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  1. That police man was at the local train station, as they went from the beach to the train station as they heard there was a few lebs there. Trust me there are blokes sniffing around like dogs on heat around the newly millionaire. if I change my name to penny and start listening to alanis morrisette id be in with a shout
  2. Not to sure if it made the news over there, but there has been riots all over the sydney beaches in the last 48 hours. It started when a group of lebanese men 10 outed a 15 year old life saver, the life savers and the surfers got together and gave a leb group a serve in response and it went on from there. I was at the beach yesterday and a bunch of lebs got out of 10 cars and smashed every car window parked in the maroubra beach car park with baseball bats and hammers, my car was one of them. The car park ended up in a massive brawl with the surfers going at the lebs, one surfer was stabbed, and a molotof cocktail was thrown at the surfers by the lebs, which led to a car catching fire and burning out. I have never seen a riot in real life and now these a$$holes have bought it to our backyard. The lebs in australia are regarded as being cowards who will only fight when its atleast 8 or 9 to one The surfies should of let the police handle this, instead of taking things in their own hands. Now we have a full on race problem all being fuelled by the media as it makes good tv and sells newspapers, 5 people have been stabbed by the leb gangs and now the neo nazis are getting involved with other racial groups joing sides. My insurance policy has a clause saying that they dont have to pay out if the damage is caused by civil unrest, I now have to pay for a new front and back windscreen and 3 side windows, all because I chose to go to the beach, which is so part of the Australian lifestyle we all take for granted. A $675 trip to the beach, a$$holes the lot of them
  3. For all the negative posts he seesm to attract, kev Cuthbert would have to be up there also for player of the season thus far
  4. I was getting updates from the sky sports and live scores site's and every game finished atleast 10 to 15 minutes before us, did we play that much stoppage time, as it took for ages for both skysports and live scores to post the full time score?
  5. Great stuff, being able to download it through works server is brilliant. Jason Scotland is class, I have never seen him play before this, and he looks a class above most of the others. Savos goal was well taken also, Woods goal was a screamer. As for the female commentator and stevo, hearing her accent and gushing sweetness about the saintees was almost enough to give a dog a bone
  6. Alan Main will go close to winning the saintee of this decade I reckon. Gretna will be up for this, lets hope OC and the boys respond. How much away support will they bring for the match?
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    On a bucks night, we put the groom in a card board box and dumped him outside a police station with a ticking alarm clock and wrote on the box, this is a bomb. We thought it was funny, the police and the bomb squad didnt
  8. pezza70

    Man Usa

    Loosing to the toon army
  9. Full time scores Brechin 0 - Hamilton 1 Dundee 4 - St Mirren 0 Ross Co 0 - Clyde 1 St Johnstone 2 - Q of S 1 Stranraer 1 - Airdire 1
  10. How much injury time are we playing?
  11. Great for the goal diff for us also
  12. Dobbie for Scotland 77th min
  13. I have 2 nil so am hoping it stays as is
  14. The scum have doubled their lead
  15. 20 mins to go If all the scores stay the same, we are up to 2nd. "mon the saintees
  16. Savo needs that lets hope it gets him back on the scoring wagon "mon the saintees
  17. McCann for Stevenson 62nd min
  18. Half time 1 nil to the good guys 'mon the saints
  19. Id be happy if they blew the final whistle in all games right now
  20. Scotland on 20 Mon the saints
  21. Cuthbert, Rutkiewicz, James, Mensing, Stanic, Stevenson, Henry, Sheriden, Sheerin, Milne, Scotland Bench: McCann, Dobbie, Janczyk, Anderson, Paston So no OC for this one
  22. pezza70

    Man Usa

    When Henry leaves in Jan Its buy buy gooners and buy buy to arsehole wanker or areshole whinger or arsene wenger, he answers to all 3