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  1. I've not posted for a while, but feel compelled to throw my tuppence worth in. We are facing a playoff against one of two decent sides, but I still believe we have better players than both. Better players who are hamstrung by playing a system that is 100% dependent on 2 players that we sold in August. I think there's a massive case for Callum going now, and getting someone in who might be prepared to design a strategy around the players we have, and not the ones we don't. In my opinion it's the only way we can win the forthcoming playoff.
  2. That makes the whole thing crystal clear doesn't it. No coincidence at all. Zero remorse for what he did, doesn't deserve any sympathy in my opinion.
  3. It was verging on a red card, don't think it was intentional but reckless and out of control. Typical though, sky described it as a '50/50' of course. I thought when we got a goal kick from parish's fine fingertip save we were finally going to get some better luck, but penis penis soon made up for it.
  4. What utter pish. On the plus side, Callum Hendry has been terrific since he came back from Killie. Pity he's on his own in that regard.
  5. This, and it just shows how vital McCann was to the success of last season. A decent midfielder who can take hold of the game and make passes, and the other 9 outfield players immediately look better. A very good signing, and one that could very well save our season. Credit to Callum IMO for getting a quality player in against the odds.
  6. In a glass half full world, we are undefeated since said kick up the arse.
  7. Daft decision, wind has calmed down now. Will be braw by 3pm
  8. McGinn has been a thorn in our side every time he's played against us, some players just seem to play well against particular teams. Anyway, if folk think Callum is struggling, thank **** we don't have Steven Glass as our manager. Him letting McGinn leave is hardly a reason to think he's not a good player. 'mon
  9. yes. I know we've spent many a year in the lower divisions, but we have become an established top tier team, with a (admittedly bottom-half) top tier budget and turnover, top tier quality of playing and coaching staff, facilities and fan base. There is frankly no excuse for us to be relegated. 'Bigger' clubs than us have been relegated in recent years, but that usually goes alongside financial difficulty or other off pitch problems - we don't have those excuses. We are facing relegation through under-par performances throughout the club and that is very hard to accept as 'maybe not that bad a thing'.
  10. I think this is more logical, Max has been head and shoulders above the rest for Brechin this year, but the overall standard is brutal at times. He needs some time at a higher level. Genuine potential though, takes a mean dead ball (except in the televised cup game where his crossing boots took the day off!).
  11. Neither team deserved a point imo.
  12. Feels like cup final day, in a very bad way
  13. After sleeping on it, and reading the posts above, I voted. Callum was one of my favourite saints players, and last year delivered an unimaginable highlight, but in football management nobody is immune from failure, and as mentioned above, after yesterday, I don't think it can get any worse.
  14. I just dunno. I'm just looking forward to our next spell of punching above our weight in 20 years time. It was fun while it lasted, just like it was in the 90s. If I wanted permanent glory I'd join the old firm bandwagon. Really feeling pretty shite about the whole situation, but I'm not convinced sacking callum now is the answer to the bigger picture.
  15. Thought we looked significantly better last night but the first goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of us completely. 4 shots on goal, 3 from Ciftci that were decent efforts, and the usual dribbled mishit from May. I'm sick of watching May jog about aimlessly, an absolute waste of a jersey just now. I still think we'll be OK though.
  16. Thats cheered me right up. I miss Frazer though
  17. That was the worst 45 minutes from Saints I've seen for a good while. Truly awful.
  18. Max Kucheriavyi is very definitely an attacking midfielder and not a defender.
  19. Great result, and some great performances from our new additions. Kane's first goal was sublime. May's goal was like it was 2014 again, he looks almost back to his best. Happy Saturday all round.
  20. Celtic are arguably the weakest team. Hibs though, just so we can avoid the media nonsense.
  21. Booth was outstanding and with slightly better finishing could have scored a couple himself. Zander looks so confident, like he doesn't expect to concede anything, long may it continue.
  22. Enjoyed that. Nothing really compares with beating dundee at dens.
  23. You forgot the 'unless wearing a Rangers/Celtic shirt' caveat. Rooney might get him sent off yet mind you.