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  1. Another day and it looks like still no new signing.
  2. I would have thought we would be an attractive target for a quality keeper if he was to be first choice. All we really need then is a ball winning midfielder and another striker. Otherwise we will be fine. Too much negativity on here lets be positive.
  3. Some travel here, could they be further away?
  4. This has been a long and very disappointing season. Thankfully we eventually came out staying in the top league. We now need to get behind Calum and seeing how poorly we recruited at this time last year hope that we get things right before the start of the new season and get going from the off. We need apparently a new top keeper, also help in midfield and upfront. If we can get these right then we will be fine. The final table actually shows that if we had not had that long losing run then Aberdeen for one would have been in big trouble. Lets get behind the team and forget this season. I for one look forward to a return to good times.
  5. Voted for Stevie May because his goal won us the match. Hallberg, Brown, Rooney and the whole team all stars.
  6. Checked out Now TV , they seem to have a £ 5.99 offer for one day for sky sports channels until the 20th which is Friday. Think you would need to wait until Friday so that is the 24 hours we need. Check it out.
  7. Really it all was going well until Hibs somehow scored. From then we totally fell out of the game and Hibs just ambled to three more goals. Thought Mahon and Cleary were good and the rest meh. Did Elliot Parish make a save?
  8. akuram

    The Play Off

    Dundee making it interesting.
  9. We seem to have invested a considerable sum in players this season. Most of it has been totally wasted as very few of the signing are played much so what good has that been. We also have a talent in signing strikers who never score, not one goal from Eutu, Cifti,Buar or the Ingram lad. What are we going to do with them all.
  10. First half was much better, May very lively and full of running and Hendry also buzzing about but after the break Livi took control and a draw probably fair on balance. Calum has to go at the end of the season even if we somehow stay up.
  11. I agree that we would have a better chance without Calum. I'm sorry but the players are just giving 100% for him probably because his tactics have drained all their confidence and will to fight to the death. He has to go now or at the end of the season but now for me. We can't be worse with Liam etc in charge, its not possible.
  12. A fenced path should have been there from the time the stadium was built. 18 feet all the way up would do. The car park now is not working as well as it used to.
  13. Good listening to Danny Griffin, just a pity the saints player on the ball couldn't hear him as he sees the game so well.
  14. McCann subbed off tonight at half time, what a waste, should have stayed, serves him right for being big headed.
  15. Very impressed that Ross County have scored 43 goals. Our management team should be ashamed that we are so far behind.