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    hilly,hilly,hilly,hillyland,we are the boys from hillyland.
    Muirton Park ballboy many moons ago.Saintee through and through.Exiled down south now but get to games as much as I can.
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    retired gigolo

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  1. To quote Bowie" we can be heroes".
  2. Where they flying back to? They deserve a better reception than even The Beatles.
  3. Would't be where we are today. I am so happy to be a Saintee. How many people would love to be where we are today?
  4. So proud of my team, my manager, the backroom staff and as Callum says in post match interview the Browns who have put so much into the team we all love and adore and probably w
  5. Just managed to get myself down from living room ceiling.Still can't believe what we've done.May live far away but Saints are in my heart.
  6. One of a kind Jimmy. From an ex ballboy.
  7. Been a Saintee for more than 50 years and can honestly say this has got to be the best time ever.Yes, we've had some amazing times, Airdrie game at at McDiarmid springs to mind but I am so proud of current team and what Callum has done and all managers before getting us to where we are now and no matter what happens on 22nd May we can hold our heads up high and be proud of what our "diddie" team has achieved. COYS.
  8. The Saviour returns.And I'm crossing just about everything hoping that is at least half true.Come on Stevie.Always thought he' d be back.Just not so soon but over the moon anyway.
  9. Was at both games and got autographs.Remember Mcdonald scoring straight from kick off.Ice Rink end if I remember correctly.
  10. Devastating news. Thanks for the memories Cuptie. All the best for the future. True Saints legend.