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  1. akuram

    Season Tickets

    Worked no problem once ( thick ) worked out the bar code goes in without spaces. How was I to know?
  2. akuram

    Season Tickets

    Saints should have made all this clear when the game was cancelled. By the way I didn’t have a ticket, just interested.
  3. akuram

    Season Tickets

    But that money paid was to Hibs not Saints.
  4. akuram

    Season Tickets

    Why were refunds for the Hibs game not refunded as soon as the season was abandoned. Surely not doing so is so wrong.
  5. akuram

    Season Tickets

    The car park pass is the main reason to buy a season ticket because seats are always available. Surely they will be available. If we don’t attend it’s our fault not the clubs. I want to buy both at once and don’t care if I miss a few matches till things get back to normal if ever it does.
  6. akuram

    New Manager

    Would still be able to help out if we are short up front surely if registered as a player.
  7. akuram

    New Manager

    Tough, just my opinion take it or leave it
  8. akuram

    New Manager

    Some people will always find a negative. Lighten up and think positive.
  9. Who will not vote this time?
  10. Will it not be available through saints tv? If you are paying for season ticket to get it then surely you would not also have to pay for sky sports. Seems a great idea but what about away games?
  11. If he doesn’t want to sign then fine move on and I’m sure we will find a replacement just as good and perhaps one who might actually score a goal. He put in a fine cross sometimes but how many goals did he contribute, I think was it one. Poor for one who was a higher earner.
  12. akuram

    Season Tickets

    Will have to look at it as a sort of donation and if we get games that is a bonus. I would be ok with that as it would help the club.
  13. Must reject this for surely the final time.