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  1. Completely switches off at the first and allows mcginn a free run for starters. Decent going forward but posted missing a lot of the games when defending, heart of a pea comes to mind, move to a bigger club must be missing something in what I've seen over the years, in our wage bracket but sometimes you get what you pay for! Just answering because it was discussing him, but never injured, suspended and will always encourage the guy when he is bombing up beside the east stand but just feel he us sadly lacking in the defensive aspect.
  2. Switched off for a second and lost mcginn, although there was a few errors in the first goal. Thought mcnamara also struggled a bit against Murphy at times. But that's being picky decent performance overall.
  3. Midfielder big powerful player, and think scored a few too, but was a decent player, was from Aberdeen
  4. I thought we had a no bad record lately against this mob, wins in Perth away wins, where's the they are constantly beating us coming from?
  5. Nail head, I would fall into the bracket of short term frustration and moan like hell when I see the results lately and probably did last year when we started poorly, but everyone reacts differently and in the end we all would love to be winning every week with brilliant performances. But that will never happen and is part if the appeal of teams like saints, not glory hunters following the bigots or some random team in the greatest league in the world. The chastised comment is spot on, its about opinions bit like an arsehole everyone has them!! Brown and Tommy can't be faulted with the results and where we are etc at the present time and will probably be vindicated with decisions come the end of the season. But just get the feeling this time we are flying close to the edge with lack of bodies, new manager and lack of cutting edge in the team. Again we are not party to what goes on and its all hearsay as a supporter, but it's going to be a roller coaster this season me thinks!! Coys
  6. 13 is lucky for some but who gives two long as he plays and he's decent
  7. Scored the first ever goal at mcdiarmid 31 years ago against the bankies, good player and goal threat from midfield, could actually do with a player like him just now!
  8. Totally agree re waiting, my worry is that we were down to the bare bones last few weeks and not even the hint of looking for even one extra body and who is to say we won't have further injuries and suspensions, but hoping they are biding their time, as surely myst gave something left in the biscuit tin after the big earners that have left.
  9. Dykes money helping, its a bit of a worry though no rumours from Perth etc with us being so well run and money in the bank, and the amount of players that left why can't we afford anyone? These other clubs seem to bring players in, yep we do usually get the right balance and bodies in eventually but by now tommy would be moaning his coupon off, just dont see it with davidson, maybe browns new manager suits brown and will tow the party line, will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.
  10. Great three points, but squad really stretched and With Tanser off today and games coming up need more bodies in, midfield and up top. Not much between the teams in killie, Utd so far, but we are down to bare bones with injuries and squad stretched, thought Kerr was pretty sluggish today and him and Gordon’s distribution was poor, Rooney maybe rusty but that was schoolboy, caught in the first half and then at the goal, needs to get up to speed, Conway didn’t offer much and this set up is stifling McCann.delighted with points, but a lot to be sorted out.
  11. Would be expecting someone that can challenge the first choice imo not just because we have a shit budget we accept the guy because alledgly he stays in Perth and is a cheap option. But suppose you get what you pay for. What I have seen from him doesn't inspire confidence but there again Clark at times doesn't either, but that is tge market we work in!
  12. Parish is a cheap back up, but not the quality we need, was awful in betfred at Forfar last year, would be better giving Sinclair a chance, a couple of injuries and suspensions and we are threadbare, but will Davidson have it in him to challenge bulletproof for more players like big Tommy did?
  13. And now the pathetic corporate apology from the 8 culprits, what a pile of shite, Aberdeen just covering their arses, if they were serious would say give Saints the points regardless of Doncaster abd his shite but really just Aberdeen looking after themselves and their delusional idea they are title challengers fcuking bangers
  14. The Macca one is a strange one, yeah would love the guy back, but past it as a player at this level and how much coaching has he done,maybe about the same as Liam but at hearts youths, just using the head rather than the heart here feel Liam would offer more in playing front, can't compare coaching as dont know enough about either of them in that role, just with money tight and squad numbers low feel craig would be better value in the assistant role to support Cleland, but happy if either giving the chance!