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  1. A Jody Morris / Mark Noble / Liam Craig dream team coaching set up, I know it could never happen but a person can dream haha
  2. I reckon ICT will hope to nick a goal and park the bus and hope to be alive going into the second leg. Hopefully the class of Hendry can shine through if he is given decent service. Our fans have backed our team all season, if the players and managers show the same passion as the fans then we will stay in the top flight. In saying that do I see us cruising through the two legs, not a chance in hell, this team doesn’t know how to find the easy route with our tactics.
  3. Awesome lads our club just loves winning the silverware
  4. It’s just before 1100pm here Sunday night, so it’s a win for me a decent finish time instead of 3 or 400 am finish time
  5. I was just thinking about that, is it a half full or half empty glass moment?
  6. 4/0 thankfully the team selected today won’t lose too much sleep over another poor performance and another game of no goals scored
  7. Where are the goals coming from today with that squad named? let’s hope for no injuries or cards Is this part of the audition for Parish for next season ?
  8. I was thinking more on the line of youthful exuberance and playing care free
  9. I’d be happy to give the kids a game, I bet they would be willing to push forward and attack
  10. Well done to Liam’s reps for leaking the Falkirk story, it worked a treat
  11. It says so much about him and his team that we didn’t get automatically relegated with our goal scoring record this season
  12. Anyone think we might play Hendry and Bair up front for the first leg of the playoff
  13. So just who will be in charge of retention and recruiting for us?
  14. As we have now qualified for the play off do you think we play our strongest team on Saturday against Hibs to try and build on the win against Aberdeen or do we play it safe and not run the risk of injuries and cards which may lead to suspensions for the guys who will be playing in the first leg?
  15. pezza70

    The Play Off

    I’d cop a 0/0 right now and settle for the playoff, if this goes down to the last day then it’s definitely going to be a nerve wracking 90 odd minutes
  16. Have we scored 5 goals in any month this season?
  17. Our tactics well if you can call it those have been conservative all year, with Dundee winning today, there is no way we are not going to park the bus and hope for a point to secure the play off berth. We don’t seem to try and play to attack teams it’s more reactive after the event. I wouldn’t be surprised if we play 5 defenders and 5 midfielder players and no one up front against Aberdeen
  18. Does anyone think the board might be quietly hoping the little club gets relegated with a massive clean out and wages saved and we just bring in lower division journeyman with n the cheap? Im sure I’m wrong but nothing has changed yet there hasn’t even be the dreaded CD has the support of the board press release
  19. What scares me is week in week out we have the same core group who are struggling, opposing managers when doing their video review must be laughing at us knowing we can’t score yet nothing changes. I reckon there has to be one or two kids in our youth team set up who can’t be any worse then this current team.
  20. Shows how far and fast we have slipped from us playing in Europe to the real possibility of relegation and RC looking at a back door entry to European footy
  21. We have kept the door open for Dundee to somehow think they can stay up via the playoff, I’m probably wrong but I reckon the thinking is as long as Dundee keep loosing then our management team will take that and settle for the playoff. Which ever team from Div 1 gets through to the playoff I believe they won’t fear either us or Dundee. It would sum up our season if Dundee get 9 points in their last three games