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  1. Or covid and they are forced to isolate out there
  2. I guess it takes a bit of vision and courage to play a few of the younger lads, I’d love to see a few get a good go in the league cup group stages, we might have a gem or two amongst them
  3. Then if they do move on we can get a fee, I guess it all comes down to club budgets, as a selling club, we need a first rate youth set up
  4. Not the most inspiring of signings but if they stay injury free they will definitely have a role to play for us. The great striker hunt and a keeper will surely be hard to replace, I’m thinking they might go down the loan route which might see us with a last minute deal on the last day of the window
  5. Aberdeen are saving on his wages and just accepted 4.5 mill for Ramsey from Liverpool, they could bring a few good players without breaking the bank. As for us we may as well bring Jim Weir and Darren Dods back to partner him at the back
  6. Obviously being down here I’ve missed the show, but without killing it for others do we go and win the cups or is that a hush hush secret that can’t be given away?
  7. I reckon both keepers should be lined up with a soft serve ice cream and the first one that gets it into their mouth instead of hitting themselves in the head gets the nod haha
  8. Is the closure of the Ormond stand purely down to costs, as in extra stewards etc?
  9. Muzz resigning for 1 year is great news, I’m guessing we will be needing his experience as we are going to be loosing quite a bit with players leaving.
  10. Saving on money so they can go hard in the window haha
  11. What worked during the double season is the blue print for what we are needing in the transfer window, we are probably loosing our no 1 striker and keeper, if we can’t replace them plus a decent winger and holding midfield player then it’s going to be more of the same. This years SPL was the worst standard there has been since the inception of the SPL, the fact we didn’t get automatically relegated with our goal scoring record shows how bad it actually was. The leading goal scorer for the league was just 13 goals and only two teams out of twelve scored more goals then they conceded.
  12. Yes they must have good accountants looking after their books I guess the only positive if we do loose him is he won’t be playing against us in the same league.
  13. Yeah just read about Burton Albion, I reckon it’s only a matter of time till he departs
  14. I reckon maybe McCart resigns but we lose the other two for sure
  15. Let’s just hope he can pull one or two from left field which sets us up for a great summer window, No Clark, Hendry, Rooney, Middleton and to be able to find replacements of similar quality on our wage budget / structure it will definitely go down as the greatest window known to man COYS
  16. Will be missed but least his deal is done early and we won’t be blindsided in very late transfers in the window
  17. Yes 15 min increments works better, just a suggestion though as they always record the time of the goals
  18. Maybe the time of the first goal in blocks of 10 min intervals ie Us 7 Dundee 2 Roddy 14th min so if Roddy scores anytime from the 11th-19th min it’s additional bonus points. If you go 0-0 and no scorer then if it ends 0-0 you get the additional bonus points. Just a suggestion though
  19. That’s a good draw, I’m guessing it depends on what players we resign and who we lose.
  20. Congrats to our winner a great season of tipping and a massive thanks to our organiser who gives up their time to run this for us all
  21. So let’s hope we are not left with last minute player movements out and we don’t have a succession plan to replace. I would love to see us somehow somewhere sign a Jenkinson or a Kernaghan but I’m probably living in dream land
  22. pezza70


    Once he leaves us he will be like Billy Dodds and CD he will be starting straight away for Scotland
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    I wonder if Alan McGreggor would want to come back home for one final season
  24. pezza70

    Stevie May

    I thought it was Mike Bassett England team manager haha
  25. I hope you are doing better mate and glad you got to enjoy the game in person