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  1. Car park attendant at Mc Diarmid. No experience necessary.
  2. Fair play to the 3 companies backing Saints.
  3. Put some more up Roy, great memories.
  4. Very sad news indeed, we had some laughs growing up and some great days out watching Saints, treasured memories I won’t forget . RIP John
  5. Looking a bit more sinister now.
  6. I saw GMS sink without trace in a game at Celtic Park once.
  7. Loan deal is fine, if he's any good he will get offered a deal.
  8. He's gone. i hope they don't want Tommy.
  9. Derek Bygraves Mc Iness wants to sell us a Storey.
  10. This Storey is miles better than the Sammon storey that's leaping a bad taste in the mouth.
  11. How much is a pound of Sammon these days ?
  12. The Sammon rumour has just taken a giant leap.
  13. There's a good chance Thistle can get MOH. The lottery winners are putting a bit of money into Thistle and would probably pay his wages. Surely we can get a young striker in from some club down south that needs game time. If we don't bring somebody in it's going to be a slog as everybody else has threnghened quite a bit.
  14. This rain is going to have a major impact on tonight's attendance, that's if it's still on.
  15. Extremely nervous about this game, they are on a good run of form, can't afford to let them get an away goal.
  16. Dear Steve, We probably have on average 10 wheelchair users at home games. lf we charge them a tenner to park there wheel chairs in the ground , that's £100 a game with the potential of over £ 2000 plus a season. G. b****** Padded Seat West Stand.
  17. The car park is always at least half empty at most games anyway.