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  1. Help me out, if you would. Do players share in any transfer fee that is paid for them?
  2. I managed to watch the game live over here. 'Nice to see the boys win. By the way, I had a birthday the other day and was most pleasantly surprised to receive a birthday card fromSJFC. It had been signed by all the players, so I was well pleased. I think my daughter must have 'phoned and pestered the office! Thanks, Saints.
  3. I'm watching the game live and there seems a lot of empty seats. On what appears to be a lovely evening, against the League Champions and bigots supreme, where are Saintees?
  4. I'm watching the game live and there seems a lot of empty seats. On what appears to be a lovely evening, against the League Champions and bigots supreme, where are Saintees?
  5. I got the feed on you tube. It most certainly was superior to the Beeb feed.
  6. I ordered my pipe tobacco there from the time I left Perth until they closed. 'Hal o' the Wynd' mixture. I never could afford their pipes. Smudge
  7. Eskimo Mink, we finally feckin' did it, mate! Without us codgers, it would have been impossible for the boys. Stevie May, ya feckin' dancer! We're gonna win this thing, I feel it in me' watter. Additionally, it's a derby. They should play the gemme on the South Inch. Get stuck into them, Boys. Smudge
  8. Like come home after a long foreign visit. Same old, same old by the same old, same old. "Dirty Old Town". Do just a wee bit of research, and I doubt you will find much Scots about it. All same-same with another obscure Ewan McCall song. "The first Time Ever I Saw Her Face", sung by Roberta Flack, the only real thing injected into the bollocks written about Ewan's songs. Ah, Shane, we hardly knew ye. Smudge Thumb up for the Eskimo Mink. John!
  9. It is possible, just possible, that the Boys could go into a Cup Final as the favourites. How 'bout that?
  10. I was in Wikipedia and noticed that Danny Lidddel, John's brother was not listed as a St. Johnstone player. Can this be sorted? I don't know how to do it. Smudge
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    I'm done.

    I thought that I had met all of the rhymes-with-bankers. I've been from BH and all the way to today. Dev had my vote, for the longest time, for the person most screaming for attention by posting six million posts in about seven minutes, but this one has me beat. But good luck to him, her or it. I don't mind if you step on my Blue Suede shoes. You can even mess with my hair. But don't step on my family. Thank you to all of the great people I've 'met' here. Keep the faith and "this" to will pass. Ragged nails, I hope. And bad 'cess to them who think kaka is gold. Smudge
  12. If Nelly dyed her hair blonde, Griff knows where she found the time with around thirteen kids. As to the bristols; try having thirteen children, Andy. Yours would grow too. She was a lovely young woman who was widely desired when a teen. Nelly became a woman who had an inner loveliness that she tended to keep hidden, but it was there for those she cared for. Smudge
  13. Soup said Hunters', Andy, just around the coorner from 24 Ruthven. When I came home, I stayed with relatives on Ruthven. Right across from Ruthven place. A few doors down, away from the fitba' pitch, were the McConnels(sp). Billy was a good buddy. His Dad hada paper shop on the town. Below my Aunt's were an Irish family, and Packy Quinn was a tight buddy before I left for good. The 'Houle lived at the corner. In Ruthven place, there was Dot Winton and Anne Baxter. Very exotic in the day because they had Canadian accents for a while when they first came. I was daft for Dot but, of course..... Crish O'Malley, I fell in love so easily in those days. 'Haven't changed much. My best friend when we were kids was Johnny Allen. We left Perth on the same day, he to the Air Force and me to the Merch. I have a boatload of memories from those daysand they seem shining but I also remember it pissin' rain, too. As Ziggy says of his Dad, places like that get into the blood. There were so many people in such a confined space that you had lots of choices for friendsand enemies. It wasn't that 'cleeky', although there some who thought themselves that wee bit better than everyone else. That's true anywhere though. Smudge
  14. Saints 2 Hibs 0 Davidson 3250 Smudge
  15. Famy and Shug Lowther. Conn, Jimmy and John (rip) Kelly. And me old mate, Dennis. Nelly Mclean and some several children. She kept the cleanest house I have ever seen. We are related. (Cheers, Nell, 'me ould duck). Tarzan McLean up the next close. Avril Lackie doon the stairs, with her sister, Wendy. Her Dad was a taxi driver and her older brother (Ron, I think had a feckin' big Alsation dug). Avril also had a younger brother with a coagie heid'. I'm sorry I don't remember his name because he was a good kid. Ah, Crish O'malley, Avril. 'Loved you then. Love you now. Big George O'Brian, Kitty-Corner to us. He wasn't that big, but he seemed so at the time. At 24 was Josie. Josie, I won't fail ya, if I can only catch ya. I didn't. Her Dad, Mr. Sinclair, worked with the 'Swifts when I was training for them. The Clephanes a couple of closes doon. Jeanie, and the rest. And Fay. Didn't catch her either. (There seems to be a theme here about my success with women!) Bob Kennedy and his family were there and there about in Ruthven Terrace with his wife, Margaret Townsend 'Had a Sunday breakfast at his brother's after a gemme at Muirton. Cue: "Bus stop, wet day, please share my umbrella." (The Hollies). So I did. Jimmy and Liz Law were in the next close, I think. Weegies, but good with it. Jimmy Park, Parkie. Between us, we put away a lot of V.P. We'd show up at Muirton, shouting the odds and looking for aggro and, now and again, finding it. Brian Guild, Guildie, at 15 Hunter's. A spectacular night at some ex-serviceman's club doon the Lade with Jimmy Law, Danny Goldie (McGoldrick) Guildie and me. Some glasses were broke, some tables were turned. The fifth member of our party was the one who made the kick-off of that particular shindig. I can't remember his name but he was something else. Interesting ending to that night, too. The McCormicks. The thises' and thatses'. June. I remember a dark-haired, lovely girl who was so beautiful that the studs of Hunters could only insult her. They called her 'titless' because she was not busty, but my, oh my. Across the way way, Alice. Alice Rylance. Alice grabbed me by the heart when I was 12, and she still had me until she moved to Fife. Cheers, Alice, you will always be my "Tootsie." I could go on to the rest of the scheme, but I won't. Ruthven Ave., Ruthven Place. All in all, it would be a great book, but I'm not going to write it. Not tonight, anyway. I have to end with my two favourites: Cully. Junie Meikelum. Griff rest 'ya, Andrew McCully, probably the best Saintee in history. June, if I had stayed in Scotland, I would have stayed for you. 'Missed that one also. Someone should write this down before it all disappears. Zig? Ainslie? I'll probably get slagged for all of this, but the person who posed the original post might well be interested. Smudge
  16. Soup I was in 26d some years earlier. Are you familiar with Alexander's buses? I would fain be a cliff. Smudge
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    Faithfully, every so often. Now and again, the cocktail of Prozac, Charles Wells IPA and Oban Malt improves my mood. Who would grudge? Smudge
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    It was a typo, me lud, a typo I tells ya! 'Nuttin' to do with the pure Candan air or rye. It was England and Scotland what's to blame. And who is someone who lives in a Hanoi box drinkin' Margaritas to say? Even his friends say he's well spotty. And that friend thinks the Rviera is in Singapore:) I rests 'me case, Yor Worship. Smudge (Commutes between Oban and Bedford)
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    It's still Tuesday,November 22 here in Canada, so I'll take a moment to RIP John F. Kennedy. On this day in 1962 the lights went out in Dallas. Smudge