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  1. Loving reading all the knee jerk reactions. Every football league and club are different. Every formation is different. Steven MacLean is an important linking player for us, and yet when MOH is playing he reverts to being a number 9 because he's getting the right service and knows how to make the right runs. Stevie May scored 27 goals (was it 27?) in one season and won a contract Sheffield United, who were horseshit and he had NO service and was seen as a failure. So many examples of players who deliver for some teams and not for others. I'd really hope that someone in Tommy's position knows his football well enough to be able to see past stats on Wikipedia when identifying potential targets. I'll judge this new guy on how he performs in a Saints shirt if that's OK with all you panic merchants.
  2. fixed that for you. Apparently it's an abbreviation that the young people use.
  3. Stats say we only conceded 3 fouls. That must be some kind of record?
  4. Wasn't at the game, but Paton epitomises this club. Unloved, underrated, but comes here and gives 100% all the time, wins the support round and bosses midfields. Fast becoming a legend.
  5. For people calling for us to make an offer for Mikey - are you forgetting he's probably still earning 5 times what anyone else at saints is? It just cannot happen. Enjoy him while we can and keep searching for the next gem. Great win today against a team I was afraid had Saints sussed.
  6. No longer top of the league. ****'s sake Saints.
  7. We need a striker, where the hell are goals coming from. Can't even score penalties.
  8. Ha ha, we can't even sign players we don't want.
  9. Rory Fallon signed for Torquay United. Gutted, I had a hope he was going to be our big name striker!
  10. Robin Van Persie spotted in Perth Tesco WITH Stevie May's dad
  11. Time for folk to complain that MOTM polls are pointless/embarrassing/horseshit.
  12. I think also it's hard to predict how players fit into teams. MacLean is a great player for us, but remember the number of goals he scored from inside the 6 yard box when we had an in form MOH before. Without MOH he reverted to playing deeper. I worry that Cummins and Kane aren't clinical enough. Someone like Sammon might score 15 goals in a season if MOH is putting them on a plate for him, because he is an instinctive finisher. Time will tell.
  13. I know Brown and Tommy always say first objective is survival, and second objective is top six, but with a little sensible investment, where do you think they see the club getting to? Are we capable of challenging for 2nd place? If they don't believe that we are then the ambition must be the cups, in which case is it worth gambling on a record signing?
  14. I know Mikey still has 3 years left on his contract and cost Rangers a pile of cash..... but how much of that pile of cash do they still owe saints? Does that have a bearing on what the current arrangement Is?
  15. Cifti might be a bit loopy and unpredictable, but he's an excellent footballer and could be a brilliant player for saints.
  16. full time. Never enjoyed a friendly result more.
  17. Habran hooked after 57 minutes. Must be pish.
  18. Do we have any inking as to whether it would be a potential signing or a loan deal?
  19. montrosesaintee


    'MacLean' 'Cummins' 'Wotherspoon' impressive By Mr B I assume you mean Mr Broune?
  20. Managed to listen to most of the game on the radio at work, it sounded like a valiant effort, but ultimately the damage was done last week in Perth.
  21. Not really, it's because oldco Rangers were liquidated, so the case won by HMRC is effectively against the liquidators and not Rangers. It reignites the argument that the current Rangers are a new club, and should have no right to claim the honours of the oldco. It also re-opens the debate about stripping titles earned under the EBT era. Of course we know the outcome already, and the resulting foul taste it will leave in the mouths of every decent football supporter in Scotland.