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  1. I'm baffled, I thought if we lost to Galatasaray that was Europe over for Saints. Do we get a chance to qualify for the Conference League if we lose?
  2. Rangers Aberdeen Celtic Saints Hibernian St Mirren Dundee United Hearts Motherwell Livingston Dundee Ross County
  3. I suppose what I'm saying is you can keep an eye on the future, but it might be 50 years before we have a tie against Galatassaray or PSV - if we win the tie with 4 loan players in the team, who cares? It'll be remembered forever as our greatest achievement.
  4. Theres no point in pretending a club of our size can perform consistently at the top of the Scottish game. Last season was, from November onwards at least, remarkable. If we are to capitalise on that, have a crack at group stage euro football, top 4 in the league, more cup runs, and not undermine the way the club is run, the only option is really quality loan signings. It seems like the two guys in already are better than most loans in our past, and we know what quality Middleton brings. I kind of feel like it's an intrinsic part of the game now. Contracts etc are irrelevant if the 11 players in the shirt are giving 100% for Saints. You can't argue that McNamara and Middleton last year gave anything less.
  5. Love the penalty commentary 'wotherspoon electing to go for height'
  6. Not to worry, he and May are gonna find their best form and make us genuine top 4 contenders.
  7. Surely anyone without a ticket can just batter a gate down, charge in and start a massive scrap with their own fans?
  8. Mikey never played for the former Rangers, he played for the new Rangers.
  9. O'halloran staying is great news. Frustrating at times, but a match winner so often, he could be a big player for us next season with Middleton and Conway away.
  10. 100% agree and was going to mention Dooobs - I also thought he'd be past it and just looking for a way not to hang up his boots, but he was outstanding and watching him play the best front lines in Scotland off the park at his age will always rank as a genuine highlight of years of following Saints. Most disappointing for me was Rory Fallon. Expected him to be utter shite, but he was so much worse than that.
  11. Definitely a worthy winner, but the number of players with decent points tallies just shows how good this team has been this year as a whole. The sign of a great manager is making the team greater than the sum of its parts. Cheers for running the polls again this season, it's appreciated.
  12. No, there's those 5 and celtic in that round.
  13. FFS zander would have stopped half of those pens.