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  1. It’s weird the club obviously seen something in the lad to take him on and then to not give him a good go is baffling, does anyone think Ciftci deserved a game each week when he couldn’t score in a brothel with 200 quid in his hand
  2. Our colts/B team are in the draw for the challenge cup, let’s hope the young lads do well and get some good football under their belts. Will be interesting if CD will have Alistair or Liam take control of the team on GameDay.
  3. Contracted to June 2023 so will be interested to see if it’s a loan or a fee
  4. The question marks over Kane are massive, he will need more then a few bounce games when he is cleared for a full return to try to get his timing back.
  5. There is talk of a few A league clubs down here looking at Jaime McGonigle from Derry City he is the leading scorer in the Irish Premier League apparently, wonder if he is worth a look at?
  6. The keeper position is going to be an interesting position to fill. At best I can see it being filled by someone on loan, not too sure if it will be done before the league group stages start. The pressure on Melke is going to be immense this season, he is quality and we will need to somehow pick up two more to go with him, on our wage structure it’s going to be tough. Upfront will be May and hopefully maybe Eteu if he is not away, I really don’t know where we will find an out and out striker from?
  7. Wow the report on the news down here mentioned how Boyle’s preference is to stay in a top flight for the World Cup, the report never mentioned his wages, the news reported that Morecombe were keen I wonder if they could afford those wages? 29 grand a week, bloody hell
  8. Season long loan it says in the news article
  10. Celtic played him when he was 18 or 19, will CD take him on loan and then park him on the bench?
  11. Martin Boyles team just got relegated, I wonder if he might be a loan option or if he will end up back at Hibs
  12. I wouldn’t say doom and gloom but maybe just a few people seeing it a bit differently. if you look at the modern day saintees from Luggy through to CD, there were a few keys that we always had starting from a quality keeper, currently we don’t have that. Out central defence has always been our strength from Weir and Kerne to Dods through to Griffith to Anderson, our teams always were very hard to break down. This looks like it’s our current strength so hopefully we can prove hard to breakdown. Thinking of our midfield players like Curran, Kano, Phizzy, Dasovic, Biscuits, Jenkinson just to name a few, our current squad are missing a few hard nose players, our midfield is going to lean heavily on Davidson , spooney and Melke. As for up front we don’t have a Roddy, O’Boyle, Wright, Dodds even a Scotland, this is the issue we have May, Etu, Bair of those players CD doesn’t rate two of them and Kane and MoH best position maybe playing just behind our front striker. the positives are we do have a defensive line who if fit can hold the line, in Melke we have a quality mid fielder who can lead us out on the pitch pushing forward, it’s not all doom but gee we are going to have to jag someone who can come out of the blue like a miggy who can score goals which we were not counting on. COYS
  13. With no replacement for Hendry then I think May and MoH are going to be playing more games then sitting on the bench. is there an out and out striker in the youth team that won the cup that could be fast fast tracked during the group stages of the league cup? we are going to have to pull the old rabbit out of a hat for someone up front
  14. Sitting on the bench may jeopardise his spot in the World Cup squad if he isn’t getting regular game time, I know it’s probably out of our wage structure but I guess we need a few rabbits out of the hat for player pick ups
  15. A nice move for him plus I’m sure a nice pay rise, good luck to him, disappointing to see him go though.