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  1. Parrish, Butterfraud, MOH, Cifti - GTF. That's just for starters.
  2. Stay up via the play off - he has to go. Relegated - he has to go.
  3. The worst aspect was the reaction of the Hibs players, that pr*ck Porteous cheering the decision. Horrible outfit.
  4. Decent day oot, good to catch up with old friends. Pity about the game.
  5. Opted for Middleton, but we had no failures, brilliantly backed by the crowd, well done.
  6. In aboot thum. We are Perth Saints.
  7. Pretty spot on, which outlines the burach we are in. A combination of events and individuals at fault.
  8. Jamal Hector - Ingram, free agent, ex Derby County.
  9. Get right intae thum.... Attack from the off. Is the Muirton open - asking for a friend
  10. Voted to back him, but he will have to change the system or it will cost him his job.
  11. Aye good - outdated shite.
  12. Maybes aye maybes naw. Keep the faith - We are Perth.
  13. Thought the overall performance was better, Kane unlucky with the header came off the post. Undone by a rank ref, who refused to book Brown amongst other calamities. Keep the faith.