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  1. For me I honestly thought after the impossible double and European football that this would see our club set up for the next few years both financially and stability wise and that we would of had players wanting to join us, I guess loosing the two boys at the end of the window set the scene for us to go backwards but I didn’t see us going back so quickly. if the club decided to let CD go then it can’t afford to wait for another 6 weeks of these results to act, I guess a team lacking of ideas and tactics and fight doesn’t look good fir any manager. I read on here in another thread someone posted I hope we lose to Kelty, no matter how bad things are or how bad our coaches and players have been performing, I would never hope for our team lose any game.
  2. Posted at 8:168:16 GOAL HEARTS 2-0 St Johnstone Josh Ginnelly It's the same combination! St Johnstone striker Nadir Ciftci gives the ball away, Barrie McKay surges forward and slides it to Josh Ginnelly who sticks it in the top corner. Lethal.
  3. It’s going to be a straight shoot out between us and the scum, to get to the playoff spot, if we can’t score goals our defence needs to be on song for the remainder of the season
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    Fly high
  5. With it kicking off next week what is everyone’s thoughts on how it pans out? I think it will be three way shootout with Dundee and St Mirren for the drop, I think RC has the goals in them to keep them out of the bottom few. if we can take maximum points of Dundee and Midden the next time round I think we are on our way to giving ourselves a decent chance of staying up and at the very least in the playoff for promotion/ relegation. The positives in my eyes is that we haven’t lost touch with the pack and surely we can’t play any worse then we have thus far, it’s the optimist in me I guess.
  6. If the results prior to the winter break continue then thistle will be sitting back cheering knowing that we may come back and pay overs for Rudden. it’s a shame the old temple of Saints website isn’t around as we could of added him to the great striker hunt page.
  7. Surely Clark would be looking at OF or championship level down south? Utd or Aberdeen is the same as playing for us standard wise but I’m sure the bump in wages would be a considerable jump
  8. Anyone know if Thistle are genuinely looking at offers for Rudden or are just taking the piss during the current window? I hope we have a plan B and C in the pipes incase Thistle have no intentions to move him on.
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    Sending out nothing but good vibes haha
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    Is it just me or does anyone else think we might now see a brand new shinny and improved player now that he has his future sorted for the next few seasons?
  11. They obviously have another signing to announce hopefully they can pull a rabbit out of the hat and it will be a quality player like a Allan K or a Sergei or even a Paul Wright quality striker looking for a game or a young player like a phizzy Scott Dreams costs nothing in the transfer window haha
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    Haha imagine what the final rating for the Butt pirate will be at the season end he will be at least an 8.5 and in the top 3 of the league
  13. What about our 5 man blue wall in defence That will be as tight as a ducks bum when going for a swim
  14. That’s two good signings, let’s hope Crawford doesn’t read this thread haha Now can the transfer genie in a bottle find us a striker or two
  15. All the best for a healthy 2022 for all
  16. Zander will definitely earn more caps if he does go there unfortunately
  17. Dam I was hoping he might want to follow in the famous steps of Tommy Lovenkrands and Sammy Youssouf
  18. Anyone know if Christian Eriksen is looking for a game of footy?
  19. Congrats long overdue for the big marn
  20. He is about as welcome down here as Jeffrey Epstein at an under 15 girls football match
  21. He is linked to a move down here to the A league club Central Coast
  22. A great servant to the club, he has touched many a youth(in a positive way) both on and off the field for many years. Happy retirement
  23. The top 6 all winning today was one positive for us plus scoring goals in back 2 back games I guess is another positive, I’m clutching at straws though I guess