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  1. After a wee look at Bert Kassies site, I had usbas seeded in the first round and provably seedednin the second? And CH the seedings (and yes I know this tough) and that emgives a third round home and away against the likes of Schalke, Villarreal or Marseilles
  2. St Johnstone are the first Scottish club (that still exists) - excluding Celtic - to play four consecutive seasons yaadaayadaahyadaah
  3. A wee trip to the arctic circle anyone? Tromso?
  4. biffer

    Liam Craig

    I have a general rule that players going back to a club they were at previously are never as good second time round. Exception to this rule is obviously Roddy, but generally you'll find it's true.
  5. Let's face it, adding 500 on to the average home crowd would be a big boost. An extra £200-250k of ticket income would be well received and well used.
  6. Top 6 is priority. A good run in one of the cups, group stage of the Europa League would be the dream.
  7. Churchill is a UK Prime Minister, as are several others on the list. Just seemed a little odd to have a 19th century Italian revolutionary in amongst all the MPs.
  8. This is something we can really agitate for. Write to your local councillor. It's more difficult to work on the stand as you're asking a man to name something after his dad, which is a bit mor awkward. Freeman of Perth on the other hand, we can all put pressure on our elected representatives. He would join a fairly impressive list - including Garibaldi!
  9. Unseeded unfortunately
  10. The Famous Grouse statue has a giant Saints scarf and hat on
  11. There's a beer festival on at Summerhall this weekend...
  12. Have you told your mate to contact the Inveralmond Brewery to see if he can get some of the blue Saints Ale for the day? That'd be a great touch and I'm sure Inveralmond would help him out if they can.