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  1. Great idea Ginger. Sure most supporters would love the opportunity to say a proper farewell. He truly is a Club legend. Thanks for everything Tommy and all the best to you and Anne and also whatever you go on to in football.We have many fantastic memories to look back on.
  2. Sorry Random but have to disagree. A compromise agreement will have been signed by TW preventing any negative comments from him but ask yourself why so many people with close connections to the Club are stating problems over the relationship between KR and TW.
  3. yahoorsir

    New Manager

    Barry f******* Ferguson . Absolutely no way and for good measure not Dodds,, Fat Sally, Danny Lennon, Ian Mcall, Jim MCintyre,,Hartley, Jim Duffy,Austin McpHee and Ian Cathro. The list of don't wants is much longer than possibles. Sheerin potentially and of the experienced managers Robertson would be a good shout
  4. Pretty certain you will find Kirsten Robertson's pawprints are all over this!
  5. Fandabidozi.. Interesting to see that she bottled pulling the Ugly Sisters match on Sunday!
  6. Thoroughly deserved win today with some fantastic performances from Spoony, McCann, Muzz and Kerr. Seeing the celebrations at the 3rd goal and the end showed it meant a lot to most of the players. Only downside was Duffy who basically again gave away the goals and again looked out of his depth. Straight through middle at first and totally stupid free kick to give away at the second. Dread to think what Ikpeazu will do against him on Wednesday. Personally would bring in Madis for that one. Still shouldn't grumble too much and let's celebrate a couple of great finishes and enjoy the evening. Upwards and onwards. Let's now get off the bottom of the league.
  7. I would but I have a sore back and not sure if it will be better by 31 August.
  8. I have kept quiet over this Summer's debacle until now but the bottom line is that I have had a season ticket now for over 30 years and like the Chairman I can't be arsed. Given the absolute shambles of this transfer window and the Chairman clearly not giving a toss, I am seriously considering not using my season ticket as I have no stomach to watch absolute pish on the pitch week after week. I have gone home and away to the bottom of the second division with St Johnstone and enjoyed the climb backup despite the various relegations in between but since the cup win my enthusiasm has waned under Steve Brown's woeful stewardship. I wouldn't mind the inevitable relegation if we actually gave ourselves a fighting chance and would continue to support the team but for now I have more enthusiasm for weeding the garden than I do going to a Saints game. For those supporters that do continue to stick by them well done but I for one have had enough. As for giving up a Thursday night to attend something like this, you must be joking. I will be giving it a wide body swerve as I see absolutely no point in attending and suspect many others will too. I doubt if 20 people will turn up on the night. When that happens you can then hear the moans from the Chairman of why bother when no one will even bother turning up to an open forum. Still he's bomb proof!
  9. yahoorsir

    Brian Easton

    if he can stay fit that might be a decent long term option as he is left footed. Now that teams have sussed the way we play out from the back and cut off the supply to Kerr and focus on Shaughnessy who has been pretty gash recently it should hopefully stop us passing the ball straight to the opposition quite so much. He also wouldn't be a bad shout for captain. Staying fit though is inevitably key.
  10. yahoorsir

    Brian Easton

    Not quite the full story re Ferguson. When he was bleating to the Press how Saints had supposedly shafted him, he never once mentioned that he had knocked back the contract on offer before he got injured as he wanted more money. Ferguson is a player that I totally despise. If he hadn't been so greedy he would have had a signed contract to fall back on.
  11. Like RBB I think this might mean McMillan moving on as we are probably top heavy up front even with Drey Wright out plus Scougall to move on too Interestingly MOH knocked back more money from Motherwell to sign on again at Saints
  12. Most Saints fans would take O'Halloran or Swanson and they can't get games for teams who finished below Aberdeen.
  13. We could a lot worse than Tansey, Lawless and Storey. The latter won't be everyone's choice but he would give us the option of genuine pace up top which we don't currently have. Probably not a starter but a decent option for the bench.
  14. Clark signs for Arabs. That's a relief one bullet dodged at least.
  15. Every second game he is crap but can certainly provide a creative spark.