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  1. Yes, and the Creditors of all their other associated companies. Been told this week that they will get nothing.
  2. I don't think that they will be in Europe long. They may well however use their Manager's knowledge to pick up some decent Irish players though. Look what Derry did to Gretna and others last year in Europe. Better place to visit than Airdrie etc so should be a good atmosphere.
  3. I am not even convinced he had the ability. He certainly did not have the concentration or desire. As for Jase it looks likely that he will go. Don't think Nathan is the answer though I liked his attitude last time round.
  4. Stirling are closer and I think would be easier to beat than Airdrie have been this Season. However they may be easier for everybody else to beat too. My memories of games in the past against Stirling are all wins though I do tend to forget bad results more easily.
  5. Yes, the guy Kenny looks like a good motivator. St Midden would be on a huge downer and are no better than last Season. We are much better than last Season.
  6. As an older Saint what was the song that finished "Connolly [or Pearson] is better than Eusabio and Henry is better than anyone"? Just remember it vaguely as a kid at Muirton. Sounded like it started like [Aye aye aye aye.]
  7. It would have been best if regular [ not just Season ticket] supporters got first choice but unfortunately it can't now happen. Hopefully some of the part timers will become full timers in the future. By the way I know 4 Season Ticket holders who were respectively Celtic/Celtic/Rangers and Aberdeen supporters as youngsters so they can change. My own Dad's job took him all over the country so he supported Aberdeen when he lived there but changed to Saints when he moved here in the sixties. Now 4 of his family are Season ticket holders.
  8. Cuthbert- 7. Makes mistakes but keeps coming back. Halliwell- 4. Not too impressive. Lawrie.- 6 Now looks a steady player. Anderson. 7 Going to get even better. James. 8. For his leadership [and aerial threat]. McManus 7. Gets stuck in. Mensing. 7.5. For effort plus if you need to rattle the opposition's playmaker. Stanic 9. Class player. Hardie 9 Would have been 10 if from January but looked clumsy at times early in the Season. Sheerin- 7 Should have been more but had a poor mid season. McInnes 5. Had some good games. McLaren 4. Has a lot to prove. Morais. 6 Talented. Likely to improve with experience. Jason. 8 Should have been more with his talent. Peaso. 8 For effort [and skill] Savo 7 Would have been more if not for the injuries. Jackson 4 Didn't take the rare opportunity to impress. Maybe needs a run in team. Dyer 4 Didn't really get the chance to impress Stevenson 4 Young 3
  9. I got a ticket thanks to my brother but I do feel a bit sorry for Season Ticket holders who missed out. I do remember one Season in the early nineties when I didn't buy a Season because I expected to be working either 1 or 2 weekends out of 3. However due to luck and swapping shifts I only missed one home game all Season and so spent more than Season ticket holders. Anyone in a similar situation to that would also deserve a ticket. ps The following year I got a Season ticket but ended up working every second Saturday and only got to 8 games.
  10. Saints fans were great. Peaso had a stormer and Hardie was magnificent in the second half. Very little if any contact with the pen. Just seen it on video. Arguably if Vinegar hadnt jumped The Cat would have clattered him so was probably wrong to dive in anyway. James should have cleared the header anyway. My wife says match stats had Saints with as many shots on goal as Celtic.
  11. Monaco away because my wife was ill in hospital then missed them at home despite having a ticket because I got ill.
  12. Dundee United 7 Saints 0. First time I had been to Tannadice.
  13. Best The 3-1 v Airdrie. Same season away to Thistle was good and winning at Ayr to go up. 5-0 v Aberdeen. The 0-0 v Rangers at Parkhead in cup semi. Hearts 3-0 in Edinburgh. All wins against the OF, Dundee and Utd.
  14. I'm going because I made an arrangements to meet up with a mate who now lives in Kendall. Staying the night down there for a bevvy or two. Have to be honest and say that if I had seen the second half on Saturday before making plans for the game I might not have bothered.
  15. Couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for Kev listening to that. Hopefully he should not have to worry about getting his place back for the Semi.
  16. I also thought that he [Teale] put in a few good crosses in the first half. However I am a fan of Scotty Brown and would give him a game any time, though perhaps not on the wing.
  17. Great result. Had to miss this one due to family commitment. Now need to follow up with an away win! Is it Clyde next?
  18. Yes, if they can take control of the midfield we should win this. They will have to play better than they did at Dens though. With games running out this really is a must win game.