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  1. 1 hour ago, Pat McGroin said:

    Would have happily taken a point before the game, less than 72hrs after playing in the heat of Istanbul 

    I thought that the game in Istanbul would actually have boosted their confidence and i (wrongly) expected a decent win today. Maybe missed Kerrs leadership a bit as well as a goalscorer?

    Anyway already four points behind three of our main rivals this season.

  2. 16 minutes ago, garydavidson said:

    I don't know whether to be delighted or saddened that football is so important to you that you are disappointed it has been postponed for a virus that is wiping out vulnerable people.

    Ready the statement for Klopp and see why class can not be bought.

    And compare it with Lennon's despite the fact that it has been 30 years for Liverpool.