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  1. That was the worst 45 minutes from Saints I've seen for a good while. Truly awful.
  2. Max Kucheriavyi is very definitely an attacking midfielder and not a defender.
  3. Great result, and some great performances from our new additions. Kane's first goal was sublime. May's goal was like it was 2014 again, he looks almost back to his best. Happy Saturday all round.
  4. Celtic are arguably the weakest team. Hibs though, just so we can avoid the media nonsense.
  5. Booth was outstanding and with slightly better finishing could have scored a couple himself. Zander looks so confident, like he doesn't expect to concede anything, long may it continue.
  6. Enjoyed that. Nothing really compares with beating dundee at dens.
  7. You forgot the 'unless wearing a Rangers/Celtic shirt' caveat. Rooney might get him sent off yet mind you.
  8. I see Scotland had a defensive crisis - would have thought it was a perfect opportunity to call up Kerr and twist the 'st johnstone who?' knife once more.
  9. Does Steve Brown still (as always) have an eye on his own means of escape from his position, and money in the bank will surely make St Johnstone a more desirable enterprise for anyone looking to take it on? Assets who could get injured next week always seem to be second favourite to cash in the tin. I dunno, it's easy to complain and whine, but the club has continued to be in a financially secure position despite the ever increasing gulf in money in professional football between the 'big clubs' and the also rans, and a worldwide pandemic that removed almost all income for the club, both on and off the park. Even if he is looking after number 1, the outcome is still that we'll never be a Dundee/Rangers/Gretna etc. etc. Looking forward to some more fixtures so we can get behind the team again.
  10. Is the car park covered by the football department?
  11. Average player salaries in the Championship are reported to be £29,000 a week, compared to league one where it is £4,750 a week. What is our pay structure? £2k a week? I'd suggest that increasing his salary from £100,000 a year to £1.5m would be pretty life changing. A 4 year contract - I'd definitely say £6m was life changing!
  12. I've calmed down a wee bit now. I'm genuinely chuffed for Kerr and McCann to have got moves they wanted - as mentioned above they'll get game time at their clubs, and have every chance to progress to bigger things. I wish them every success and thoroughly enjoyed watching them at Saints. What still angers me is the McCann deal. We, as fans, are often a bit off the mark with valuations, but in this case the chairman himself had (admittedly somewhat vaguely) put a value on his head months ago, and then proclaimed that an offer of around half that was too good to turn down, at the last minute of the window with no chance to source a replacement. I think Callum has done pretty well to get a few loans in under the circumstances.