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  1. Same awful stuff as we have become use to most of this season, can't string two or more passes together, and the usual big punts up to the front men. No width, and why after we had rode our luck and still are ahead at 80 minutes is Ali fcuking crawford still on the park, it was crying out for Liam to come on to shore it up. As others say midfield needs totally sorted in January and would get shot if crawford and Macpherson. Honeymoon over for Davidson as this is becoming the normal and makes Tommy wright's football look decent, then maybe no much in it!! And that Porteous is a grade a bellend.
  3. Sergei Baltacha not have a good few caps?
  4. Decent performance, was a penalty muller lunged a bit, thought tavenier got far too much space maybe Crawford closest to him, but again feel ten minutes too late with the subs only weakness Davidson seems to delay too long when some are tiring especially today with new starts etc
  5. Late in the day, they have had all summer to plan this not yesterday at the last minute, they knew they had saleable assets I think it called contingency planning, not making it up as they go along! Suppose shouldn't be surprised when you have the business accumen of roddy on the board
  6. What do we expect they shaft the support left right and centre, don't communicate rely on our loyalty, its a two way thing but this is the biggest boot in the baws in a long time, as above their lack of ambition adding a couple of players to the squad with the euro money on offer sums it, as long as they have the directors golf outings fcuk the support. Absolutely scunnered when we should be driving onto the next level we sleepwalk back into mediocrity
  7. In my experience usually over a week. Had a look last night for a leisure or training t shirt or the away top, not much to be had in the medium large stock, which us good for saints they are moving it, but hopefully can more stock as there is obviously high demand, and nake the most if these heady times when they are held in such high esteem ,marketing and retail dream.
  8. Doesn't look like any build up from the beeb, Hartson boring the fcuk out if talking about celtic for next 15 minutes
  9. I’m sure Broon will have some nice enticing bonus set up for the players based on the numbers above, no mug when it comes to money is stevie boy, and with saints contracts being heavily weighted in bonus I think the players will know the score and going by the cup performances this season they are certainly playing for personal pride, as well as the financial gain. Not many players get to one cup final with provincial clubs but three in seven years is phenomenal for players like Spoony, Stevie May, Mikey, and if not for injuries big Muzz.
  10. Other issue is Livi are playing an Aberdeen that are rank rotten so may need to match their result if they get one which there is a good chance to give us a decent shot at them in the last game
  11. Exactly airdrie game 31 years ago to this day, just like yesterday when we all young dudes!
  12. Gosh the seethe out there from the fans of the powerhouses of scottish football that saints and livi have the audacity to be in the final with our small fan base, those serial underachievers really need to consider why their clubs never reach the heights............
  13. Was just on the STV news central Scotland version showed saints statement and mentioned Hamilton’s response, then interview with Lennon's sidekick scotty broon being all diplomatic!
  14. Think the Kane Melamed pairing look more threatening than we have had all season, at least getting in positions and yeah Kano will miss a few, but just watching May yesterday just looked a yard short. At the moment Kano and Guy offering far more than the other two.
  15. Think that was McLean problem one season was doing all his good work outside the box until Tommy told him to leave it to others and get in the box and he started scoring again, history repeating itself!