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  1. Went for Muzz,. so much energy, broke up there play on so many occasions.
  2. So difficult to pick one, as there were so many heroes. Opted for Zander, for his brilliants saves.
  3. Saints allocation of 300 tickets has sold out. For those interested the Mallard is open as usual ......
  4. 50 years ago, the heroes of Muirton, ventured into Europe for the first time (and I had the privilege of being at the home games). To our current heroes, whoever we play......get right intae thum, make us proud - We are Perth ya bass.
  5. GMac

    2021/22 fixtures.

    I'll have a large dram and a pint - slainte
  6. The modern footballers total lack of ambition, thanks for your service, now cheerio.
  7. I'll bring the glasses along Gus.
  8. Park it up , it's going nowhere.