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  1. Nothing to suggest it will be any better, a few of the better players have left, getting the usual sound bites about signings and as usual missing out, this will go on through the summer and end up with a few English academy loanees. The standard of football was awful a team that could hardly string a couple of passes together, but the worry is the chairman seems to rate Davidson and from Davidson it appears it’s never his fault it’s the players, the pitch, playing in Europe. Still think we should of emptied him in January after Kelty, yep kept us up, but look at the position we were in a year ago we were an attractive proposition for signing targets, now players will not be so keen to move here, he is a big part of the shambles we are now, would love him to prove me wrong but just don’t see it.
  2. Aye a couple of caddies for the golf, reward for the gaffer and the board continuing to keep us punching above our weight!!
  3. Why would any supporter want Davidson to fail, all I'm interested in is my team staying in the top league and playing occasional entertaining football, but what I see at the moment is the wrong manager making a complete arse of it, but if you think he is doing a good job our views of football differ, but each to their own. Other supports would have turned by now, but the backing during all games has been fantastic, yeah people get frustrated, but the players can't complain the supporters backing has been superb, but come half nine on Monday I think you will see what the support think of Mr Davidson if we go down!
  4. Takes of our two biggest threats and replaces them with two snails that are both well past their sell buy, worry is not just Davidson thinks these are the right subs, but if any of the coaching team had any balls to say wrong subs, or are they just yes men? We did miss a few chances to put this to bed, poor refereeing decisions for the goal, but again a clueless manager has caused the most of the problems, why no ohalleron, their defence was pretty ropey and pace was causing problems, so he brings on his mate stevie. brown surely can see the issue as most of the support can, a good support tonight again, but if he stays in whatever league we are they are going to lose a hell of a lot of season tickets with this guy in charge, no fan of Dodds but at least he was honest he made mistakes, not our Callum it was all down to the referee nothing to do with the subs, as both players looked pissed off to be coming off, so clearly tactical rather than any injury. .
  5. Tbf even at his age probably offers more than the midfield maestros crawford and macpherson, absolute zoomer but got more heart than these pair of wage thieves
  6. Your points are correct re punching size of city etc, not so sure about well run these days, but we have managed to maintain our position at the top table consistently over the last decade and there was going to be a time this happened, but I think what the issue is the speed of where we were at the beginning of the season to where we are now has been something else. Saints used to have plan B seems we just spunked money on any player available and offered deals to very poor players who are not at the level required, coukd counter that they are decent and its the way the manager sets them up. Anyone with a bit of football knowledge can see what a mess this team is, and I do think for any chance if we do get a play off would be better without the manager, as others have alluded to he just doesn't see where he is going wrong and if we do get through he will be hailed as some sort of success and he gets to lead us again next season, and the longer term thing is an even bigger worry where it will lead if he is in charge based on this season's efforts.
  7. If he had any decency should walk tonight, I think we stand a better chance in any potential play off if he wasn’t here, and he can take MacLean and eck with him, need a total clear out, let’s no go back the way and appoint former managers, a fresh start is needed, only problem is they will inherit the total dross like Crawford, ,MacPerson with their long term contracts, who sanctioned these at boardroom level, add to that cifti, May, butterfield, booth, brown, Parrish, underperformers like macart, Gordon. Tried to look at their positives along with the other dross in the team and my first impressions were right they are shit and lack fight, and are huge part of the reason we are where we are along with cautious cals tactics. but still waiting on the know your place, shite in the eighties, punching above our weight crew to justify this shit fest is okay and we should just accept this, nah the Manager is dragging this club down with his shit anti football tactics when we were in a decent place 9 months ago and signed a whole lot of dross, who knows if it was him, the recently departed recruitment dude or broon, some fcuker has made a right mess of it!.
  8. Jeez this is some read, I still go along and think saints will win every week even now, maybe deluded hope but nae point going if think otherwise, maybe blind loyalty, I want Callum to succeed but I have questioned his tactics and said he should maybe go, usually a reaction after a game etc, we all deal with it differently, but regardless of opinion we all care and love the club, but channel it in different ways rightly or wrongly, I don't have inside info of what goes on at board level, politics in the club, I'm not a coach, but I've played and watched enough football over the years to know the current performances are not good enough and there are a lot of mitigating factors that most if ys are not party to. I was there from the seventies, eighties etc yeah hear the punching etc and the younger fan expectation of we should be higher up the league as that's all they gave ever known, but I still think we should be doing better in performance on the pitch and forward planning as a club. But with anything in life you can always aim higher and not accept what you have or way things were, maybe no get to where you want but let's not accept mediocrity.
  9. Point is no use we need three, no going anywhere with this guy in charge, makeshift Aberdeen defence and brings on stevie fcuking may, why bother signing all these players
  10. Agree they won't change the manager, but your point too early is where the biggest issue is, what we need is right here right now, we can't afford to bed in see how they go, we need results now, so the complete lack of forward planning in the summer regardless who is to blame is the issue. Its been the perfect storm, a poor recruitment strategy, managers tactics, injuries, aging players, loss of form, other years we would hear we'll be fine it's saints etc, this year is one too far, we are up shit creak at this moment, first half at paisley wasnt bad but we went back to previous form second half, we really need 6 or being greedy 9 out of the next three games to keep pressure on the diddies and others above.
  11. Totally correct McCart been getting a lot if stick about his displays, but Liam Gordon hasn't been much better, but he goes under the radar, his distribution is awful, when mahon came on for him at livi last week the defence looked far better and we started to play better from the back.
  12. Probably is, but never appears straightforward!
  13. Don't know the idiosyncrasies but celtic seem to just sign all the Japanese players and they go right into their team, maybe to do with caps at international level but certainly we seem to be last in the queue!
  14. This league is the place to be, so need start putting a good fight in to maintain, yeah all the reminiscing is great, but the lower leagues are shit, as they said before was good for 1 year, but 7 that was hard going.