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  1. The Macca one is a strange one, yeah would love the guy back, but past it as a player at this level and how much coaching has he done,maybe about the same as Liam but at hearts youths, just using the head rather than the heart here feel Liam would offer more in playing front, can't compare coaching as dont know enough about either of them in that role, just with money tight and squad numbers low feel craig would be better value in the assistant role to support Cleland, but happy if either giving the chance!
  2. Davidson or fletcher would be decent choices, Davidson for obvious reasons knows the club and a decent coach, Darren Fletcher would be more if a gamble, but always comes across well in interviews as a pretty grounded intelligent guy who would command respect from the players, if still playing extra option for the middle.
  3. Pretty poor show as usual in communicating with the support as mentioned above, even could gave advised people what the options were for refund of tickets like hibs ones, season ticket refunds (before anyone jumps on that I am quite happy for them to keep anything offered as not in need if it) but some folk have been hit hard financially and might want something back, but not even a mention if options, too much assumptions the support will just accept this lack of communication as they always do, but in comparison to a lot if our competitors its piss poor. At least give people options and keep them informed its not 30 years ago and no Internet,.maybe broons furloughed the comms guy!!
  4. Next thing budge will be looking for a hertz second team in the leagues, maybe fast track them to the top league! As usual Scottish football pandering to the ugly sisters, look at Germany the big clubs support change that helps the whole of their football, not here of course all about these two clubs and suppose it will never change with their petty point scoring over each other.
  5. Called me last Wednesday, money in account today, did say 3 to 5 working days and Monday was a bank holiday
  6. Emailed last week and they asked me to post them back with name and number and then called me when they arrived to put refund through to my card. Still waiting on the cash right enough! But again should be better communication advising the whole support of this rather than having to chase them individually. Other clubs appear to advising supporters in similar circumstances, but its what we have come to expect, always so slow reacting.
  7. Not for me, what we have just now is fine, never heard a peep about reconstruction at the beginning of the season, and if it was saints at the bottom wouldn’t even be mentioned, just budge trying to cover up the mess she has made in gorgie keeping her man levein in a job too long and appointing another diddy after him, and then media types like mikey Stewart and biscuits Preston giving it the too big to go down pish. Also united walked the championship but the standard was awful and they are not the top six team they think they will be, so why bring up even more crap to the league, think off Ayr in the cup they were awful only the wind levelled it out. Also how would work with the premier playing this season and all the rest starting a new season, or do they have to wait till the premier has completed, same with cup comps can’t have two separate seasons on the go and cup comps playing at the same time, if that makes any sense!
  8. Close down Boyle and that totally nullifies them, they don’t have many other options. Think this will be a cracker and hopefully a big support down from Perth.
  9. Ex sevco youth player that moved to Iceland, about 33 year old, tbf moved abroad and seems to made a go of it rather than end up at the Falkirks and Particks of this world.
  10. crieffsaintandy


    That much water the hibee had fisherman's waders on!
  11. If teams press them like the Danes did and sevco did before new year they are vulnerable, but if we sit back like the last couple of games they will destroy us, so same kind of effort as last Sunday’s sevco will help.
  12. Get your point but its Perth not exactly London or some huge metropolis that takes an age to get to the outskirts, and do a lot of people not stay in the outskirts now rather than town centre? think too many other entertainment choices in this day and age and the general lack of apathy in Perth to the team, if you deducted the support that came from outside the city, the support from the city itself is pretty poor.
  13. Worth the entrance fee seeing big boydies greeting face at the end, don’t think he liked all the compliments
  14. Thought so, just going by my phone call with ticket office for the cup game got to select seats in whatever part of the stand and got sent the old e ticket.