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    He won’t take the field until he leaves us unfortunately, after all a wee club like us can’t have anyone in the national squad
  2. 0 shots on goals today and 18 goals for the league season how in the hell we are still alive in this league is beyond me. I honestly think Dundee are going to get a result and jump us. where the attacking goals are going to come from is the million pound question that our coaching staff can’t answer it seems
  3. If we finish in the play off spot will Killie or Arbroath fear playing us
  4. Right now if we had to play the part time Arbroath or Killie would anyone be genuinely confident we could get it done over the two legs? If we do jag that position I honestly believe we won’t hold any fear to either of them unfortunately.
  5. To me and it might sound weird but this game which was a always a game that I hoped that we got no injuries or red/yellow cards that would lead to suspensions down the track. Now that it’s gone hopefully we can look to the Hibs game and hope we can get a result against them. A return of just 18 goals so far should already see us relegated, but the fact that we are still a chance at best for a playoff leg for relegation is mind boggling. Dundee are shite but deep down I know they are going to nick a result against someone out the blue which is going to hurt us.
  6. For a club with such a stringent fiscal wage structure/ policy surely we could of saved wages on 7 or 8 players and potentially used those savings to maybe top up one or two offers to players who we were chasing in the transfer window?
  7. They can’t defend and we can’t score, it’s going to be an interesting game, fingers crossed we go for their throat from the start
  8. As long as Dundee keep loosing, I would take the play off spot everyday right now and twice on Sunday
  9. We should be doing this for our last home game of the season, we could be playing to stay up and into the playoff position or it could be a goodbye party to the top flight, a big crowd would be massive for the club
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    Is it just me being excited over the three points and if he gets a good run on the injury front then he is going to be a player and a half for us over the next 18 months? To have a quality midfielder like him is exciting to think what he will bring to our team.
  11. What’s the definition of insanity? CD picking the same players each game and expecting them to win!
  12. If we are going to play the long ball then why not have a bloody big target up there like Bair or am I tactically challenged?
  13. When the BBC is saying it wasn’t in the box and not a penalty then you know that we have been rorted once again
  14. Phucking penalty gee how many have we copped this season
  15. We need this result, the boys need to be strong the sheep farmers are there to be taken COYS
  16. Am now going Aberdeen 1/0 Same scorer and crowd Cheers Perry
  17. Imagine a day of genuine 89/90 prices including food and grog, surely the last home game of the season it could be we are playing to stay up, it would be a good way to get a decent crowd in, especially as we don’t play sexy footy these days
  18. AT could sell pork chops in Isreal he was that good, plus a quality manager to boot
  19. It makes the opposition’s defenders play the game in slippers knowing that the only threat is going to be the long ball played constantly upfield