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  1. GMac

    Season Tickets

    Given up - "cannot find my order details" and phones constantly engaged.
  2. GMac

    Swing low

    If it is it should be banned.
  3. GMac

    New Manager

    He was interviewed for the Raith and Morton jobs - failed to get them - why would he be good enough then ? Yeah forgot the cheap option.
  4. When I read the stats - 2 seasons 45 games and 2 goals, not a brilliant return. Best of luck in the future, thanks for your service. We move on ,keep the faith.
  5. Gentlemen, get your minds out of that gutter TV. I know times are hard at the moment, but watching that shite, come on. At least watch some 're runs of 'last of the summer wine' or something.
  6. I went for Robbo, great man manager, gets the most out of his players and is with a club with a meagre budget. Sounds like Broons ideal candidate
  7. GMac

    New Manager

    John Robertson/Liam Craig
  8. Saddened by this timing of it seems strange. Usual media suspects stand by.
  9. Kenny Aird Ian MacPhee HenyHall
  10. Let the Status Quo remain, Hearts have been pish all year, they should get no better than they deserve. Get them off to the pish league, let them and the Coags out big each other.
  11. Feck nae season in Belfast, in all seriousness, hope everybody stays safe, healthy and we will all be back supporting our blessed Saintees soon enough
  12. GMac

    Ibrox latest...

    King 'steps down' as chairman, the clock is ticking,.......
  13. Some great stuff Gus, sadly the Broons will of go for it.
  14. GMac

    New ownership

    Im still waiting on Roddy Grant's phone call