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  1. Park it up , it's going nowhere.
  2. We are due them one for the last home game against them, when we had Parrish in goals. Bad defeat to take, get into them from the off, do your job and see where it takes us (hopefully to top six). COYS
  3. A lot of Dads, Grandad's, Uncle's and Aunties, who never had the privilege of witnessing the last 10 years. A glass shall be raised tonight . Slainte
  4. ****in lovin it, very proud Crazy auld Saint. Aye aye aye.........yes sir we've got Rooney.
  5. Yes sir, we've got Rooney and he will score our goals Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney all day long. COYS.
  6. Went for Liam, but not many failures.
  7. He would be struggling to fill 1 stand at this rate.
  8. Indeed Gav, remember them well, but these days will return, when they do we can let rip. Slainte.
  9. Yes indeed, we need to move on from this, let him now fill 3 stands at Killie and I don't think.
  10. Reading this thread is giving me a right laugh. Fitba is too sanitised now. Probably get arrested for arguing with an opposition fan, no doubt a wee trip to the big house in Edinburgh road, if you banged them in the p#ss. Keep the faith, we support our home town team, mon the legends.
  11. Bryson and Conway not working, something has to change !!!!
  12. Well said Gav. Keep the faith, Saintees.