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    Norsaint reacted to Steve McQueen in Dundee United v Saints Saturday 9th January - Tayside Derby   
    I'd say starting is much less of a risk than bringing on needing something. We have 5 subs, give him the 1st half.
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    Norsaint reacted to Cagey in St.Mirren V St.Johnstone - Saturday 19th December   
    That was a bit premature.
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    Norsaint reacted to Widge in Motherwell V St.Johnstone - League Cup 28th November   
    I've been keeping track of it this season and out of the 30 predictions (Both Amy Irons and Guest), I've got it as 1 win predicted, 7 draws and 22 losses. It's a miracle that we've got any points at all!!
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    Norsaint reacted to south inch in Peterhead vs St Johnstone 14/11/20   
    "Driving rain and wind"?  That's a pleasant Autumn day in Peterhead.
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    Norsaint reacted to Jamie_Beatson in NEW ARTICLE: Callum Davidson - the only Saints manager who can make Judy Murray cry
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    Norsaint reacted to THE LARK SAINT in New Manager   
    Here is my take on the topic 
    There has been no rush to appoint a manager both due to Covid and the need not to pay someone just now
    The manager will be appointed before the end of June
    It will be Callum Davidson. 
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    Norsaint reacted to Ginger Bakers rebel army in The big COVID-19 Shutdown   
    If fixtures not completed we should be given an extra point and a bit to put us above Hibs for year end prize money in lou of our average points per game from our 29 games played to date compared to other teams 30 games. 
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    Norsaint reacted to blueheaven in The big COVID-19 Shutdown   
    I don't see what the problem is - aren't we all disappointed?
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    Norsaint reacted to slf in St.Mirren V St.Johnstone - Wednesday 4th March   
    Clearly the team put there all into the cup tie .Wednesday came around too quick.
    even Celtic struggled as well.
    nice wee point .
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    Norsaint reacted to MrBored in Saints v Sevco Feb 2020   
    Thought we really gave them too much 'respect', particularly late in the first half, early second. Feared the worst when Kamberi scored his goal (which was a cracker). Fair play to the team getting back to 2-2. Earlier in the season we would have folded at 1-2.
    A couple of negatives....Wotherspoon & Wright were poor in the second half and their inability to pass the ball almost cost us.
    Clark was a bomb scare in the first half when the ball came in from the wings...he is really lacking confidence from crosses. Other than that side of his game he had a couple of really good saves.
    Hendry and a more confident May look good for the rest of the season.
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    Norsaint reacted to Templar Saint in Player contracts and transfers   
    At least Butcher and Jones will be able, if selected, to play every match and the team will not have to be changed when play the ugly sisters.
    Rather have them than eg Ralston from Tic or indeed Holt from The The
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    Norsaint reacted to ejksjfc in Saints v Hearts   
    I’m with THE LARK SAINT on this one it’s feckin annoying when people can’t spell an integral part of Saints (also a club legend) correctly.
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    Norsaint reacted to Shaggy Jenkins in Saints v Celtic 29th january   
    Tactics, formation mean **** all. THE only way to beat the OF is to close them down quickly give them no space. Certainly not giving them free reign into your last third unopposed
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    Norsaint reacted to slf in Player contracts and transfers   
    Scored a fluke against Barcelona and been living on that ever since I believe.
    stay well clear of that scamming cart horse .
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    Norsaint reacted to R.B.B:- Adz in St.Johnstone V Kilmarnock - Saturday 25th January   
    It was tongue in cheek lads
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    Norsaint reacted to garydavidson in St.Johnstone V Kilmarnock - Saturday 25th January   
    Celtic and rangers. More a job of keeping the goals against down.
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    Norsaint got a reaction from dunkeldneil in St.Johnstone V Kilmarnock - Saturday 25th January   
    Who are they against?
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    Norsaint got a reaction from south inch in St.Johnstone V Kilmarnock - Saturday 25th January   
    Who are they against?
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    Norsaint reacted to Melbourne Saint in Livingston V St.Johstone - Wednesday 22nd January   
    Last roll of the dice. 3 subs on... c'mon Hendry
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    Norsaint reacted to Ginger Bakers rebel army in Would 14 team top division benefit Saints?   
    With around 7million extra TV money from next season I think this would be the ideal time for 3 divisions of 14 teams. 
    Play each other once, equals 26 games then split 7 and 7 playing each other home and away to make a further 12 games, total 38.
    Retain a down 1 up and the playoffs. 
    Bottom 7 in top division loose 1 old firm home game but this is more than compensated from the increased prize money. 
    If you make the top 7 you are guaranteed 2 further old firm home games. 
    2 additional teams would mean additional grounds to visit which has to be a good thing. 
    From saints point of view, we are so established in the top division this structure would secure our top flight status for many years to come. 
    It would create a level playing field on matches played and would increase the likelihood of more local derbies which would be a great thing. 
    With a 7 and 7 split there is incentive all season to finish as high as possible. 
    Below the top division there would be 2 new divisions of 14teams each. 
    Relegation could be cancelled this year and the top 2 from the championship promoted. 
    What do you think? 
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    Norsaint reacted to Ginger Bakers rebel army in Player contracts and transfers   
    Probably worth a short term contract on a paid by the goal basis, not sure he's near as deadly as Chris kane but would be worth a punt. 
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    Norsaint reacted to Ginger Bakers rebel army in 3 Stands for Old Firm   
    Would be much better if old firm fans were held back 15 minutes after the end of the game to allow the good people of Perth to leave peacefully and not subject to some of the disgusting behaviour of the old firm. 
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    Norsaint reacted to Templar Saint in Seasons Greetings   
    To all Saintees hope you are having a fantastic christmas and that the New Year brings everything that you wish for.
    Cup run to the final would be good.