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  1. Thinking back to some of the back up striking options we've had in our strongest teams - iwelumo, Fallon etc. Macca is currently way superior to what they were at the time. I'd love to see him on the playing books still.
  2. Good news, hope he does well.
  3. Jackie McNamara anyone??? Gets crash helmet
  4. Only thing in his comments that irked me is he claims the budget was based on being top 6 and a cup run. As far as I can see, and based on current form, both are unlikely but not impossible. We are, if you put a positive spin on it, 3 or 4 terrific results away from a hugely successful season. Given the appalling start we had, surely this is the ONE opportunity we have to look up and try to make it happen, rather than just give up hope. He's a fud the way he words things. I kind of read it as a red rag to a bull for the next few weeks, sort of 'prove me wrong Tommy', but to the punter in the stands it reads like abject defeat.
  5. Dyron Daal and Vinny Arkins up top?
  6. Dunno what to say - I don't think I'm capable of posting on here without complete sarcasm or abject rage. It's a very strange feeling. Welcome Home Stevie!!
  7. I'm awaiting a breaking news story from St Johnstone FC about 2 for 1 offers for early valentines day lunch bookings....
  8. Got excited when I saw new social media posts from the club today. Christmas lunches. **** me. Priorities clearly in order.
  9. Tanser for top goal scorer this season seems a good bet
  10. Is anyone else really excited about the season starting for real this weekend? 'mon
  11. Ha ha, pinpoint accuracy. To be fair, he did ridiculously well to dispossess Lowndes, and then made and absolute c**t of it.
  12. Riseth - one of the best crosses I've ever seen
  13. As much as the pathetic nature of the defeat to Celtic was awful to see, in hindsight I'd rather get rid of all the early season shite in one game that we were never getting anything from anyway, and move on with players embarrassed rather than nervous. A lot to motivate them to put in a performance in this game. A signing or two will help, but I hope saturday was a wake up to some that commitment has to be stepped up a notch.
  14. TBH I'm much more excited by the picture of Frazer Wright cunningly shown behind him - surely that's a much more obvious hint I miss Frazer
  15. There's no question that lower league football is a totally different game, especially on plastic pitches. The Forfar highlights showed players getting zero space to play football, players throwing themselves into blocks and tackles. It's a game of small margins, and the Celtic game will be the polar opposite of Forfar or Montrose. It doesn't change the fact that we need a striker and some confidence, but I don't think it's all doom and gloom yet.
  16. Ahhh for ****'s sake.
  17. Just catching up, did we qualify?
  18. This is also in my mind, and if it does transpire then Steve Brown will go from zero to hero.
  19. Get Gary O'Connor signed up to win penalties by diving and get Tanser to take them all.
  20. What's the lowest number of points secured in a season? At least we might have a record to aim for?
  21. Maybe someone else has become available to Tommy and it's Saints who are causing the delay? Just a thought.....
  22. He's a good fit at Saints, and will reignite his career. We've been crying out for a 20 goal a season striker since he left, and I genuinely think he will deliver again. Confidence throughout the team will be bolstered too. It can't be easy for any player with the cloud of being unable to put the ball in the net hanging over them. When our best chance of a goal is a penalty from a left back, then the pressure on everyone not to make a mistake stifles any kind of freedom to play positive football. Onwards!!
  23. Assuming we'll get 17 points this season - bold
  24. The guy spends his days walking as fast as he can on country roads shouting at the traffic. He jumped on my car once at a set of traffic lights in the country, scared the living daylights out of my kids.