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  1. Full time 1 - 4 to the good guys
  2. Clyde just equalised against accies in the 84th min
  3. Story of my life David! I remember the good old days of the video distribution list on the saintees mailing list Lets hope Scotland can score a hat trick
  4. Paddy still missed the easiest tap in, I have ever seen in a gamne of footie, whilst he was a saintee He did give his all for us though
  5. Mensing booked on 62nd min St Mirren now 2 up
  6. David How are you getting the updates, via a mate at the ground or do you have a site you could share with us?
  7. Half time 0-1 Scotland in the 43rd Mon the saintees
  8. Jimbo Looks like you are going to have some adding up to do now mate, he was a heavy fav to score the first I reckon
  9. Its either mixu or his kid brother
  10. Callum scored last week also in their game
  11. Crouch scores two, although one should be a OG Watching bolton v gooners on sky down here, bolton are good value for their lead also
  12. Is sky sports the best site for updates? Is there any live updates broadcasting over the net?
  13. Does it have under soil heating? What is the weather prediction for the game, is it similar to last weeks weather?
  14. Maybe Jim was talking about the pies on sale at the ground. Im sure sharing info is common within the inner circles of the game, but Id rather wear my rose coloured glasses and think know one from our club would be assisting the dundee in any way. If it was a cup tie and they were in div 3 as a part time club, Id be happy in more ways then one, with a member of our staff having a friendly chat to them, but not whilst they are in the same divison as us.
  15. Simon Miotto is a great bloke, Ive been lucky or unlucky enough to be out on the drink with him a few times here in Sydney and we used to call him captain rats. He did an impromptu strip one night at a bus stop whilst we were waiting to cross the road, we couldnt understand why everyone was beeping there horns at us, until we turned around and there was Simon doing his best to be the human tripod. I was hoping the Benito Kemble and the wigs would of been all rage for us, also had the potential to be a cult classic
  16. Would Danny rate as the best young player to have come through our ranks in the last 15 years. I know Callum and Phizzy have played in the top flight in England, but to be capped at virtually every level is a great achievement.
  17. Mapleleaf Is it good being able to tell people you have seen Halley's comment come around twice? A bloke mentioned Buddy Holly and the crickets, and a dumb secretary she is blonde also asked does he play cricket for Australia Makes me feel old now because I knew that Buddy didnt play cricket that much at all
  18. pezza70


    I followed the link from the temple. My internet usage monthly report has multiple hits to the temple site, my boss said he didnt mind me using the net as I was using it to improve my spiritual well being I always knew following the saintees was a religion all by itself
  19. A girl in the office had Stutter rap (UK) Some quality work in that one