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  1. This. I am usually over optimistic in big Scotland games but the Georgian game dented that big style. I can see us being out by end of Thursday which is unacceptable imo. hopefully I am wrong.
  2. Man of the match Michael O'Halloran. Quite fckn right.
  3. They look much quicker. Apart from that one Lappin effort its all Rangers. oops Muzz yes ya beauty,
  4. Any reports on how Fisher is playing and how Shaughnessy is playing in the middle? Nice to see McLean with his scoring boots on again. 5 this season now?
  5. He was one of the better players tonight imo.
  6. rumoured to be 800k. Do we get a cut of sell on fee if less than transfer to SW?
  7. Let's hope for a much improved performance in the second half. Apparently no shots at goal so far.
  8. Just home from the game. Felt atmosphere was pretty flat compared with usual at Dens. MOH our only real threat but wasn't brought into the game enough. Missed their second but believe Midge gave it away. Could well have scraped a draw with Bain having a wonder save tipping the ball over the bar from I think Cummins. Equally Bain was their man of the match so shows we weren't that far away. Ps Liam disappointing for me and central defence (Scobbie) seems to have one lapse at least every game.
  9. Hit the post earlier too. Now don't sit back Saints!
  10. Red for me. Wasn't exactly heading away from goal and still had an easy angle to get a shot on target. Defender may have got back but that doesn't mean he would stop it. Key word is opportunity and he would still have had that. Would not have been happy if it was a Sts player brought down.
  11. These lower division defences don't look too good!
  12. If he plays Craig it has to be on the left or mid. His worst games previously for us were when he played wide right.
  13. Don't really care where he goes but would prefer he isn't playing against us. Still a legend for his performances last season.
  14. Dave and Ando (or Scobbie) would scare me at the back should we face any team who have half decent headers of the ball. If Fraz is away we need another tough and competitive in the air CB. Maybe one of the new guys?
  15. Lots of reasons to hate the Rankers but I didn't see them as particularly dirty in the Seventies. Greig was hard and in modern times would be sent off every week but at the time his tackling was seen as ok. Jardine got a bit sneaky late in his career as he lost his pace but was hardly dirty. One of my fav players for Scotland along with Mcgrain. Mcleam? Tommy not known for being dirty and don't think any of his brothers played for Rangers
  16. Remember being told about a Chinese restaurant that would serve drink to anybody if they bought food at lunch time. Tried it out with mates one Saturday and were amazed to get pints of lager. This was early seventies but can't remember where it was. North Methven St or Kinnoul St maybe? We were about 13/14 at the time and the food we bought was mostly chips.
  17. For me heading along the A90 in the morning towards Perth it was just like heading to any big match but reaching the flyover at Glencarse and seeing the Saints banners hanging off the bridge brought tears to the eye and a confidence to us even though surrounded by Utd buses and cars . By the time we passed Broxden there was a feeling that this was going to be our day and so it turned out.
  18. Need to win next week now. Personally I think 4rth is the realistic target so I am looking for ICT to beat Utd twice as Utd's finish v Dundee is easier than ours.
  19. Any chance of 3 goals here or is that too much to ask?
  20. Any truth in the rumour going round that the new CO was a Celtic ST holder? Not suggesting that this influenced the decision to cite Meekings.