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  1. If that result is correct you deserve to be crowned the winner of this years prediction league right now
  2. I think this game will set the tone for the second half of the season, if the attitude is right and they compete then hopefully it shows that they are still up for the fight if the team turns up who played against Dundee then it could be curtains. I’m sure the RC gaffer will be telling them this is a cup semi final for them win at all costs.
  3. With our wage structure we are going to need to somehow find a Keigan Parker or a Miggy Simao hiding under a rock somewhere in the Jan transfer window to help keep us up 9 goals in 18 games is something else
  4. I’m thinking anywhere between 21-23 points but if RC stay pish as well then it’s anybody’s guess. if our struggles in front of goal continue then we are all sorts and will be rely on plenty of 0/0 draws for points. Whats everyone’s opinions on what we need points wise to stay up?
  5. Yes the game in December, gee the final would be brilliant I doubt those tickets would be available for non ticketed members
  6. I’m not sure if this is the right section or if it should it be in football section I'm flying in to attend the game at Fir Park and was wondering what stand is the away support going to be located in for the game. Any info will be greatly appreciated Cheers Perry
  7. They toured down under here in the 60s my dad once told me about the Scottish XI team, it should be recognised I believe.
  8. Didn’t Sir Alex Ferguson and Jim Townsend get capped for Scotland?