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  1. Liam was immense, McCart was also terrific, and the best performance of the season from May too. Unfortunately Guy was brilliant too until he had to come off, the momentum was with us with him and May up front.
  2. highlights were an embarrassment. If the BBC are banned from ibrox and the sevcos refuse to speak to them, why do the BBC present such incredibly biased highlights and reports? Craig effort, Melameds offside goal etc. Why are they not on the highlights. 3 or 4 different angles of their keeper making a clearance he was always favourite to get to. Never mind, we'll just have to score a handful of goals on Sunday, they can't not show goals surely!
  3. Justice! That could be the point that gets us a chance to nick 5th at the death. Totally deserved it too, tremendous performance. 'mon Sunday!
  4. I feel like the Aberdeen game was our chance to take 5th place in the league, and our focus should be on the cup now. Never in the club's history has there been a genuine opportunity like this to win TWO pieces of silverware in a season. Surely this week has shown how important fans are in football. League positions and Euro qualification pales into insignificance compared to cup success as fans telling the grandkids about it in 50 years time!
  5. Very much so, but Nditi was the best player on the park by a distance. Surely did his prospects no harm. Was great watching Irvine mop up the Utd attack all night.
  6. Peter Pawlett is a far better footballer than Bryson IMO, as long as he's stopped diving, cannae stand diving.
  7. Cove Rangers v Clyde for the TV match in the 5th round?
  8. It was a joke of a decision, he fouled May and made a folourn lunge at the ball with his head afterwards to try and get away with it. Ref totally conned.
  9. Quite right too, we've every chance of Europe now.
  10. I don't pretend to have any insight, but was there not a relatively detailed breakdown published by the SPFL recently to do with the FFP stuff that detailed clubs wage bills and the range from lowest to highest paid players? I'm sure someone posted something fairly recently that compared the 12 SPL teams in that respect. Frankly it doesn't bother me much. We know that Steve Brown is not a risk taker with the club's finances, so if the manager can get deals done to keep players or sign players within that context, good on him. I would just love to see this squad kept largely in tact for next season.
  11. The obsession with statistics riles me - just because he's described as a striker means he should score 15+ goals a year - surely nowadays more than ever individual players can contribute something individual to a team performance without being pigeonholed into defender, midfielder or striker in the traditional sense of the words. Kane's contribution this season has been massive for us, he does the hard part of closing down and holding the ball up brilliantly, with a fitness and intensity level beyond almost anyone else in the league. His work rate in the cup final was astounding - most 'strikers' would have been goosed after 60 minutes in that type of battle, but he was still chasing down everything at the final whistle. So for me, if he becomes one of our highest earners he's worked hard to justify that. We'd be a significantly weaker team without him in it.
  12. If he continues on the same upward curve he might break his own St Johnstone transfer record!
  13. Yesterday must have a significant bearing on who stays and who leaves. Maybe a season long loan for Middleton might suit both Saints and Rangers next season? Id love to see the squad pretty much as is. I keep saying it but Callum deserves huge credit for sticking to his plan despite a dreadful run of results, and he has an excellent group of players to implement that plan. Wouldn't be too upset to see O'Halloran and Bryson leave, but both have played a part this season. When was the last time we were not on here saying we need a striker/winger etc. desperately? What an era to be a Saints fan!!
  14. Always felt Tanser's greatest asset is his balance, and he excels on artificial pitches as a result. I think we'll miss his contribution, but if he wants a bigger gig somewhere fair play. One less plastic pitch next season anyway...