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  1. Play the kids for the rest of the year, they can’t be anywhere worse then what’s going on at present
  2. He is match fit and could definitely do a job for us if the rules permit it Hendry was another player not rated and look at what he has done for us thankfully
  3. Paul Heartley has done a good job at Cove, he might be worth a look at?
  4. Who would be our targets realistically, not once have we heard that CD’s job is under threat and no one has been linked to us? The gossip has Roy Keane linked to Hibs I’m not too sure if that’s true or not but I’m guessing we are not going to be able to afford someone like that
  5. From the double to potentially relegated, this league is embarrassing, the fact that we can’t score and may stay up is unbelievable. We should of been relegated mathematically weeks ago with our lack of goal scoring
  6. He won’t walk and unfortunately our front office seem to be ok with our weekly performances. They signed a million players in the transfer window and then don’t play some of them, which doesn’t make sense either. The buck needs to stop somewhere
  7. He must have a sell on clause in his contract which is in the clubs favour if he plays X amount of games as he surely couldn’t score in a brothel right now
  8. Unfortunately that’s the way of the modern footy world but in saying that how many SPL teams would be in for him?
  9. St Midden are on the skids I hope we try and take the game to them instead of parking the bus and settling for a 0-0 Hopefully Sang starts and we don’t have Ciftci leading the front line. COYS
  10. pezza70

    The Play Off

    Fingers and toes crossed
  11. pezza70

    The Play Off

    If we do end up in that position what is the best case / worse case scenario for us opposition wise? I’ve only followed the lower divisions when we were down in there.
  12. Considering how many games Hendry was away out on loan, it’s even worse
  13. Maybe Callum needs to turn of the heating to inspire the lads COYS
  14. Wow what a wanker, let’s hope that come Saturday evening all the heat will be coming out of his ears when our boys send them packing by picking up the 3 points.
  15. Best case scenario is that we stay up and then we part company, he will always be a Saintees legend and the success last season will go down in my opinion as one of the greatest achievements in Scottish football history. Our transfer windows have been horrible the days of us being able to pick up a Sergie, Kernaghan, Jenkinson etc are long gone, so a clean slate is what’s required. Will it work who knows but we are almost at rock bottom and the momentum we should of had after the double hadn’t occurred and a big part of that is down to CD unfortunately.
  16. pezza70

    Post Split

    If Dundee get three points against us then it’s brown undies time till the finish of the last game. Take 3 points against them and I think we can make a push to finish 10th
  17. I believe he is using Bair’s manager as one of his personal referees in his CV
  18. It’s a weird quote and for the lads in the dressing room to be hearing that from their manager who isn’t showing too much empathy towards his injured players. injuries occur that’s footy but I’d rather hear him say we are all totally gutted for the lad etc
  19. Is Ciftci or his manager voting in this poll LAUGH OUT LOUD
  20. 3. Hendry 2. Zander 1. All the fans who pay to watch our team each week
  21. COYS playing from in front, let’s hope the lads can enjoy the experience for once and have their foot down on the throttle