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  1. Any tickets still going - on the search for 1 or 2 ( would take under 16 tickets also) heading down from aberdeen so would have to pick up in Edinburgh. cheers!
  2. Today was the first game I have attended in a while as my own football was cancelled. Not the greatest in terms of quality but a thoroughly entertaining game. I can understand the point you make about MOH, however in the first half he put two outstanding balls across the 6 yard box having beat his man and each there was no one gambling on the ball going there - Wotherspoon and MacLean the guilty parties I think. Thereafter I agree he tended to hit the byline and make unsuccessful attempt to dribble into the box but I don't understand with the consistency he beats his man why others aren't automatically getting in the 6 yard box on such occasions. Also agree about Kane a much improved display compared to what I witness in the past - it's a shame Caddis doesn't seem to be following suit. Nonsense. You can't play gung-ho football for 90 mins. I think we have great balance throughout our team - wingers who can run and break at the opposition, centre forwards who can bully defenders and link play, a centre mid in Muzz who covesr a lot of ground a wins the ball back in areas he has no right to do so. Millar continues to control games in the middle of the park attempting to dictate the pace of the play and supply others - do the basics for those around him. I actually don't think he had his best game, understandably having not played for so long. In the last 10 mins were crying out for composure, struggling to keep the ball; instead trying to beat our men or play the long ball to Sutton (who I've not been impressed with whenever I've seen him in a saints shirt) - Millar looked the only one in our team who had the composure to slow the play down and keep the ball at that time.
  3. Good to hear of more saints fans up here. I'd definitely be keen on this sort of thing in the future - playing football on a Saturday afternoon so no able to make the game next weekend.
  4. Scott Brown for me. Flawless performance, broke play up well and efficiently used the ball.
  5. Anyone booked into any of the hostels in lucerne?
  6. I'm in the same boat as you Jenko82...still needing to organise accommodation.
  7. Is there still numbers for this to go ahead?
  8. Any of you guys booked accommodation yet?
  9. Afraid I'll also be unable to drive in that case.
  10. Can I put my name down for this. Don't know any of the you guys currently travelling but looks like I would have to make my own way over there anyway. No way like getting to know a group of guys like on the bus through Europe!!
  11. Chansey

    Cup Final Song

    Fantastic effort!!
  12. Anyone know of anyone travelling from Aberdeen? Looks like I'm making late changes to my travel arrangements...
  13. Reported here also: