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  1. Kerr out, Rooney in. Melanie in with May up top
  2. Playing decent stuff, just need to work the goalie ffs.
  3. Pump them - deluded shower, effing hate them. COYS.
  4. Who cares - just score goals !!!
  5. Done deal, welcome - just score goals please
  6. Looked like Liam Gordon was pushed over and fell onto the Hibs man or am I looking through my blue tinted specs ?
  7. Playing a bit better than Thursday. Spoonie on for Conway and run at them.
  8. Very poor and devoid of any creativity. McNamara looks a player.
  9. A win is a win. Onwards to Thursday night.
  10. It would appear that the SG and the SPFL have not got a clue, Saints denied a game on Saturday, but why let Accie's play them a few days later ? No punishment for Eberdeen for their lack of guidelines and procedure. F*cking useless, the lot of them.
  11. They will receive not a penny of my retirement fund. Erseholes, Mon the blooooz.
  12. Such a serious self inflicted breach, deserves the appropriate punishment. They will not give the opposition teams 3 points. Why not take 3 points from Eberdeen for every game that is postponed due to this as a punishment. 3 games will have them sitting on minus 9 points. Play the postponed games whenever and batter them.
  13. Steven Lawless - good addition to the midfield, surely worth a punt ?
  14. GMac

    Season Tickets

    Given up - "cannot find my order details" and phones constantly engaged.