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  1. akuram

    Season Tickets

    I think we should get them on sale at the same terms as last season now. We know there are problems but it would be helping the clubs finances and if we don’t get many games then it will be money for the good of the club.
  2. Said it before but I am glad we seem to be keeping out of the arguments.
  3. Certainly worked out great as we improved and football was much more enjoyable.
  4. That would be the best solution for everyone. Sky and BT could just fight it out who gets the most games. The rest of us would be happy.
  5. Always been glad we have never been involved in the play-off’s. Don’t think I would go as it must be horrible to be in it.
  6. For sporting integrity should Celtic not come out and say they don't want to be champions as the league isn't finished. Chances of that happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nil
  7. akuram

    WAP being weird

    Thank you it seems you have sorted it. Keep safe.
  8. Couldn’t agree more. Only interested in Scottish football and teams with ex saints players really.
  9. We are in the fortunate position that our only problem is finish top/bottom six. Big deal I know but we should not have relegation to worry about. The final positions now if it is played to a finish cannot be as it would have been without this hiatus. Players will need a mini pre-season first, some will not return to the form they were in and it will all be very false. Will fans have lost heart by then or have new enthusiasm, I wonder. Just all buy season tickets for next season early to help the club.
  10. This to me seems so unfair. Why the big difference between Motherwell and Aberdeen for one point? More should have gone to the lower divisions. Why did the top three get so much more than the other 9? The split is all wrong to me.
  11. The money should have been split better. Why when the season is not finished does position count? Aberdeen are only one point behind Motherwell but get about £200000 less. The lower leagues payments are just an insult.
  12. akuram

    Season Tickets

    Totally agree. People don't have to attend matches just because they have a season ticket so why would they get a refund for this.
  13. Saw highlights on Facebook, eight minutes of Celtic attacks, only minimal bit of Saints. Was I at the same game? Poor show as it makes it look like we should have got a hammering which was not the case from my seat.
  14. akuram

    Wage Bill

    You may not agree but after the thrill of the new stadium wore off I always think it’s the location that is partly to blame for the poor crowds. The car park can be difficult to get out of and they keep altering exit strategy. Muirton could be walked to from the town and estates easily. Aberdeen will find this problem as well when they move.