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  1. For some reason Alistair Stevenson didn't fancy him. There was a gap before Utd stepped in and he was not happy Saints had let him go. Doing fine now though and his family at least his dad are Utd supporters. Back to Gormley. Hope that he will do a job up front! We Definately need someone as first choice along with McLean.
  2. Personally I hope Brad being missing does not mean he is on his way. I think there is a player in there. Defenders do take time to develope and learn how to defend properly as we have seen here in the past.
  3. I think that there is a player in there somewhere. How long did it take Ando to be trusted here? Also I am not convinced Dave cup tie can be first choice either at full back or central defence [despite his fantastic history here).
  4. Remember seeing Rangers get three penalties at Muirton against us way back in the seventies.
  5. 12 grand a week at Celtic is what he was on. Don't think that he will come here. Doubt if Hibs will pay enough to keep him either. Could have been entertaining though with him and Paton together.
  6. oops forgot that one. Ok two good games v us then. Played ok v ICT recently too if I recall but has too many injuries. Doesn't seem that keen to come here either.
  7. I would take Rankin before either of them despite his age. Saw them a few times due to the young lads involvement and he was the only one who impressed at least sometimes. Dow had a good game in the cup final v us but has done nothing since Imo
  8. They sure are. Rangers play a much better style of football. Their fans however are in a different league for obnoxiousness. Come on the Hibbees.
  9. Norsaint

    Top Six

    Surely a draw does v Killie unless there is a huge score from Thistle? If we can't get the draw then we don't deserve top six.
  10. It is frustrating. Earlier in the season hammered a good counterattacking team at Pittodrie and a free flowing Sevco at Ibrox. Now thumped an in your face Jambo team at Tynie. How can we lose to Killie, Thistle etc at home?
  11. 24th March 2007 though prob lurked before that.
  12. How are Hibs sales going? a Hibbie at my work says there are loads left from their second wave of sales. Surely if that is the case the 500 should go to Saints. If necessary leave a big gap.
  13. If there is such a clause what would happen if we didn't play him? Surely Celtic could only recall him? Win-win for us.
  14. My main memory of the sixties team was how inconsistent they were except for the second half of the season they finished 3rd. Played some great football though. Can't really compare with the modern era. They were doubtless more skillful but not half as fit or organised as the current side. Wish we could have a modern version of Hall and Connolly though.
  15. Steven Thomson did say yesterday that the fight for 2nd place is a three way one with Saints challenging Hearts and Aberdeen. All the more reason for putting the pressure on by getting three points on Friday night.
  16. Good idea. Remember how many pubs were Aberdeen only last time. Could do with knowing that there are some we can def get in this time.
  17. Got to be Tommy for MOM for October. MOH didn't play enough probably for POM. Anyway second top scorers. Who would have believed that last season? Onwards and upwards. Let's get above Hearts!
  18. Score one and go 5th. Lose one 9th. I will settle for 1 point and staying 7th while hoping for a chance to Nick a winner.
  19. Can't understand why he has stuck with our third best goalkeeper personally? Defence didn't help much either or the officials. Touch of offside there.