. Whole team played their hearts out after the week they have had. Hibs had a few chances and I was glad to hear the final whistle but looking back we defended well.
  9. akuram

    Rangers PPV

    I get the same and no word of a refund. Its only £9.99 but it really annoys doesn’t it.
  10. akuram

    Rangers PPV

    It is annoying that they are completely ignoring requests for a refund. It is is just if you ignore things you will eventually wear out the person complaining and they will give up. Maybe the Royal Bank will get me a refund but I am at the point now I don’t care but it is very bad service. Every other one has worked.
  11. Well another point towards safety. Don’t think top six is or was on but after our stuttering start then a safe seventh will do me.
  12. Questions: What would Premier Sports viewing figure be for the match? Do the two teams get money for the TV coverage?
  13. They will jump on any passing bandwagon if it gets THEM any publicity. Bet they have never been at the ground at a match if they had to pay.